October 27, 2010 at 12:23 pm EST | by Kevin Naff
GOProud has GONECrazy

In a naked display of foot-stomping attention-seeking, GOProud today announced it has expanded an ad buy targeting gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.).

The ad is titled “The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C.” and depicts Frank as “catty.” GOProud blames him for  “the financial meltdown that devastated our economy.”

Of course, the Bush administration that cut taxes while dramatically increasing spending and the size of government is blameless in GOProud’s eyes.

The ad itself is amateurish and unfocused — why include Barbara Boxer in an ad running in Frank’s district? And if Frank is to blame for the global financial crisis, then where is the proof? The worst GOProud can say about Frank is he’s “catty” because he snapped back at a loud-mouthed health care reform protester.

This is just the latest in GOProud’s attempts at winning attention for its cause, whatever that may be. The sole purpose of this organization seems to be staging outlandish stunts that will land Chris Barron on cable TV interview shows. Now there’s a noble calling.

GOProud bills itself as “the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies.” This, of course, is a lame and silly dig at the Log Cabin Republicans. Barron needs to get over his sour grapes — he is Log Cabin’s former political director who broke with the group after rumors he was passed over for the top job there. The reality is that as GOProud slides into lunacy, the mature gay conservative group, Log Cabin, is making real headlines for its successful and substantive lawsuit targeting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

The disintegration of GOProud is disappointing. We need powerful advocates in both parties and Log Cabin has suffered from plenty of its own problems in recent years. But R. Clarke Cooper has steadied the ship there lately.

There are smart and sensible voices within GOProud, most notably Jessica Lee, who has written provocative and insightful columns for the Blade. Unfortunately, the recent stunts — the Frank ad, Ann Coulter speaking at HomoCon — overshadow any good that might come from this group.

Generating faux controversies that lead to ego-gratifying appearances on Fox News and MSNBC is easy. Now it’s time for GOProud to find a goal and mission that doesn’t involve slinging undeserved arrows at our most important allies.

Kevin Naff is the editor and a co-owner of the Washington Blade, the nation’s oldest and most acclaimed LGBT news publication, founded in 1969.

  • Princess Jenkins

    Ego-gratifying appearances huh? Aw I think someones got their panties in a bunch. Jealous much?

  • equal

    I agree, it is “time for GOProud to find a goal and mission that doesn’t involve slinging undeserved arrows at our most important allies.” I would think the goal of any gay republican group would be to convince the republicans to reverse their harmful anti-gay policies, not support them.

  • Dottie Laird

    So much for diversity in the gay community. If those of us who have conservative views don’t march in lockstep with some of the liberal group leaders, we need to be shamed into silence. The problem with LCR is that they became a carbon copy of other gay groups. At least GOProud approaches issues with an open mind. I mean, what’s LCR’s stance on taxes, border defense or any other issue? They don’t have one, and that’s why GOProud is garnering the attention they’re getting. It’s not a sin to oppose uber-gay Barney Frank because of his policies Let’s remember what we tell straight people: Diversity, diversity, diversity. And maybe someday we’ll give that to other gay people as well.

    • Dottie,
      Your claim that Log Cabin Republicans doesn’t have a stand on taxes, border defense…is completely false and misleading. I invite you to read our Mission Statement and our Objectives at: http://online.logcabin.org/about/mission.html.
      I would hardly say that Log Cabin Republicans is a carbon copy of other gay groups. We actually have “Republican” in our name, and we are “proud” to say it out loud.
      Terry Hamilton, National Chairman of the Board, Log Cabin REPUBLICANS

      • Chris

        You’re all awful…….The groups are lilly white with a little hispanic (boyfriends) in between…UGH!!

    • WQ5

      “… GOProud approaches issues with an open mind.” Hmmm. Inviting Ann Coulter to speak – with her senseless invective screeching – doesn’t qualify as an open mind when discussing issues that are fact-based. Your post hints of repressed victimhood. Perhaps GOProud could, instead, put forth a rational argument about how and why GOProud’s positions and/or money support some rational objective … other than aligning themselves with the GOP abject subservience . From what I’ve seen of HomoCon and GOProud’s ads, the organization and/or its leaders have a maturity problem.

      For the record, I’m not a fan of Rep. Frank nor of LCR nor of the Democratic Party leadership. There are legitimate and traceable economic, policy, and political reasons why the financial crisis occurred and why the legislation passed in its wake is mostly window-dressing. Mr. Frank led, at best, an anemic response in the right direction. GOProud’s rhetoric and actions suggest that it merely wants to align itself with the rich of its party and undo the modicum of financial reform that recent legislation will achieve. If your definition of “diversity” means that rich gays should also be able to reap obscene amounts of money on the backs working Americans who generate the revenues, then have at it. The fact that wealth concentration for the top 1% of earners is 3x-4x greater now than it was 30 years ago – in an era when productivity of American workers has skyrocketed – is the clearest indication of how shameful GOProud’s position on the economy is.

  • Miguel Tuason

    There was never any good that could come out of a group that was created explicitly to foment in-fighting among the more established glbt advocacy groups. It’s a white white white white group of white people who hate the current government. Nothing but a well-funded NEOCONSERVATIVE front group.

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