June 4, 2015 at 9:40 am EST | by Staff reports
Miss. gay advocate resigns after anti-trans rant
Jeff White, gay news, Washington Blade

Jeff White (Photo courtesy of Brandiilyne Dear)

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. — The executive director of a Mississippi LGBT advocacy group has resigned after making a series of anti-trans comments on his social media pages.

Jeff White, who founded the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center nearly two years ago, issued a statement on May 29 that indicated his resignation was immediate.

“My prayer is that this community learns to stop devouring each other like ravenous jackals when we need to come together to fight the wrongdoings and injustices being committed against us,” he wrote.

Planet Transgender, a website that covers trans issues, on May 31 published a series of transphobic posts that he made on his Facebook page.

“I am not a cis person,” wrote White in one post. “I am a mother fucking gay man.”

Adair Beany, president of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center’s board of directors, on May 30 issued a statement on behalf of his organization.

“We ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we work through picking up the pieces over the coming weeks,” he said. “We know that with your support and a shared commitment to addressing the issues that our community faces we will come back stronger than ever.”

White is among the LGBT rights advocates the Washington Blade interviewed last July during a week-long trip to the Deep South.

  • Saying “I’m not cis” is anti trans? I should think it’s anti cis.

    Is saying “I’m not hetero” an anti gay statement now, too?

    • No, but calling trans women “dude” and “trannie” is anti trans.

      • I was misgendered by a Trans woman. I only said that attempting to explain to her what she was doing to me. I apologized and had my entire life destroyed regardless.

        • you can’t rationalize with the trans movement Jeff, it’s so far beyond that. Surrender and don’t EVER slip up 100% of the time, or they will DESTROY. And you’ve lived it. The movement is crazy and irrational

        • Harassment can make people misspeak. Further harassment based on intentional false interpretations of misspeaks can make people furious. And then they can really screw up and say the wrong thing. But that IS the purpose of this harassment, isn’t it? To drive people into saying something they can be annihilated for? Trans activists obviously are becoming experts at it.

        • Yet trans are misgemdered and people lose their jobs are criminalised and callled haters for stating the obvious

        • I was going to mention this at first, but then I decided to address the haters in your comments section — you aren’t “misgendered” to a similar capacity by “cis”, because it doesn’t specify gender (only that you’re identified as you always have been). A better example would be if a homophobe has ever called you “bitch” (or otherwise implied you’re less-than or not a man).

          The difference can be subtle, but being identified by unfamiliar terms doesn’t quite equate to having your identity directly attacked.

          Several years ago, I might have taken offense to being described as “androphylic” because it sounds like some kind of fetish-y paraphilia. But the meaning is “attracted to men” so… it’s accurate?

          • How about when they call me a nigger and a dyke, and to suck his dick because I said I won’t date transgender women? Is that okay too? They were doing the same thing every angry white man I’ve rebuffed has done to me: threaten me sexually, call me a racial slurs, and homophobic slurs. They need to stay away from women’s spaces, especially those of lesbians.

          • Yawn… those aren’t genders either. Dyke is close, but only as it’s been used to insult a woman’s womanhood by essentially calling her “manly”. Basically, exactly what you’re doing right here. In reality, they don’t need to stay away from any public space (unless that’s your way of threatening mental/physical abuse should you encounter one of them).

      • What shall we call you ? Your not women

    • The issue is cis is a scientific fact. There is no emotional connotation associated with it. It’s a shortened version of the word cisgender indicating a person who was assigned a gender matches who they actually are. There is no such thing as anti-cis. There are no mass waves of transpeople saying that cisgendered individuals don’t have a right to exist or anything of the sort. The statement in question makes 0 sense. It’s like saying i’m not human but i am a member of the race homo sapiens sapiens. The statement completely contradicts itself.

      • You don’t get to define me like I don’t get to define you.

        I’m not cis because I don’t identify as cis.

        If you start telling me what I am, I will start telling you what you are.

        • You are right that others don’t get to define you. But if you define yourself as being the same gender you were assigned at birth, then you’re defining yourself as cisgender. That’s what the word means.

          When people complain about that word, it means that they want their identity to be enshrined as the “normal” one that others (like trans people) are compared against.

          In other words, saying “I’m not cis” is actually saying “I’m not weird like you, so why do I need a word for it?”

          • Sorry, it doesn’t mean what you say. I don’t want to be enshrined. I want out.

            Leave me out of all the whole thing. Other people can keep playing in that cute gender playground till the end of time and spend their days thinking about the most appropriate label for their precious uniqueness. They’re entitled to do what they want with their lives. But don’t involve me. I’m not cis because in my opinion all gender is bullshit.

            When their self-validation depends on other people (namely me) playing along with the gender scheme, they’ve got a problem. I don’t ask anything of them.

          • If I missed the definition of cisgender, please correct me.

            Point is, it means “not transgender” but says it in a much less clunky way. If you ain’t trans, you’re cis. Get over it.

          • Gay people by definition arent cis and cannot be, we are gender NC by definition.

          • I’m gay too and this makes no sense. Sexual orientation is not directly linked to gender identity.

            One can be attracted to any gender without affecting their own gender.

          • What I mean is homosexuality itself goes against heteronormative gender, which is what gender is. To go even further, noone is stereotypically male or female, we are all ‘gender variant’ and unique.

          • That’s true, and there is certainly no definitive expression of gender. But it doesn’t change the fact that some people identify as the gender they were assigned at birth (cis) and some do not (trans). Also remember, gender expression is not the same as gender identity.

          • No, few people identify with the gender (social roles) that they were assigned. It is always a struggle – knowing that if you do not follow the gender roles of your bio sex that you may lose out in society. People modify their behavior all the time to fit their gender. It does not mean they like it. Just because these people do not decide to go out and actively defy it by calling themselves genderqueer it does not mean they identify with their gender. Cis is just a made term that the transgender community is using to “other” anyone who does not self identify as gender queer our trans. You are absolutely misgendering others.

          • So, this means cis is an individual choice, not something that can be imposed.

          • I just wonder how long you’re going to keep saying, “cis isn’t the problem, it’s a perfectly fine word,” and not actually listen to the people who are telling you it’s a problem. If your point of view were really THE POINT OF VIEW, why would so many people continually express that it isn’t? Do you want a discourse or just to stubbornly ignore every perspective that isn’t yours? So much for working on understanding.

          • For clarity there is sex and gender. With gender is meant all that is put on a specific sex, socialisation, masculinity, femininity, but also rape culture. All that is used to shape a person based on their sex.

