July 26, 2012 at 2:36 pm EDT | by Phil Reese
Lesbian attacked, anti-gay slurs carved into skin
Lincoln, Nebraska, gay news, Washington Blade

The assault occurred in the Nebraska Capital of Lincoln. (Public domain photo)

LINCOLN, Neb. — At least 300 people gathered on the steps of the Nebraska Capitol, Sunday, after a local lesbian was allegedly attacked in her home earlier that day, by three men who bound her, carved anti-gay slurs into her skin, and set her house ablaze.

The impromptu march calling for an end to violence was publicized on Facebook throughout the day on Sunday, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. Attendees carried rainbow flags and candles, and listened to speeches by local LGBT leaders.

Though police have yet to publish official accounts of the events that occurred Sunday morning at the victim’s home, the Journal Star reports that the woman alleged to neighbors three masked men entered her home, bound her with zip ties and used knives to carve into her skin before pouring gasoline on the floor and lighting a fire. The woman crawled to safety at a neighbor’s home, where police found her.


  • If gay people started committing hate crimes like this against heterosexuals they’d put us all in gay-internment camps and throw away the key. I think it is way past time to stop being passive and hoping for “tolerance”. To hell with your tolerance; this is genocide! Time to take up arms smddefend our lives!

    • Dr. King described in his autobiography that an early childhood friend, white, would no longer play with him. He asked his parents “why?” The answer gave him hate for white people. His parent retorted that it was a good Christian, and as a good Christian, he had to love them. His father never accepted the system, and because of that, Dr. King found strength as a young child to do what he had to do for equality among the races. The point to this is that everyone who has fought injustice has gotten to this point of anger, frustration, and they made the conscious choice not to accept the system, to change it. I hope for the same thing, whatever it takes to get there, finds you. We cannot solve this with violence. “Violence breeds violence, oppression breeds retaliation,” Robert Kennedy told us. Our nation has seen this before. Join a group, make a protest sign, give your dollars to a candidate and/or an organization that support equality. Vote in every election for a candidate that supports our rights. But never turn to violence. You will set the movement back. I understand your anger, I have been there. But we have to learn the lesson of history. You said so yourself. Violence will get us locked up, a crackdown. The tide is turning in our favor. Remember all the people who aren’t doing this to us. Remember these things are illegal and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Remember we are not in Africa where they are trying to kill us systemically. Please refrain from fear and hatred. It won’t solve the problem and it will ruin you.

  • Update: She lied about the attack. In fact, the evidence proves that she bought the supplies used in the attack and actually did it to herself.

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