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The Gender Within: The Art of Identity

Art has been a way for creative individuals to investigate, challenge, and express their thoughts and ideas. This exhibition will celebrate artwork exploring the nuances in how people identify their gender and the fluidity within labeled identities and orientations. The Gender Within: The Art of Identity Exhibition will be at the Eaton DC (1201 K St NW) through December 2022.

You may contact artist directly if you are interested in purchasing. Not all artwork is for sale.

View our Gender Identity Guide HERE.


Bar Melodies II | Oil on Canvas, 12x16in | Gordon Binder | Gay Man | [email protected]

The Three levels of Oppression-Interpersonal, Institutional and Internalized: Which level am I at? | Painting | Darren Pasha | Bisexual | [email protected]

Am I courageous enough to live as myself amidst these heavy judgements and criticisms? | Painting Isabella Merlos | Pansexual | [email protected]

Marsha | Wood, Paper, Acrylic, Collage | Nikki Brooks | Black, Cis Gender, Lesbian Woman | [email protected]

Care-A-Being* | Acrylic, 20×10 in | Tracy Stevens | She | [email protected]

Divas Latinas: Marilyn Sulay, Victoria Armani, and Gigi Couture* | Framed Color Photo | Jose Gutierrez | Gay | [email protected]

Hide* | Oil on Canvas, 18x24in | Laya Monarez | Two Spirit Latin X Bisexual Poly Transgender Woman | [email protected]

Max’s Answer* | Photography, Color | James Corbett | Gay | [email protected]

Divinity  | Platinum Palladium on Archival Paper | Haley Hasen | Female | [email protected]

The Veiled in Red* | Digital C- Print | Waleska Del Sol | Queer Afro-Venezuelan | [email protected]

Today and Tomorrow* | mixed media on gesso board, 2021 | Nicole Di Fabio | Queer | [email protected]

Together At the Edge of the World* | Mixed media on watercolor paper, 21 x 28in. | Kassamira Carter-Howard | Queer Black Femme | [email protected]

Trans-cendent * | Digital drawing | Brooklyn Rando | Non-binary, Trans-masc | [email protected]

Untitled | Photography | Jon Ferlito | Gay | [email protected]

Self-Portrait of a Flowerboia (gold)* | Elias Bouderdaben | Amazigh, mixed-race, Brown, North Afrikan, Muslim, intersex, genderfuck, nonbinary, trans, artist | [email protected]

The Circle* | Acrylic on canvas | Erin Frisby | They/She | [email protected]

The Inherent Agony of Having A Body | Embroidery Hoop | Sianna Joslin | Hispanic Non-Binary Lesbian with a chronic illness | sianna[email protected]

Ascension* | Acrylic, Mixed Media, and Collage on Canvas | Jason Andrew Hammond | Male/Gay | [email protected]

Born to Love | mixed media on gesso board, 2021 | Mentwab Easwaran (Mentu) | Lesbian | [email protected]

A Dance* | Painting | Esette Negussie | Black, Ethiopian, Queer, Trans, Gender Queer, Fat Person | [email protected]

They | Painting | AndreaJane Wheeler | Spirit In an Earth Suit | [email protected]

LOVE in Red Rainbow | Painting | Lisa Marie Thalhalhammer | Member of LGBTQ community | [email protected]

A World Within | Limited Edition Print with Gold Leaf  | Rashad Ali Muhammad | He/They | [email protected]

Gloria de la Mañana | Morning Glory  | Siembra Arte | Queer, non-binary, gender fluid, trans | [email protected]

AndreaJane Wheeler | IDK exactly 🤷🏽‍♀️ Mostly “Spirit” in an Earth suit. | [email protected]

Perfect Little Box  | Erin Frisby | They and She | [email protected]


Cervidae | Photography (Digitized/Projected) | Damon Arhos | He/Him/His | [email protected]

A World Within | Video (projected images) | Rashad Ali Muhammad | He/They


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