          • There is no rape culture in the western world. It’s drowned upon. Even in prisons rapists get special prisons (which I’m against) because the other inmates would beat them up. I’ve been raped by a woman and by a man. It’s not only men who rape. Women are as guilty of it as men are.

          • Follow the research and you’ll find Sexual Orientation is swiftly headed to be being understood as a gender variation. What do you think makes some men effeminate or women, butch, and why are these behaviors more prevalent in LG people than straights? It’s all brain difference. Why are there so many Will & Graces? It’s because they think alike (using two hemispheres of the brain).

          • If it’s self-defining – then you can define yourself as neither… I’m with Jose… As a label it can vamoose.

          • HAH!….lol, lol, lol,…..ME? I’m not “trans”, or”cis”, or “gay”, or “straight”, or “bi”, or etc…..
            I’m well over 100X the commenter that YOU are….
            You’ve got *23* COMMENTS….????….
            I’ve got over *2500*…On *MANY* relevant, and not-so relevant topics….
            You need to spend a few hours looking in the mirror, and realize how *THAT*PERSON*
            is *STILL* part of the problem, not the solution….
            Yeah, girrrly, you can get me blocked on Mil.com, but you can’t stop me….
            Don’t you see how it’s YOU who nurtures – and PROVOKES – so-called “homophobia”?….
            I don’t “hate” you. No, I feel sorry for you. Really, what a joke you are.
            Ya know, with some good therapy, you, TOO can be happy…..
            (Yeah, I know it’s a little immature of me to come rag on you like this, but, after all,
            it was *YOU* who got *me* blocked at Mil.com……I won’t CENSOR you….Who’s
            the bigger, better person here? Think hard. *IF* you can……
            ….etc.,etc.,etc., yada, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, …………
            (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
            note: It’s called “derision”, and “mockery”….deal with it. You ASKED for it….

          • Yes and continue to police vocabulary while at the same time creating new vocabulary. If you use a word that is not of their creation then it is transphobic. And you better keep up with their new vocabulary or you are a poor ally.

          • Nonsense.
            “Cisgender” denies the separate identities of the 99 percent of the population not born trans. We are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straights. That is how we live and how we identify. We are sick of being misidentified and disrespected by the trans community.

          • How?

            You know that cis/trans doesn’t replace gay/straight/bi/etc.?

            There are a lot of gay or bi trans people. Trans/cis has absolutely no bearing on sexual orientation.

          • If a person chooses to not identify a specific way, it is only them who can say it is right or wrong.

            I lost my job over this. Do not tell me that it doesn’t hurt anyone.

          • The transgender activist community actively sets out to vilify and destroy anyone who expresses an opinion or even a scientific study that does not please them. It has turned into an ugly, ugly movement that desperately needs a light shown upon their ugliness.

          • Not to mention that many trans activists DO use it as a put down to make as “other” the non-trans people. It’s not as bad as TERF, but some of us experience it as worse!!

          • Yes, I understand that.

            Cis/trans is meant to replace the male/female analysis of oppression in feminism.

            It creates an oppressing class of woman, men, heteros, homos, bis – all conspiring to oppress the trans.

            And if you don’t agree with every idiotic idea that stems from this construction – you’re transphobic!

          • It is highly ironic that the gay and lesbian movement that initially sought to include all those, including trans people, who are “different” are now being attacked as transphobic for wanting to stay within the bounds of reality.

          • No one consulted the gay community the T was just tagged on

          • IMO, it’s time to take a good, long, hard look at the alphabet soup we label ourselves at and see if this group recipe is still working in 2015. I think there’s a LOT of animosity from everyone which is only getting worse by the day. Maybe it’s time for some groups to go their own way.

          • IMO, it’s time to take a good, long, hard look at the alphabet soup we name ourselves, and see if this label is still working in 2015. I think there’s a LOT of animosity from everyone which is only getting worse by the day. Maybe it’s time for some groups to go their own way.

          • I don’t know… My mind boggles at people taking offense to terms like “cisgender” and (really?) “monosexual”. Such innocuous and relative terms… If a bisexual person said I didn’t experience a particular issue because I’m “monosexual” I’d be surprised but not offended. It’d take all of two seconds for me to figure out what they meant

          • “Cis” groups disparate individuals no differently than “male” or “female” does, or “gay” and “straight”.

            You sound paranoid here. Nobody is saying that there’s a gay conspiracy against transfolk (although there is room for improvement between the two groups). Trans rights are intersectional – not a replacement – to feminism. Painting transfolk as some privileged class capable of any form of systemic oppression is bonkers.

            While it would be great if, as a society, we didn’t see a need to differentiate trans persons from non-trans, that is not the reality today. Cis adds precise language to the conversation. Tell me what else you would call a cis person if you needed to be specific?

            It is worth pointing out that being gay does not give a person any insight or access to the experience of being trans, and the gay and lesbian community doesn’t always seem to look out for trans issues as well as they could.

          • OMG, Jennifer. Gays, who share who and how they love , how they define and create a family, and a specific struggle for equality have nothing more in common than they do with the huge 99 percent of humanity who are simply NOT TRANSGENDER?

            Woman who share the experience of being adult females of the human species, who have to fight men for control of their own bodies, have no more in common than they do with everyone who is NOT TRANSGENDER?

            You call THAT being specific?

            All the way back to Aristotle and genus and species, we do not lump together all kinds of creatures on the basis of NOT being something else.

            Mammals are warm-blooded. They have some fur. The females supply milk for their babies. We are defined by traits in common – and this, by the way, transfeminist nonsense aside, is what we all are.

            Supposedly, transgenders are persons who suffer Gender Dysphoria – people whose Gender Identity is not in agreement with their sex.

            We don’t need a labels for people who DON’T have a certain problem. We have the word “bald” for people who’ve lost their hair. Do we need a word for people who haven’t?

            We’ve already seen Bisexual activists copy Transfeminists by lumping together all sexual orientations that are not bi as Monosexuals – and yep, just as transgenders claim, Bi’s accuse heteros and homos of banding together to “erase them.”

            What about transsexuals? Shall they invent a word for people who AREN’T transsexual?

            Shall Gender Fluids invent a word for all the people who aren’t? Will you call yourself THAT, too?
            When will the “everything but me” labeling lunacy end?

            How many labels are you willing to call yourself based on WHAT YOU ARE NOT?

