January 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm EDT | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Congressman moves to block D.C. gay marriage bill

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (DC Agenda photo by Michael Key)

A Republican congressman from Utah introduced a resolution of disapproval Wednesday to overturn D.C.’s same-sex marriage bill, which is undergoing a required congressional review of 30 legislative days.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said he expects the Democratic controlled Congress to block his resolution, but believes it would serve as a “symbolic” gesture for lawmakers who oppose gay marriage.

“I wish it would come up for a vote because I think traditional marriage would win,” he told the Desert News of Salt Lake City. “But with the Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and the presidency, I can’t imagine that this would make it through the process.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she and House Democratic leaders favor allowing D.C. to pass its own laws without congressional interference. A Pelosi spokesperson said the speaker would take steps to prevent Chaffetz’s resolution from reaching the House floor for a vote.

Under the District’s Home Rule Charter, disapproval resolutions must be approved in separate votes in the House and Senate and signed by the president before the end of the congressoional review of a D.C. bill. Gay Democratic activists have said the White House has put out the world that President Obama would not sign such a resolution in the unlikely case that it reaches his desk.

Congressional observers expect the D.C. same-sex marriage bill to become law in the first week of March, when the congressional review is scheduled to be completed.

Chaffetz introduced his resolution on the same day the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics held a public hearing on a proposed voter referendum seeking to ban same-sex marriage in the city. Most political observers expect the board to disqualify the referendum on grounds that the city’s election law prohibits initiatives or referenda that would violate the city’s Human Rights Act. The act bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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  • The Utah Congressman is a putz!! He comes here, a first term Representative from a State whose own history of marriage issues is hypocritical at best. He comes here and not only votes against the people of the District of Columbia obtaining a real congressional seat, but even votes against his own State obtaining an additional congressional seat as well. He may be sleeping in his office to save money but I think he failed to pack his intelligence when he left Utah. Congressman….we people of the District of Columbia resent your interference and weep over your stupidity.

  • Let’s hope it doesn’t gain ground. For those with actual representatives, send them letters to encourage them to not support the resolution.

  • Oh look. This asshole is a MORMON. Why aren’t I surprised.

    Why don’t you keep your deluded gobblydegook away from civil rights, you freak.

    This is what they actually believe.


  • Tell me again how they oppose marriage equality solely out of respect for the democratic process.

  • Hmm, me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Why is Congressman Downlow, I mean Chaffetz (R-Utah JC Penney Bathrooms) so concerned about the gays in DC? Avoid him when you see him at the cruise sites around town…

  • He looks pretty gay to me… What is that about, “Thou does protest to much.”

    Remember when they say and do things like this, the writing on the wall does not apply to us.

    Equal justice – well for some.

  • This jackass from Utah is just one of the usual suspects in group of elected officals who consistantly oppose equal rights for every American. My own Republican Congressman, (and #2 Republican Jackass) Eric Cantor is one of the bums trying to block marriage rights in Washington, even though he supposedly represents the people of central Virginia??? What is even more frustrating is the support that this effort gets from most of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats like that jackel Dan Boren of Oklahoma. We really need to run progressive opponents against the gay bashing blue dogs in the Democratic primaries to make sure they won’t be back, and of course the Republicans rarely if ever deserve our support.

  • You all must be extremely upset that he isn’t black. You seem to take great pride in calling blacks bad names for opposing gay rights. Well fellas, blacks just don’t have that kind of power regardless of how many of them oppose gay marriage. You are struggling because of WHITE people who oppose gay marriage. To claim to be so fashionable and intellectual, sometimes you dudes just miss the boat.

  • At first, Jason said he was a Democrat. He even headed up Utahns for Dukakis. Then he switched and became a Republican.

    At first, Jason said he was Jewish. Then he switched and became a Mormon.

    Now, Jason says he’s straight. But there are plenty of bathroom ops on those weekly flights to Salt Lake. Tappa-tappa, Congressman?

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