January 19, 2010 at 8:44 am EDT | by Staff reports
WGAY podcast – "More Democratic disappointments"

This week’s WGAY submission covers the Personal Agenda piece by Robert Turner, “More Democratic disappointments

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  • It’s too painful to listen to the ignorance of these people, especially that one of them who didn’t even know that DADT is a law, not just a policy that the president can wipe out with a stroke of the pen.

  • DADT cannot be removed by the President alone. He could stop enforcement, and do something, anything, to start the process of removing it.

    What would you suggest he do?

  • Interesting that the only podcasts in the podcast area here are from WGAY.

  • bsqrd, what I would suggest is that the president begin to show some leadership in getting the Democratic platform enacted. He has been unwilling to commit his political capital to anything except Afghanistan, where he seems to be intent on showing that he is no different from Republicans. He was elected to do what Democrats want, and he has been singularly ineffective in that regard.

    I don’t want Obama to adopt Bush’s sleazy tactic of circumventing the law. I want the law changed. I have argued against my impatient friends who wanted Obama to act immediately on gay issues. I told myself I would give him a year to lay the groundwork and clear out more pressing issues. He has been unacceptably passive. My patience is gone.

  • Re: pogovio; agree with your frustration. However, I’d be worried that a direct approach might be analogous to running into a brick wall instead of stepping around it. Don’t get me wrong, I think an honest debate would benefit the country, and pressing these issues in public is good because visibility is essential to creating change… but pragmatically I can’t imagine any Democrat having enough of a spine to do it. We bang our heads, demanding bold, principled action every year the Democrats are in power, but nothing happens on LGBT issues beyond the “low-hanging fruit.” Perhaps an indirect approach via means out of the spotlight will achieve results faster, and the outdated laws (such as DADT) will disappear later. It’s not intellectually or emotionally satisfying, and it might even be called dirty, but to a great extent that’s how the game is played in Washington – and if you don’t play it, you don’t reap the rewards.

    For LGBT issues, it’s kind of depressing to realize that our realistic direct political options are stasis with the Democrats, or backwards with Republicans. I think things will be much different in 10 or 20 years, because the younger generations in general “get it” on LGBT issues – in fact, it was never much of an “issue” for them to begin with. Change may be coming, but what we’re looking for isn’t to be found with this administration.

    Dave (of http://www.wgay.fm)

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