June 9, 2011 at 4:19 pm EDT | by David Bediz
Home is where the pride is

David Bediz (Photo courtesy of Bediz)

Although it’s just plain hot outside, I’m happy to say my heart is warmed inside this week by the thoughts of what home means to me as a member of the gay community, and also how that connects to my role in creating homes for my clients out of the houses they purchase.

Truly, the word home transcends any literal meaning relating simply to shelter, and even the closer words house, condo or apartment. In fact, it is the idea of home that is central to most of my clients’ motivations for purchasing, rather than renting. It’s not just about tax savings, building a nest egg, and, certainly not in this market, it’s not about a quick way to get rich. It’s about creating something that defines you, that comforts you and that you can be proud of.

In this day of swirling political ideology, constant change and, luckily, forward progression in the gay rights movement, home has become something gay people can be proud of all the more. We are not just buying houses with our “roommates” or boyfriends, but with our wives and husbands as respected equals in society (at least in the District, hopefully soon throughout our country). We are starting to see the benefits of an egalitarian policy regarding our unions which makes the concept of home that much more meaningful, both financially and, more importantly to me, spiritually.

My clients who are now married can purchase a house together and create that special personal space together with all the more meaning, comfort and pride because they are not just lovers sharing a residence, but are actually legal partners in the creation of that home along with the rest of their lives together. For those who are partnered but not married, it still has great meaning that, if they choose to, they may someday have that same recognition — and therefore they can feel all the more free to invest their hearts and souls into their home, even today.

For us single folks, home is still a meaningful idea and has also benefitted from the current trend towards equality, respect and protection for the gay community. My home is my refuge, my comfort and, most of my friends will agree, my open door for entertaining and celebrating life. My home defines me and, whether I’m tending my garden, painting by the back window or cooking for a dinner party, it is an extension of me. Recent successes in the gay rights movement haven’t necessarily given that to me, but if I choose to marry in the future, I will happily merge my family, my friends, my life, and my home with those of my husband, and our home will be all the richer for that combination.

David Bediz is a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and a Principal of the Dwight and David Real Estate Group. He can be reached at 202-352-8456 or through www.DwightandDavid.com.

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