June 8, 2012 at 11:31 am EST | by Meghann Novinskie and Kim Rosenberg
Pride romance?

Pride is a time to celebrate community, activism and voice. We can reflect on how far the gay movement has come since Stonewall and how diverse Capital Pride has become.

As D.C. residents, we’re proud that Capital Pride can be a place for non-urban members of the LGBT community to come be their true selves and display affection with their same-sex partner. Some single people view Capital Pride as a weekend of opportunity where so many new (also single) faces are out and about partaking in the Pride events.

LGBT singles, specifically, might be optimistic that they will meet someone new who is “just as out” and just as passionate about being involved in the gay community. Capital Pride may be even more exciting for couples in the past two years since same-sex marriage became legal in D.C. — they can finally celebrate their marriage and (not just their long-term partnership) with others in the community. We feel proud to be an LGBT-owned-and-operated business in D.C. and see Capital Pride as another way to show support for our community by way of helping fuel the marriage equality movement.

Pride weekend also presents a few days of non-stop celebration and sometimes heavy partying as well.  There will be a lot of people in town attending events this week more than any other summer weekend. Single people are going to have a lot of options. Pride will bring out those passionate about being involved in our community from other areas you may never have visited. If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, you won’t be the only one.

What does this mean? Dating is a numbers game. But this doesn’t mean you’ll find the right person after sleeping with the “right” number of people. Be cautious this weekend. Whereas Pride is a great time to be whomever you truly are, it’s definitely not the time to make bad decisions (in the bedroom) after too many Pride-tinis. Remember that first impressions last a very long time. If you’re single and ready for a relationship, don’t pursue each new opportunity at events this weekend. Take it from us, long-term relationships rarely result from a one night stand.

Capital Pride can be a bit of a different experience if you’re in a healthy relationship. There are endless options for fun “date night” ideas with all the hosted Pride events. Get out and enjoy yourself — as far as we’ve come as a community, Pride is truly an amazing time to feel comfortable out as partners in the city.

Many of our LGBT clients have told us they find inspiration in seeing other couples (especially with engagement rings or children) happy and enjoying time together with their partners. It’s important for couples and families, engaged and married people to come out and join in the festivities during Pride because whether or not they know it, many onlookers envy and hope to be one day also be in love. Dating is challenging, so seeing out-and-proud couples is inspiring. The more that we, as coupled people, can provide positive examples for singles in our community to show that long-term relationships can not only exist but thrive, the better.

Happy Pride!

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