            Hey Jennifer, you go be cisgendered, sissie-gendered, – call yourself any kind of idiotic name you like, but when I tell you I DON”T DEFINE MYSELF THAT WAY, get the hell off my case. That’s where it ends.

          • Thank you for this conversation. You’ve given me some points to think about.

            Ultimately, I think that’s it’s wrong to decide that one configuration is the “default” just because it’s more common. That you can’t see how this is marginalizing is telling. And not all transfolk “suffer” from gender dysphoria. Those who transition early usually don’t even deal with it much at all.

            I guess I just think that being an ally means challenging some of one’s assumptions and privileges.

            And when did I ever say that I consider myself cisgender? Maybe assuming everyone is cis is part of the problem.

          • I’m surprised you didn’t draw the obvious parallel to “heterosexual”, which at the time of conception meant “everyone who is NOT GAY”.

          • THANK YOU….you put into words, extremely eloquently, what I’ve been thinking. Biologically, psychologically, and sexually average people are not given special names, because it is what’s considered normal for the majority of our species. When I say normal, I just mean statistically speaking, if 99.5% of people are all a certain way, they don’t need a name. And again, I only mean normal with respect to the average humans gender matching both their biological appearance, and their inner self identity. Trans people are called “trans” because they are different than the vast majority of the population, thus needing a word to differentiate them. There is NO NEED FOR “CIS”! How about people with diseases….”Oh you have cancer? Well I’m a non-cancer” (as the person thinks, ‘well duh why would I assume you have cancer, as most people don’t’). The whole premise of “cis” just doesn’t make sense

          • Gawd, I’m so sorry to hear that bisexuals have called gays and straights monosexuals as though these are somehow a level playing field. Any idiot can see they’re not. ‘Cis’ places these on a level playing field allong with male and female, as though homophobia and sexism don’t exist. It’s utterly absurd.

            As a bisexual female woman, I apologize on behalf of my fellow bisexuals who in an attempt to be seen, used ill-thought out language that erased another groups discrimination and struggles.

          • how? The second the trans community started almost every single conversation with “STUPID ENTITLED CIS…” or something of this nature and MADE IT AN INSULT!!

          • Do you like being told how you are supposed to define yourself? I doubt that you do. Therefore you must stop telling others how to define themselves. Period. It works both ways.

          • OK then, what does it mean to be a woman? Trans people and their allies LOVE to define EVERY word, except for what it actually means to be a woman – what are the gender terms associated with womanhood? No one wants to answer this question because as soon as they do, you realize their concept of womanhood is actually steeped in patriarchal notions of what it means to be a woman (small frame, long hair, dresses). It is EXTREMELY oppressive to women. And it all could be avoided by men being comfortable wearing dresses etc. as MEN. I would support that. I do not support a redefining of woman to some ambiguous term which we ALL know means subconsciously, you all are trying to redefine womanhood as a set of physical characteristics – as opposed to just our anatomy. Hmmm… Which one is more offensive? Methinks the former, Madam.

      • I do not fall under the area of Trans nor cis, neither do millions of other people. It is not how I identify. If I do not feel comfortable as a man, but do not wish to be a woman I am simply a gender fluid individual. That does not make me cisgender.

        I find it appalling that on a national level, my personal gender identity has come up for debate. It is as if my cock is on display for critique. This is the highest level of personal violation I have ever felt. As a rape survivor, it says a lot that The Washington Blade and Planet Transgender have both violated me more than my rapist.

        Why are my feelings not counted? Why is my honest pain dismissed? This is utterly disgusting.

      • What a load of confusing drivel. Cis was used as a polar opposite to legitimise the existence of a minute percentage of people who want to believe they are the opposite of a social construct called gender reinforcing the binary in gender which unequally favours men. Transwomem are men.

      • Do we then create terms for everyone whose bodies are like 99.7% of the population. I have both my legs and arms, so I should identify as a cisgender non-quadriplegic lesbian?

        Look, just because you are different from 99.7% of the population does not mean we need to create neologisms for everyone. Some kids are born without legs, but that does not means humans are not bipedal. Call yourselves what you want, but you don’t get to name me.

  • https://culturallyboundgender.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/cisgender-cui-bono/

    Jeff, if you’re reading this, email me at culturallyboundgender@gmail.com — there ARE people out there who see that the emperor is wearing no clothes. There are people who still see that 2+2=4.

    • Do those people really want to recruit and be associated with someone who tells people to kill themselves on social media? Nice little coalition of haters you’re building yourself there.

      • I was told after making it clear that the 8 days of cyber bullying that I was dealing with had me at the point of suicide that I would be better off dead. I then told that person to kill herself. None of the comments that I was responding to were ever shared or screenshotted. Everything every single comment that you’ve seen made by me in that viciously one sided “article” was taken 100% out of context.

        • Hang in there Jeff! I am so sorry you have had to go through such bullying. You are a hero in my eyes. There are many more than you know who support your statements of truth.

        • Jeff, lesbian here! So many of us agree with you and we are sick of being silenced by the transgender cult. The trans “women” even have a name for forcing, coercing, and shaming lesbians into sucking their dicks; it’s called the cotton ceiling. I support you and many more gays and lesbians do too. Good luck and forget them.

          • I can’t tell you how happy I am to read your comment…

            Your voice perfectly illustrates why lesbians have always been so invaluable, to not only the gay rights movement, but to the equal rights movement as a whole. Thank you.

            I have fought most of my adult life against a prejudice that insistes I am “less than” a man because I’m gay. I refuse to accept this insinuation within our own community & allowing it to masquerade as gay rights is an insult. They can’t silence all of us.

            I am a MAN who intimately loves other MEN and that simple fact is exactly what makes me gay in the 1st place! My gender is not an irrelevant social construct… It’s reality & I celebrate it with PRIDE.

      • “TERF” is slur against traditional feminists who disagree with Transfeminist Doctrine.
        When you use a slur like that to dismiss people, it’s because you are telling lies and don’t want them to be questioned.

  • Peak trans train pulling into the station. Toot!

  • So they got tired of their campaign of telling lesbians, that they are trans phobic for being gay and not wanting to have intimate relations with males that identify as women?,- no they are still pushing this on Lesbians-[ google ‘cotton ceiling’]

    And now the gay men will be the object of bashing for trans homophobia. Don’t say we didn’t warn you guys, but- read a little more, and you will find-it gets worse. Many autogynephilic guys are really homophobic.


