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Feedback: Oct. 15

The following was submitted as a letter to the editor.

I am gay and have spent nearly half a century as a thoughtless “liberal” gay clone, believing everything the gay ghetto and my labor union has told me. I have blamed the decimation of gay men dying of AIDS on Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Rove and Gingrich. I have dutifully voted Democratic in almost every election since John F. Kennedy. I have called for a “French Revolution” in America and preached the socialist gospel of European superiority to anybody who would listen. But I have changed.

What brought about this change? In one word: Obama.

His taxpayer bailouts of the incompetent rich contradicted his beautiful rhetoric of condemning the rich when he campaigned for president. His health care reform is a farce and does not control costs for any age group. His star has faded. His luster is diminished, just as millions of people have lost their homes and their employment. He blames President Bush, but unemployment used to be almost half of what it is in today’s Obama world.

He has left us so deeply in debt that China, our primary creditor, is almost certain to become the world’s most powerful economy. Even Europe is telling Obama he is going in the wrong direction.

He implores us to vote for Democrats and if we don’t, there will be no funding for AIDS. Yet President Bush spent hundreds of millions on AIDS. I no longer believe gay propaganda and gay editorial writers.

I am tired of being expected blindly to follow a Democratic Party that uses my gayness to raise millions, only to raise my taxes and to promote bogus fear of Republicans to extort even more money from my friends and me.

During this campaign season, I have attended numerous GOP events. None of the Republican candidates or GOP activists treated me like an alien. All of them welcomed my patriotism and my gayness. Now I realize how much so-called progressive gay activists lie and exaggerate about right-wing homophobia.

I am fed up with being told that because I am gay, I must vote Democratic! Otherwise, I will hate myself. I am tired of gay left-wing demagoguery in the gay blogs and publications.

In 2008, more than one out of three gay voters voted for John McCain in an otherwise dismal year for the GOP. They must have been onto something. I can only hope, for my country and for my unemployed friends and family, that even more gays will vote Republican in November. —Peter Ryskewecz, retired public school teacher, South Florida

  • You are effin’ nuts!! You have NO FACTS stated in your letter. The whole Bush spent more thing is a big LIE. I have been an activist/educator in DC metro for over 15 years and you are full of it.

  • You cannot deny the millions upon millions of dollars Bush spent on combating aids. To deny that is to be an idiot. Aids overall declined in Africa during Bush’s tenure as President. Granted, the man may not have been very well liked by millions of Americans, but he did do good things in the fight against AIDS, you cannot deny that. Obama has not spent nearly as much in fighting AIDS as Bush has, and that is a fact.

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