October 7, 2010 at 8:50 pm EDT | by Staff reports
D.C. man attacked at site of historic Stonewall riots 

Ben Carver after last weekend's attack in New York. (Photo courtesy of Ben Carver)

A D.C. gay man was attacked in New York last weekend at Stonewall Inn, site of the historic 1969 protests that many credit for launching the modern gay rights movement.

Ben Carver, a Shaw resident who works in communications, was in New York for a weekend of leisure with his boyfriend, he wrote on his blog. He was allegedly harassed by two straight men in the restroom who asked him for money, called him a faggot and struck him multiple times. He fought back and was able to get away. Carver’s boyfriend called 911 and chased the attackers as they fled the bar. They were apprehended a short time later.

Carver was in Washington this week but returns to New York Friday for a hearing on the matter.

New York police have charged 21-year-old Matthew Francis and 17-year-old Christopher Orlando, both of Staten Island, in the attack. They face charges of third-degree assault as a hate crime and attempted robbery.

  • Fabulous – they are also charged with a hate crime. It only took ten years to get, let’s start applying it to attacks on us. Send these sick bastards to JAIL. Bring a civil suit against them for monetary damages. If he is underage, go after the parents.

    • Hey Bill….He isn’t Black! so I guess we won’t hear your ranting about Blacks…He one of your own…WOW!!!

      • Ben, I love you man! That comment made my day. Had the attacker been Black, this article would have dozens of comments from hateful and racist gays. Bill would be leading the charge.

        • Do you know how utterly foolish and bigoted you both sound? Imagine, you are defending gay bashing — in whatever color it comes from. And dclive, if you day is made by an obviously foolish statement, you must have a pathetic life!

          • Look sweetie we’re NOT defending against anything. I’m talking about the fact that because it’s a not a Black guy. Had it been you would have went on your hateful Black rants. We’re all glad this piece of sh*t was caught. I’m just pointing you out BIGOT!

          • Again, I love you Ben! Bill is indeed a BIGOT.

            And Bill, it is you who has the pathetic life.

          • Ben and dclive — Why not just start a club? If you can’t sustain an argument, just name call. If you both realized how utterly bigoted you both sound and probably are, you’d be ashamed. Always finding a racist underneath any issue, bush, or idea. Oh the age of internet keyboard tyrants. Again, as I said – you defend hate-based attacks against gay folk — no matter what race. Look at this man’s face and ask yourselves if your misdirected posts any anyway help? So sad . . .

          • Bill do you ned me to pull up former statements from you? Stop trying to play Psycho-intelligent responder. No one is stupid. You know damn well what I meant.

          • Oh Ben . . . again making this about me, how sad.

  • How did a 17 year old even get into the gay bars bathroom? The age is 18 to enter or even 21 to enter any bar in New York.

  • A white gay man beaten in a gay bar, but no coverage of a black lesbian howard university student who committed suicide… hmmm.

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