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Feedback: April 22

Re: “Mayor, Council members arrested in protest” (April 15)

Within the last two weeks or so, the citizens of the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital, were thrown under the bus (or was it the Navigator?) by none other than Barack Obama, the president of the United States.

Like a piece on a constitutional chess or checkers board or a losing game of poker, the press reported that Obama would give the District’s budgetary riders requested by House Speaker John Boehner and his social minions in return for God knows what.

Although it was perfectly legal since the District still must answer to the 535 mayors elected outside our city, to be so callously treated by this president who was so rapturously embraced during his run for the Oval Office cannot go unpunished.

What can we do? Let me propose several possible retributions.

• The Democratic D.C. presidential primary will be coming up next April. Although Obama will probably not have any serious opposition, we are still free to write in other names. Can we keep him below the 50 percent level?

• At the Charlotte, N.C. 2012 nominating convention, let us simply deny our convention votes to him or refuse the motion to nominate by acclamation.

• Of course, Obama will win the November 2012 contest in D.C. on Election Day. However, let the three people selected to cast our three electoral votes, simply cast these votes for someone else. If D.C. law requires them to cast the votes for the November winner, let the City Council simply change the law.

• Finally, both the mayor and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton have strongly expressed their frustrations with Obama. The silence from Anita Bonds and the others of the Democratic State Committee on this matter is frankly obscene in its lack of political spine. I was No. 35 of the D.C. 41 arrested last week by the Capitol Hill Police Department at the civil disobedience act. I hope my fellow D.C. citizens and voters keep in mind last week’s actions and my suggestions as we continue the battle for democracy in Washington. —John Klenert

Re: “Maryland Senate kills trans rights bill” (April 15)

Equality Maryland has gone from being a leadership-driven organization to an ineffectual one. The defeat of same-gender marriage, orchestrated by national LGBT groups with no understanding of Maryland politics to which Equality Maryland witlessly collaborated, followed by this lame attempt at appeasing a tiny group of people is a good example of Equality Maryland making the perfect the enemy of the good. Maybe after a few more defeats, the staff and board will resign so new real leadership can come back in. —Trey

Re: “Boehner suggests House marriage hearing is legitimate” (April 14)

Where in the Constitution does it say that it is the federal government’s job to determine morality? And furthermore to pick and choose which groups of taxpaying citizens fall within said moral boundaries?

Where does it say that tax-exempt religious groups shall have a louder voice with their representatives than others?

Why would there be a need to enact a constitutional amendment banning gay mnarriage if the current process of denying legally married gays their federal benefits and protections were truly already unconstitutional? —Blue-Heron

The Republican position on this matter is known; they want to perpetuate the anti-gay discrimination. The use of tax money to hold this kangaroo “hearing” is especially objectionable because much of that tax money comes from gay people and others who support their rights. The enlightened are being forced to pay for the bigoted to hold a kangaroo hearing over civil rights for gay people. —Scott Rose

Oh my! The GOP circus is in town again. The House clowns are loose. The comedic entertainment factor of the GOP never ceases to amaze me when I think of the unbelieveable progress of the LGBT “agenda” in the last 42 years. The right wing’s hard work in our favor is deeply appreciated, having turned the LGBT dark horse into a mighty workhorse for good. Kudos, Dumbos! —Dakotahgeo

Re: “What’s wrong with Maryland’s gays?” (April 7)

The political apathy among LGBT folks in Baltimore is widespread and dangerous. The largest LGBT organization in the city is the GLCCB, an institution that has existed for more than three decades and is in virtual hibernation until Pride rolls around. And besides them, there is no organization or person taking the lead in trying to galvanize the LGBT population to become more politically active so that demonstrations as described in this commentary could be a useful tool to hold politicians accountable. —Steve

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