January 24, 2013 at 4:30 pm EST | by Phil Reese
Uncle Poodle’s HIV allegations questioned
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Lee Thompson aka Uncle Poodle (screen capture from YouTube)

LANSING, Mich. — Questions have been raised about the veracity of a claim made by the gay uncle of reality darling Honey Boo Boo that he had an ex-boyfriend prosecuted for infecting him with HIV.

Alabama native Lee Thompson told the gay Georgia-based Fenuxe magazine that he’d tested positive in May and that following the positive test, he’d pressed charges against a boyfriend that had not disclosed his HIV status. He alleged his ex was serving a five-year sentence for the incident.

However, writing for Viral Apartheid, journalist Todd Heywood questions the timeline of the prosecution and sentencing.

“Does that mean Thompson lied? Not necessarily,” Heywood writes, going into detail about the laws surrounding criminalization of HIV transmission in both Alabama and Georgia. “But it does raise serious questions.”

“He may well have been infected by a partner who did not disclose his status and that the partner was charged and convicted of that crime,” Heywood concluded. “But the lack of any law enforcement agencies, including district attorneys, being able to identify his case, as well as the legitimate questions related to the time frame should have been enough for every news outlet that reported on the Fenuxe report (including the Fenuxe) to ask more detailed, and specific questions before pulling the trigger to publish the interview.”


  • With the biggest gay porn sites now exclusively bareback i.e. Sean Cody, ChaosMen etc, I think it is time to reach out to under 30 men and educate them on the the risks. Bareback is the mainstream now.

  • "Viral Apartheid" also reported that Thompson was up for an award from GLAAD and calls for him to be "honest" about the allegations after being caught trying to "hook up" on Grindr and disclosing no HIV status at all. But as long as we're being "honest" here, let's also look at the record of GLAAD and the other LGBT and HIV/AIDS organizations in actually defending the rights of people accused, on usually little more than an accusation from an angry ex-lover, of spreading HIV. It's dismal. They don't defend individuals, and haven't for 25-30 years now. Suddenly, they're interested in the issue, and so is any dishonest gay celeb trolling for publicity these days. Here's the reason for the sudden attention: OMSJ, a California investigative agency, has been actually assisting defendants in these cases, and winning, whether it means getting the charges dropped, bargaining down the sentence to close to nothing, or winning in court. You can see how they do it at http://www.omsj.org/innocence-group. You never hear about OMSJ from them. Read the link, and you'll know why. It's game changing.

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