August 11, 2017 at 2:13 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Gay Trump voter to be featured on MTV dating show ‘Undressed’

(Screenshot via MTV.)

“Undressed,” MTV’s latest dating reality series, will have contestants get intimate both physically and mentally.

In the show, two contestants are matched up to sit on a bed in their underwear as they ask each other personal questions and perform challenges.

Couples, both gay and straight, will find out how the other feels on issues such as monogamy and politics.

In one segment, a man asks his date how he could vote for Trump as a gay man.

“Undressed” premieres Aug. 16 at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Watch the trailer below.

  • Someone votes for Trump as a gay man because he’s stupid and has been played for a fool into thinking this fraud supports GLBT Americans when in reality he supports our enemies and their agenda!

    • Yea. Voting for a kleptocrat grifter who sold uranium to Russia, and deleted 30,000 emails to cover the tracks of her pay to play selling of government favors, was such a brilliant PR move for the “gay community.” America really respects you now.

    • As an openly gay Trump supporter, Christian libertarian conservative and Chairman of the Jackson County, Missouri Republican Committee, I think you need to get out more. You are stuck in some 90’s sick syndrome to not know that the media lies you are feeding on at the trough are no longer true. I was on the floor of the Cleveland Convention last year as a delegate for Trump when he brought the LGBTQ in under the Republican tent with his condemnation of the shooter of the Orlando nightclub whose dad proudly stood behind Hillary during the campaign.

      You can continue to support your progessive Democrat lying overlords, but many of us have recognized them as the party that has destroyed America, and we are a part of helping Trump restore law and order and our country’s place in the world.

      I have always felt welcome in the Republican Party. It’s the Democrats that have been intolerant and full of hate towards people like me with an opinion different than theirs.

      Don’t be so arrogant; It’s not such a good look for you. I don’t agree with everything Republicans do, but I don’t much agree with anything the Democrats do.

      • You’re stuck in denial in a bubble of fantasy within your convention and clinging to the Orlando Attack as simply a means to create hysteria and fear among LGBT Americans to support Trump under some pretense that he will somehow protect us in someway no one else can. It’s all smoke and mirrors!

        Trump has consistently surrounded himself with christian conservative organizations like the Family Research Council and the American Center for Law and Justice which have a very long history and current action plan of opposing GLBT rights and advances in America! Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. You can’t have it both ways!

        What has Trump done let alone said to condemn gay men being forced into concentration camps in Chechnya? NOTHING! Obama would have openly and immediately condemned it and demanded it stop as well as offered amnesty to those gay men!

        He’s done nothing to promote GLBT interest around the world courting countries like Russia that forbid by law any rights for GLBT people. He can’t even find time to declare June Pride Month but goes out of his way to speak at christian conservative causes!

        Trump has done nothing but consistently adopted policies that hurt the GLBT community. He dropped the court case that Obama had before the SCOTUS fighting for transgender rights t use bathrooms that Obama supported. He has banned Transgenders from military service, he has appointed an anti-LGBT AG, Jeff Sessions, that has made it clear that he will promote a policy that current civil rights laws do not support us from discrimination. Trump has proposed ending the Johnson Amendment to give religous groups an unfair advantage to promote policies and candidates openly that oppose LGBT rights without losing tax exemption! This only within six months of being in office and I’m sure only the tip of the iceberg as he pushes the notion that religious liberty allows people to discriminate against LGBT Americans!

        I’m standing in truth and reality. Nothing I’ve said is made up. YOU have a warped ideology! I oppose libertarians and conservatives and your policies and as far as I’m concerned with your ideology you are not welcomed to promote policies that destroy my hard-earned freedoms! I know what it’s like to live without any rights under the law, being classified by laws as criminal and being ostracized being out. Obviously people like you will accept you as long as you push their ideology and vote to but their people in power. That does not include LGBT rights!

        Common sense and years of experience as an activist who has seen the harm the people Trump is empowering is not arrogance! Stop trying to dupe people with lies. America is hardly destroyed. It’s thriving but your ideology only creates a country with deep economic and political disparity where only a few have everything at the expense of everyone else! I and many like myself will fight you tooth and nail! You failed to eliminate Obamacare and we will see to it you continue to fail at everything else!

      • God bless, Mark, I too supported Trump. In fact I cast my first vote for him. And people like Inm3921 follow the liberal media and Democrats’ talking points. They don’t talk about the alliance between Democrats and gay killing Sharia savages or the fact that those savages fund a majority of the Democrats. Remember Hillary Clinton laughing on the debate stage when Trump brought up what her donors do to gays? Her attitude after Orlando repulsed me. She pandered to Muslims as if they had been attacked while telling the LGBT community to “protect and embrace” them. Trump came out and condemned the Sharia savages and their ideology.

  • I don’t get gay Republicans, but to each their own. Personally, I can’t imagine supporting a political party that spent the 2000s cynically exploiting anti-gay sentiment to get people to the polls and continues to fight every bit of progress along the way, but voting just comes down to what we are willing to overlook.

    • allow me to help. Democrats are funded by gay killing Sharia savages and all for bringing those people here. Hillary Clinton actually LAUGHED on the debate stage when Trump brought up what her donors do to gays. So as a gay man I fear an ideology that calls for my murder. Trump was the only candidate to condemn Sharia law and the slaughter of gays. After Orlando Hillary had the homophobic father of the terrorist responsible (who was an immigrant from Afghanistan that supports Sharia law and the Taliban) at a rally. He says he was invited. The base that voted for Trump rejected 16 established GOP candidates. So most gay Trump supporters aren’t necessarily fans of Republicans. (I dislike many, including McCain, Graham, Bush, etc) Remember that Trump gained in every demographic over the last GOP candidate while Clinton lost votes in every demographic compared to Obama.

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