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    Right after your workout

    Recovery work begins while you’re still at the gym

    March 16th | by David Magida


    Functional movement is essential for long-term pain-free living

    Studies show, the better you move, the longer and more pain free life you live

    March 3rd | by Gerard Burley


    The joy of running?

    Use these tricks to psyche yourself up for intense training

    February 17th | by David Magida


    Triumph in the triathlon

    Cross-training is essential to prevent injury when fatigue sets in

    February 2nd | by Gerard Burley


    Plyometric training 101

    Jump squats, speed skaters great for improving overall explosiveness

    January 19th | by David Magida


    NEW YEAR NEW YOU 2017: You're worth it

    What’s holding you back from achieving your fitness goals?

    January 6th | by Gerard Burley


    Dos and don’ts of fitness class

    Basic etiquette, courtesy and common sense improve everyone’s experience

    December 22nd | by David Magida


    Fitness-related items make great gifts

    But do your homework before spending hundreds on something that will never get used

    December 8th | by Gerard Burley

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