    • Paranoia nurtures you… Lesbians are gynephilic (attracted to women). So are straight men. And you both have the same problem (you can’t always tell, e.g. Kim Petras). I think it’s just reaction formation because you’re disturbed by your own attractions, but whatever.

      As for me, I’ve seen hot trans guys (ftm)… and that’s okay :)

      • When lesbians say we are only attracted to females, its your job to respect this. If not, youre a homophobe. We are very tired of the homophobia coming from the trans community. Very tired.

        • who is this “we”? Terfs?

          • We is lesbian i.e human adult female homosexuals not male paraphilic fetishists

          • My ‘gold-star’ cis-lesbian partner says she doesn’t much like your narrow way of defining my sex and gender construction, your dismissal of my existence as mental illness and sexual deviance, or your implied suggestion that she, therefore, is not a lesbian due to her attraction to me.

            But whatever.

            People are attracted to who they’re attracted to, some are more narrow in their perceptions than others, some less so.

          • Lesbians arent attracted to bio males, especially not with a penis. This is female homosexuality 101. Also curious you need to mention she is a gold star lesbian. Seems a lot of transwomen have/had gold star lesbians as partners. Well, you dont fool us, of course. A lesbians isnt attracted to penis, male bodies, so she cant be a lesbian and you neither. Call it homogenderual or something. Its not homosexual.

          • because the best way to satisfy a “fetish” is by drastically cutting sex drive, LOL (and you wonder why no one takes you seriously)

          • terf lesbians?

          • No, lesbians, females that love females. You are aware you discriminate against us and abuse us.

          • I discriminate against you? How? By being uninterested, especially in terfs?

          • It is discrimination and abuse of lesbians, yes.

          • Now who’s the one angry about disinterest, LOL?

          • You are homophobic bully.

          • you are terf

          • Next time you call me a terf, Im going to call you the tr…. word, deal?

          • How is TERF a slur? It is descriptional – “trans exclusionary radical feminists”.

            Like, that’s just true for a certain groups of radical lesbian feminists who hate/fear trans women (who ARE women). How is this a slur?

          • Is it ‘cos it accurately describes their bigoted form of feminism and stops them claiming to speak for non transphobic radfems and lesbians?

            It seems being described as the extremist fringe group they are gives them sad feels. :(

          • Saaaddd feeelzzz.

            Like, knowing how much it hurts to be excluded and then to turn around and exclude an even more marginalized and oppressed group of people. It has to cause some kind if internal short.

          • They dont hate transwomen, thats the entire point. Its ok for born women to at times have born women only spaces as we have our own unique issues. Terf is used even when women just talk about their vaginas, oppression, bodies, you name it. terf is also used to abuse lesbians for not being attracted to male bodied people. I could go on. terf is misogynist.

          • “TERF” can’t be misogynist, you moron. It is not based in gender. There are plenty of male TERFs out there.

            You need to come up with some new material, Wendy. Your old stuff isn’t working.

          • “They dont hate trans women, thats the entire point.”

            Oh, PUH-LEASE. Spend 10 minutes in the comments section over at GenderTrender, then come back and try to sell me the “they don’t hate trans women” spiel.

          • There is a difference between fighting for one’s orientation to be respected and hating a whole group of people. There is also a difference between sexual orientation and gender orientation.

            Our society is changing faster than the language to describe it. Lesbian, as a word, has deep historical roots in sexual orientation; the Amazons, The Isle of Lesbos.

            Gender orientation needs to find its own words. This would allow all people to clearly state their own attractions and their own boundaries. Suggestions I’ve seen are homogendrual, bigendrual, heterogendrual. But that has to be addressed by people with gender orientation. I personally, have no right to slap those labels on others.

          • Sooo many transwomen have/had Gold Star lesbians as partners. It tells you theyre lying. Its just to prop up their delusion. Sorry to say it this way, but they dont care for lesbians at all, only when it suits them, to be ‘confirmed’ as a woman. Lesbians are being used for this game. When we refuse we are of course very bad people.

          • “Gold Star lesbians” — Wow… I wasn’t aware anyone still said that. But of course, there you are

          • I didnt say it, the person I responded to mentioned it. I responded to it. Many so called ‘lesbian’ transgender women tell lesbians they all have/had Gold Star lesbian gf’s. We of course know it is a lie. Its funny how transgender women use lesbians for their own goals, without any consideration for us. Very male. Very abusive.

          • The fact that you’re considering “gold star lesbians” a thing is quite bigoted and quite male of you.

          • Whats bigoted about it? That lesbians dont have sex with men, male bodied people? That is what lesbian is.

          • if that’s true, then why “gold star”?

          • You dont understand what lesbian is, many transwomen dont. They cant as they are male.

          • male like you?

          • See, everything is gender for trans people but suddenly their sexuality has to do with someones sex, which they say is a social construct anyway. It makes no sense. I like your suggestion to call it homogenderal, bigenderal.

          • Sorry, but appealing to some historical mythos won’t do much versus modern understanding. Simply put, “gay” is understood as a term for androphylic men, and “lesbian” as a term for gynephylic women.

            With so many elements wrapped up in those attractions, it really isn’t surprising that there are straight women with FtM trans men, lesbians with MtF trans women, straight men with MtF transwomen, and gays with FtM trans men. And their orientations are legitimate.

            There’s no need for your “separate but equal” terminology.

          • So basically what you’re arguing is that people don’t have the right to their orientation if its biologically sex based and lesbians should immediately launch themselves onto their backs, legs spread when a woman with a penis says, ‘Now’. Sure, that’s not essentialist, heteronormative, homophobic misogyny at all.

          • Nah, I’m plainly stating that your [appeal to] biology doesn’t involve much biology at all. As for you doing… that… to each their own, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless that’s just what you do every time you meet any woman anywhere.

          • Do you require a basic biology lesson that the average 10 year old could teach you?

          • No thanks. Idk about you, but I managed to get past 7th grade :)

      • When I was younger and fooled around alot I was turned on to trans and have had one trans lover. But once I started hearing this crap from people with penises about “I’m a better woman than you’ll ever be” and “You’re just cisgender, don’t call yourself woman or female” and “This transwoman can dance around naked with my penis in the womens shower and you have to put up with it”, I got totally turned off. The most ruthless and dominating trans have really hurt the cause of those non-dominating ones who are sincerely trying to work through their identity issues. Now these mostly hetro alpha males are dumping all over gay men. I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

        • 1] You probably started hearing that because you’ve been pretty shitty as a person in general. A friendly woman with a penis really is better than a bigoted woman with a vagina. 2] The terms “cisgender”, “woman” and “female” are not mutually exclusive. 3] And you think pre-op trans women are out to flash penises at you in the washroom? I think your paranoia speak for itself — enough said.

