June 27, 2014 | by Staff reports
Presbyterians to officiate gay marriages
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DETROIT — Members of the Presbyterian General Assembly last week approved a proposal that allows ministers to officiate same-sex marriages in states where they are legal.

The Associated Press reported the policy — which received approval during a meeting of the Presbyterian Church’s top legislative body in Detroit — will only apply to those congregations in which local leaders approve.

Rev. Krystin Granberg of the New York Presbytery — which is in one of the 19 states and D.C. in which same-sex couples can legally marry — told the Associated Press that she frequently receives requests from gays and lesbians who want her to officiate their weddings.

“They want to be married in the church they love and they want me to do it,” she told the newswire. “I want pastoral relief.”

But Bill Norton, of the Presbytery de Cristo, which includes portions of Arizona and New Mexico, is among those who opposed the proposal.

The church legislative body during their Detroit meeting also voted overwhelmingly to recognize same-sex marriage as a Christian institution. The Presbyterian General Assembly also approved a proposal to define marriage as a union between “two people” as the Associated Press reported.

  • Cheers BTW the moravian church just did the same thing. Very small in the USA, now primarily based in chech republic

    about a dozen or more USA mainstream protestant denominations now marry or at least bless same sex couples.

    On the other hand the right wingers are totally out of their skull about our having a black president> As a wise man said – "hatred is passed down father to son at the dinner table

  • Whoopie for them. At the same General Assembly meeting, the Presbyterian leadership passed a resolution rooted in obvious anti-Semitism, deciding to divest the church of its holdings in three American companies that do business in Israel — or what its resolution calls “Israel-Palestine” — while blithely ignoring the human rights violations that go on in the rest of the world aided and abetted by the products and services of American businesses too. Hamas, duly elected by Palestinians, calls in its charter for the destruction of Israel — and with it, presumably, the millions of Jews who now live there (i.e., genocide). The murder of three innocent Israeli teenagers is only the most recent example. Pardon me, but I’ll reserve my applause for religious groups who don’t accept one aspect of my minority status while they cloak their hatred of another aspect of my minority status in their high-minded principles.

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