January 3, 2013 at 1:07 pm EDT | by Phil Reese
Chicago Archbishop calls gay bill ‘legal fiction’
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Cardinal Francis George (photo by Adam Bielawski via Wikimedia Commons)

CHICAGO — Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, last week issued a letter to parishes denouncing as a “legal fiction” a proposed bill to legalize same-sex nuptials in the Prairie State.

The letter alleges that because “the human species comes in two complementary sexes,” marriage is established by nature, not the church or the state, and therefore, “the State (sic) cannot change natural marriage,” the Cardinal writes, according to the Windy City Times.

“It is unfortunate for Cardinal George that he has chosen not to join the growing number of religious leaders and faithful laypeople across Illinois – including many devout Catholics,” read a statement by Rick Garcia, senior policy adviser to Illinois LGBT advocacy group The Civil Rights Agenda. “People of all backgrounds and beliefs are standing up for equality under the law, the protection of families, and the advancement of religious and individual freedom here in the Land of Lincoln.”

Cardinal George has butted heads with LGBT leaders on several occasions in the past, including comparing LGBT Pride festivities to the Ku Klux Klan last year.

The same-sex marriage bill was expected to have been taken up in the Senate as early as Thursday.


  • If marriage is established by nature, why is it that only humans practice it? There is absolutely nothing natural about monogamous relationships. The practice of polygamy benefits the survival of a species in numerous ways that monogamy does not. See: eugenics.

    • Even the old testament did not promote monogamy. It was expected that a man would have multiple wives. And priests were not expected to be celibate until the MIddle Ages, because the church became concerned that priests would pass on the church’s wealth and property to their children.

  • When one lives in a world that is justified by simple belief in a myth, it follows that anything outside that fantasyland would be fiction. The use of one’s brain is required when one must apply logic, reason, rationality and the RULE OF LAW (our US Constitution) which is LACKING in the ranks of believers in the USA.

  • Based on history, it could take generations before the Catholic church finally sees the light. No jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriages, FORCES any religious entity to sanction them. Therefore the church should worry more about matters that actually affect it. Perhaps they could spend more time, energy and $$$ feeding the hungry and housing the homeless!!!

  • CARdijnal george – just another of the hierarchy who hid the endless molestation of children by his sex starved, prison mentality priests.

    This horrific MF belongs in a jail.

    He's also the cardinal who called the gay pride parade a kKK event last year – trying to create more hatred……………

    by the church which hated jews for a millenia that led to the holocaust and the election of a madman catholic named hitler 55 million died for the church that claims to protect life.


    See the catholic church in action in the nazi era……………


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