          • http://terfisaslur.com/cotton-ceiling/ see the hate lesbians get. Also, seen as you dont have a biology, why are some of you demanding lesbians are attracted to a non existent biology. You deny your biology but we have to acknowledge it? Why can transwomen demand lesbians date them, but sex is a social construct? Why you demand of us, what you yourself ignore. Its messed up.

          • Biology: endocrinology, morphology, etc. Sorry, but no one’s interested in dating you. Your “lesbianism” is very unattractive.

          • Many women are attracted to me, I have no complaints. But lesbian isnt yours to take. Call it gendersexual or homogenderal.

          • Of course not, because I’m not attracted to women. But lesbian isn’t yours to define either, so whatevs ;)

          • Lesbian is for lesbians only to define. Lesbian is a female homosexual.

          • actual lesbians are not obliged to follow your definition

          • You are homophobic. It comes from many transwomen.

          • you are terf. It comes from weak sauce

          • the “cotton ceiling” — terf equivalent to the Christian “War on Christmas”. Actually just a dating seminar attended by like 20 ppl vs Happy Holidays as actually just a festive holiday greeting

          • Most lesbians are horrified by the Cotton Ceiling and TW demanding we are sexually attracted to them. We are not. Again, you discriminate against lesbians. The CC is a discrimination of lesbians, the CC mindset is too. Im seeing TW also go after bisexuals now, calling them transphobic for ‘excluding’ them sexually. Why is it sexual orientations are so ignored by you, then expect these people should date you. Then when we dont, as we have our own sexuality, you get angry. Its all quite rapey stuff.

            When are you going to go after heterosexuals?

          • … “horrified” by a dating seminar? You don’t get outside much, do you?

          • You dont understand what female homosexuality is. You cannot as you are male.

          • Just like you, dude :)

          • Actually, it was only attended by 7 people.

            Hardly the evil plan to force lesbians to sleep with trans women that the TERFs would like everyone to believe it was, huh? ;-)

          • The original issue at MichFest was trans with penises wanting to shower with womyn born womyn and otherwise cavort naked. Thus festival women established a don’t ask, don’t expose it-type rule– which some trans have been screaming about ever since. And there certainly is a problem with males who’ve beat, raped and murdered women deciding they are “trans” in prison and demanding to be moved to women’s prisons. And women on several blogs and websites are keeping logs of these facts, and of incidents of individuals claiming to be transgender acting inappropriately or in a threatening manner towards women, and even commiting crimes like physical attacks and rape. Women have a right to protect themselves from harm without being insulted and mocked.

          • Nope. The original issue was Nancy Buckholder being ejected for being trans (like so many gays/lesbians in the military under DADT). And “males” are transferred to women’s prisons after sex changes, so there’s that. But now we get to the heart of the issue: you’ve lost your sense of logic/reason somewhere in the blogosphere of bigots and haters. Might as well quote theredpill as a reliable source, pfft

        • Look at this, what they say to lesbians http://terfisaslur.com/cotton-ceiling/

  • I hope that people are reading the link to, Planet Transgender’s article, that is listed because the most important part of this entire issue was a comment made telling someone to go kill themselves. Not saying the other remarks weren’t important but, with the suicide rate among the LGBT+ community being so high, the major issue is telling someone to kill themselves.

    • Yes, he said a lot worse.

      But I will say that the refusal to have that “cis” idiocy shoved down our throats is not “anti-trans.” How dare a bunch or morons who don’t understand prefixes unilaterally decree what we’re all supposed to adopt as an identity. No way!

    • I read the article and I saw the whole thing happen. The planet Transgender article is just as biased as the news story it whines about. Both parties neglected to mention huge aspects of this whole situation.
      It also beats a dead horse, Jeff White had already stepped down.
      It was just written to stir up more trouble and I find that just as bad as Jeff’s faux pas.
      Both sides are being childish. It didn’t need to escalate so much if people could learn to drop it and move on.

      • This will never go away. It will literally take my death to end this.

        • Don’t even think that way. you are now free from having to speak nonsensical transfeminist rhetoric.

          One day, the womens movement will wake up to find their institutions, too, has been taken over by transwomen – former men who say they identify with women but actually identify with each other – and all the nonsensical cliches they insist we all recite like zombies from “cisgender” to “assigned at birth” will be exposed for the foolishness it is.

          • Actually more and more womens organizations are being led by “transwomen.” And the organizations sure are catering to trans. But then most “Feminist” organizations said nothing about the fact that we had a serial sex molester in the White House (Bill Clinton) or that his wife – who wants to be president to help women – was just his foremost enabler of all that sexual abuse. Another reason we need a re-booted feminist movement.

        • No, it will not. Stay strong and be a force to fight this crazy movement. We need you here in this world. It is not worth giving them the pleasure. We need more people like you willing to speak truth. We need more voices. We do not want to lose you.

    • The article is transgarbage.
      Parker Molloy told transgenders to kill themselves and she’s back writing for the Advocate.

  • You can’t be the executive director of an LGBT rights group and make unhinged belligerent statements to a segment of the community you serve. Regardless of how you feel about the language policing, you have to minimally have a fundamental respect that this guy clearly lacks, much less an automatic protective posture for the most vulnerable members of our community. It just sounds like a drunken rant from an angry queen, not a community leader. Good riddance.

    • And then to go off about how he was gonna take his ball and go home – such narcissism.

    • His other statements, yes.

      But no one has any obligation to submit to having that “cis” idiocy shoved down our throats as our identity. That’s massive overreaching by trans militants, who, incidentally, turned it into a slur about two seconds after it was coined by some moron who doesn’t understand what “cis-” means.

      • You can self identify however you like if you have a regular non-advocacy job. Nobody cares. If you are leading an LGBT organization – focus on the T people – part of your job is public education. Advocating for the trans community is educating the public on the distinction between trans and non-trans folk. I do it all the time. I’m a gay man but when I train lawyers on assisting trans clients with name changes, for example, I need to train on cultural sensitivity, including why the client prefers the term “cis”. The narcissism is the inability to see the perspective of others under the LGBT umbrella. You can be a trans straight woman by the way and we need these distinctions in courts of law, in legislating. It’s a venn diagram, it’s not just about gay rights, it’s not complicated, and welcome to the 21st century.

        • No non-trans person is required under any circumstance to submit to the forced imposition of that “cis” idiocy upon them as their identity any more than any trans person is ever under any circumstance required to submit to somebody else forcing an identity on them.

          Hate to break it to you, smug ass, but it’s not “21st century” for gay men to submit to trans militants telling us what our own identity will be. Your lack of spine to ever say a trans person is overreaching is your own character flaw.

          • Sounding a lot like another drunken rant from an angry queen. You offer no new insight, just a bunch of personalized name calling.

          • Aw, are you accustomed to people capitulating to your arrogant condescension when you “welcome” then “to the 21st century”? You sound like a sanctimonious ass.

            By the way, your idea that “cultural sensitivity” includes allowing other people to determine your own identity is patently absurd. OMG the far left has gone completely off the deep end. Why didn’t you issue a “trigger warning” before your “21st century” “microaggression”?

          • Your primary fixation is that someone is choosing an identity for you but the only one to insert that into this conversation is you. Note the “you can self identify however you like”. Just drink your juice Mary. You’re a public wreck.

          • Do you see that big block of text up there? It’s what we call a news story. It reports that a gay man must be fired from an LGBT group unless he allows trans militants to shove “cis” down his throat as his identity. You should spend less time on your mouth and more on your brain.

        • When lobbying lawmakers, TGs are told not to use ‘Cis’. It doesn’t score well in market research, and some Trans advocates have even come out against it.

          Do you think advocates should treat lawmakers better than their own members?

        • So you tell people to identify in a way to make others comfortable? Sounds a lot like church to me.

          • That’s not what I wrote. An advocate has a responsibility to their client population. You must be sensitive to your client and must be able to represent the different voices within the community. That’s the job. I’m sorry that you were subject to harassment. That’s not okay.

          • But you are training people that they must accept all the trans ideology so as not to hurt the feelings of trans people whether it is falsehood or not? So a trans person can say a urinal is transphobic or anything else they so desire? Using your logic, you would train people to agree that a urinal is transphobic just because trans peoples’ feelings would be hurt if you did not agree? There has to be a point where reality and truth is more important than fear of not being politically correct or of hurting a transgender persons feelings. Or they might committ suicide if you disagree – those poor, fragile transgender people?

          • No. We are training service providers to understand the perspective of their client instead of imposing the provider’s subjective belief system on that individual. I think the big disconnect in this conversation on this thread is that there is no separation of the subjective from the objective. Why do you get to impose your belief of whether something is true or false or what is reality on another individual ? These are all social constructs to a high degree – sexuality, gender, gender norms. Why does it matter to you that your client believes that a urinal is transphobic? You don’t have to believe it but you can’t tell the person who’s interest you are supposed to be representing that their belief is wrong or false. When you do so, you are just representing your beliefs and denying their experience. There is a whole sociological term for this called “cultural humility”. You can subjectively believe that the term cisgender is the most absurd thing in the universe but when you work for and claim to promote the interests of both transgender and non-trans people, you must objectively understand and be able to explain why the trans community needs to articulate these distinctions as the part of the LGBT rights movement that hasn’t yet quite made it. Otherwise, it just stinks of “we are white privileged gay men who got our rights and so let’s move on people.”

          • I understand if you have a client in therapy you may be extremely slow and careful in challenging false or delusional or paranoid beliefs. If you are training service providers – say who have to talk to clients who come for medical services or social services – such as an unemployment office, it would be totally inappropriate to do anything other than nod your head and listen sympathetically to whatever the client says.

            But the situation with Jeff was different. It was the executive director of the Gender Justice League speaking to the Director of the Rainbow Center. These were two equals who should be able to respectfully discuss a difference of opinion and respect each others’ identity.

            You need to listen again to what actually happened. Here is what Jeff said:

            “I am in no way transphobic. I have dedicated my life to our community. This literally started over a conversation where I was told that urinals were a form of male entitlement. I didn’t understand that, so I asked for an explanation. That was a crime because it is illegal to ask a trans person to explain anything. The ED of Gender Justice League cursed me out for daring to question anything as a cis person.”

            So there you have it. A trans activist leader cursing out an LGBT leader for asking a very rational and reasonable question. How can a urinal be a form of male entitlement? Does having a piece of male anatomy, a penis, make a man entitled? Becasue a transman doesn’t have one?

            That is just like telling women that they cannot use the word vagina because it is exclusionary and transphobic because not all women have vaginas.

            There is an attitude in the trans community that expects people not in their club to just shut up and accept whatever they dictate as the gospel truth.

            This trans activist cursing Jeff out for asking a reasonable question is just a perfect example. You must follow the dogma of the trangender religion and accept whatever the leaders say or you will be cursed, vilified, and if possible – ruined.

            The trans activist is guilty of what you accuse Jeff of – he was imposing his beliefs upon Jeff. As equals neither should impose their beliefs on the other. Polite discussion of different view points is fine.

            In addition you are saying that in order to represent the interests of the trans members of the Rainbow Center, Jeff must not represent the interests of the Lesbians, Gays or Bisexuals?

            Because accepting any and all trans dogma ultimately tramples and subsumes rights and identity of lesbians, gays and bisexuals who do not consider themselves trans.

            You absolutely cannot both represent the interests of trans people and LGB non trans people when you accept all the trans dogma. It is just incompatible.

            So maybe it would be best if the Transgender community split off from the LGB community. As it stands it seems like the transcommunity is taking over much of what used to be support for LGB.

            LGB who want to support their own and live in a rational and reality based world may want to form their own groups so they can once again have their needs addressed instead of subsumed by trans people.

            Listen again: “The ED of Gender Justice League cursed me out for daring to question anything as a cis person.”

            The ED labeled and identified Jeff as a cis person – and told him that a cis person has no right to ask any questions. A cis person must just listen and accept as divine truth whatever the trans person says.

            In addition the trans activist imposed his belief system on Jeff. The trans activists believes that anyone not trans is cis.

            Part of trans dogma is the right of an individual to listen to their own inner sense of gender identity.

            But that right only seems to apply to trans people.

            Jeff said he did not either identify as Cis or Trans,
            “I do not identify as cisgender because I know that gender is fluid. My personal gender identity and expression does not fall in the trans area nor the cis area. Because of this, I am transphobic.”

            You just can’t have it both ways. Either you accept the rights of all to self identify or you don’t.

            And you can’t have an organization that only caters to one small group within the organization above all others.

            So, Scott, your analysis of the situation is absolutely wrong.

            Would it have been better for Jeff to end the discussion and just walk away when the ED trans activist got nasty?

            Yes – it would have been much better. It would have allowed Jeff to at least preserve a semblence of unity within the organization and allowed Jeff to keep his job.

            But I suspect that feelings had been brewing under the surface for some time.

            This issue is going to start bubbling up more and more if the trans community continues to grow more strident.

            They have primarily been attacking lesbians but now seem to be also attacking gay men as this example with the urinals demonstrates.

            The trans community needs to look around and see that they are continuing to alienate more of the people who should be their best allies.

          • If I am unallowed to represent myself as a man, then I certainly will not attempt representing another.

    • If only you were aware of the vile and horrid things being said your me by them, you would understand what happened and how I became this angry over it. They drove me to attempt suicide and they laughed about it. How dare you assume anything.

      • That’s the tactic, push you until you explode. Miss-quote you, undermine you, tell you you are something you are not and when you turn around and do it back to prove a point…Oh boy you are suddenly the villain. Same tactic patriarchy uses against women, nothing new for women.

    • Too many trans have adopted the “insult and harass them til they screw up and then destroy them” strategy. That obviously happened to Jeff. It’s disgusting.

  • Whoa, Blade! According to the linked story, he said A LOT more than that, including deliberately misgendering trans people.

    I agree entirely with him on never having that “cis” idiocy shoved down our throats as our identity.

  • He was executive director of an LGB T group. He seems to have forgotten about that last letter in his approach to advocacy.

    • I have spent two years working for the T. I had school policies changed to allow trans prom dresses, I had a trans woman released from jail for being misgendered by the booking officers and got her free legal counsel. I have been nothing but a champion for my trans siblings. But I will NOT allow anyone to misgender me, no matter who they are.

      • Jeff, I feel awful for what happened to you, and no one should HAVE to identify as “cis”. Our new trans overlords are all about telling everyone else what they want to be called, and even forcing their own language on us and we HAVE to accept it, but if you don’t like it….well unfortunately you’re proof, they’ve got you fired and want to ruin your life. IT’S SICK!!!!

    • It seems like the needs and wants of the T movement is swallowing everyone else in the group. Everyone else has to kowtow to the transmovement. Perhaps it is time for the T movement to just go off on their own and leave the LGB alone.

  • After reading the article this post links to, he does have a point. WHy is it that a group of people who want to define themselves (which is perfectly valid) insist on defining others in the process? And let’s be honest, most of the time that the word “cis” is used, it is spat out with a lot of contempt. It is not just about labeling someone, it is about marking them as the enemy. This is, indeed, a problem.

    • … kind of like heterosexual, huh? Homosexuality used to be dirty, then gay and lesbian people started calling straight ppl heterosexual. First, straight people were offended. Then things balanced out and now they’re neutral. Same thing happening with “cis” in response to negativity directed at trans people.

      • That is completely inaccurate. “Heterosexuality” was coined by the same man who coined “homosexuality,” a heterosexual Hungarian human rights activist. He coined “homosexual” as an alternative for “sodomite,” with “heterosexual” being the natural counterpart. The term was used in his campaign to repeal the sodomy laws of Prussia.

        Both terms came into general use around the same time in the early 20th century, with their introduction to the mainstream being done largely at the hands of psychologists. “Heterosexuality” was used to designate “normal” sexuality, whereas “homosexuality” was one of many “deviant” sexualities classified as psychiatric disorders. This is why the term was considered offensive, and why the term became acceptable when it was declassified as a disorder.

        The term that was coined by gays (specifically, gay men) is “straight.” I’ve never heard of heterosexuals finding that term offensive, though. I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve yet to see any sort of concerted effort to oppose the term.

      • Straight people were never offended by the term heterosexual. What a silly comment from a very silly sounding person. “Breeder” was the offensive term, as it was (and still is) dismissive. “Cis” is equally dismissive and troubling.

        • What silly denial from a very silly sounding person. The number of straight people offended by “heterosexual” is likely proportional to the number of cis people offended by “cisgender” — insignificant.

          • Many people are offended by the term “cis” because of the way it is spat out like an insult. But a silly, and obviously mentally limited, personal like you would have trouble comprehending that. Carry on with your pathetic self. Carry on.

          • …and some people use ‘gay’ as an insult, get over the stupid minority who do and accept that being trans is a real, experential phenomenon that requires a word for the counter-experience.

          • I am not saying the trans experience is no real. Far from it. The argument here is that one group does not get to “name” another group. And to do so with such contempt? It is nasty, is what it is. “Cis” is seldom used in a neutral way. As I said, it is spat out by people like you. Why can’t you understand that? Because you are an angry individual who thinks that your feelings and opinions are the only ones that matter. News flash: they aren’t. Maybe if people like you – and by “people like you” I mean angry activists who would rather have a fight than work on solution or even consider another POV, and I do not mean trans men and women, btw – would show a little more consideration, you might get it in return. But alas, you want to try and score political points (which, last count, still has you at zero).

          • I am not an angry activist (though why shouldn’t I be angry, when I see oppression?) whatever you may think. I’d advise getting that chip off your shoulder.

            In my personal experience, in both activism and in social-work, when you make people aware of their privilege, their presumptions and their wrong-doings, they tend to act defensively. The reaction against Cis seems very much to be a case of that.

            You seem to be the one making all the presumptions about my motivations, emotions and ability to operate in a civil manner, not me.

            I note that again and again you have ‘told’ us how Cis is used. Well perhaps it is, and in the golden age of LG-activism, equally ascorbic tones were used against the wider, straight community, never mind the internal bitching between L & G folk. I am not saying that makes it right, I’m saying its something to be mindful of, as is the very true statement (which you seem to have ignored) that ‘gay’ has been appropriated as an insult levelled again and again at people.

            Cis is a good word, sometimes used by bad people, but I contest that most of the time, when you hear Cis, you should make sure that you’re not just reacting angrily to being called out on your own privilege…

          • But there’s the rub … according to you, when I react to something I am being defensive because a “truth” is being shown me and it is making me uncomfortable. When you react to something, it is righteous indignation and you have every right to react to something you find distasteful.

            And that’s where we differ, I guess. If I were to use a term that you found offensive, and you told me it was offensive, I would certainly go out of my way to rephrase things and educate myself on the terminology you preferred when referring to you. However, when you are told a word is offensive, you defend the word and tell me I’m wrong for objecting to it. The chip, it would seem, is wholly on your shoulders.

          • Google for definition of the Latin prefix, “cis”. Then go out in the real world and breathe some air, because you obviously spend way too much time on the internet if you “think” that makes for an effective insult.

          • LOL Oh Toni, people who know you must cringe every time you come around as even the simplest concepts are difficult for you to understand. The definition of a word may be intended to be neutral – although the debate over the term “cis” would state otherwise – but when used in a certain way its connotation can change. Such as when cisgender is spat out at people. It is used to shut down debate, not to add clarity during a debate. It is used to say “STFU, you can’t have an opinion if you are not trans.” That’s how “cis” is often used. And if you were being honest, you would admit that. (But, then you’d have to think beyond yourself and obviously you are not capable of that.)

            [BTW, not sure if you know this, but there is air to breath in houses, and in offices, and in cars … all of these places are part of the real world, too. Fancy that!]

          • Like I said, you spend way too much time on twitter. Go outside, take a deep breath, and meet some people. I probably don’t hear cisgender “as an insult” because I don’t devote time to being an ignorant twat online.

            For clarity, in terms you might understand, “‘ou ‘on’t ‘ave a ‘orse in ‘e wace”

          • 1. This is not Twitter. The fact you don’t seem to know that says a lot about you.
            2. Based on the amount of comments you are making (especially on this issue) to others, it seems getting out and meeting people might be something you would benefit from. Of course, you probably have difficulty making friends once you start talking, so maybe your time on the computer makes sense.
            3.”I don’t devote time to being an ignorant twat online”? LOL Think again. Seems you make a habit of it.
            4. “‘ou ‘on’t ‘ave a ‘orse in ‘e wace” <—- wow, so not only are you ignorant, but then you make a joke about people who have difficulty speaking? You really are a class act.

          • 1. didn’t claim it was, 2. I happen upon disqus every few days, 3. more reflection, 4. classier than thou, of course ;)

          • LOL 1. actually you did. 2. again, maybe a little more time trying to make friends would do you some real good. You seem so desperate for attention. Maybe a cat? 3. agreed, a reflection of you. 4. never will be, but keep trying! Maybe one day you’ll rise to the level of decent human being.

            Bonus advice: remove that chip on your shoulder (and that rod up your butt) and you may become just a tad more bearable to the people who deal with you on a day to day basis. I feel sorry for all of them. :) Have a great day!

          • 1 “too much time on twitter” =/= this is twitter, 2 now projection and you type more ^^, 3 monkey see monkey do I guess, 4 look, I’m just better than you

          • 1. LOL it’s okay to admit that you got a little flustered and wrote the wrong thing. That you now realize this is not Twitter, is a step in the right direction (though why it took you so long is a little concerning) 2. again, make some friends. (Helpful hint: the less you talk, the more people might be able tolerate you. Actually liking you may be asking for too much, since you are not very likable.) 3. I have never called you a monkey, but now that you mention it, you do kind of look like one. 4. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, bless; you are trying so hard. Muah!

          • 1. nah, read above. 2. more than you. 3. “see more”? Nty, but yw to type moar

          • Hahahahahahahahaha.

            Actually, I am right. You mentioned Twitter when it was never discussed in these comments. And I don’t use it. Truth is, you actually meant to write Disqus, not Twitter. I called you out on it. You made a mistake. It’s okay. We don’t expect much of you. No one does. The fact that you can’t admit it is very telling. Facts, they are a major inconvenience to people like you.

            Have fun trolling … matches both your looks and personality. One day you’ll become a decent person. One day. :)

          • ah, so it’s a conspiracy. I couldn’t actually have meant twitter bc I didn’t edit the alleged typo LOL

          • :) Then you are an even bigger idiot than I thought. Why you’d mention Twitter, which had zero context in the conversation, is beyond odd. LOL (Though we both know you meant Disqus instead of Twitter.) I truly hope you are not this daft when out in the community (those few times you earn the right to a day pass. Can you get a day pass based on your issues? Hmmmm.).

            Anyway, it’s been good fun listening to you justify and squirm and whine and lie. But I have grown tired of being your surrogate for human contact. :)

          • lmao, you still spend too much time on twitter :)

          • Heterosexual is a normally accepted word in all societies. Cis isnt. Cis is used to attack people, also gay people. We arent cis and have the right to reject it. How is it you get to define yourself but others cant? Hypocritical much.

          • http://www.salon.com/2012/01/22/the_invention_of_the_heterosexual/

            Wasn’t always the case, words gain and lose traction all the time. Many Homo and heterosexual people regularly deny the reality of being trans, or bi, for that matter. Being trans is an experience that cannot be understood *unless* you are trans. All cis defines is the lack of understanding someone who is not trans has. To claim you do understand what trans is, is as ignorant as a white person saying they know what it is to be a POC

          • The denial of the trans reality is a shame. I don’t deny that. And I have never claimed to understand the experience of a trans person … I have not lived their life, experienced their experiences. But “cis” is not, as you claim, simply about understanding (or,as you claim, the lack of it). It is used as in insult … it is a slam against anyone with an opinion. It is the same as the use of “breeder” when dismissing the arguments of a straight person. It is not the same as using the word heterosexual.

          • Um, ‘Gay’ has become a slur, too, though. I don’t see the Gay community, or the gay-positive Heterocommunity, rushing to get rid of it.

            Instead the focus is on trying to get people to stop using it as a slur. The same needs to happen with cis.

            In my experience, when people claim they have had ‘Cis’ levelled at them as a slur, what they actually mean is –
            “I have been made uncomfortable by having my privilege, as a cissexed or cisgendered individual, called out.”

          • I never said I claimed to know what being trans is, but many gay people have gender issues themselves, some even transition. Also again, heterosexual has been in use for as long as Ive lived, thats at least 43 years. Please dont try and rewrite history, I see many trans (supporting) people do this.

          • And Mica, those not born female don’t understand what it’s like to live in male dominated society. Thank you for clearing that up. Being female XX is an experience that cannot be understood *unless* you are a female XX.

          • “Cis is used to attack people…” Rrriiiggghhht. Take off, terf?

          • So, the majority of people on this planet, that dont know what cis even is, are terfs?

          • Terf is another slur Toni. Keep using it along with “cis” and you’ll have no allies. You think your winning the oppression Olympics now? Wait until you piss every one of your supporters off. I was trans supportive before I started reading all this cotton ceiling bullshit and people are born with a gender…that’s rot! Good luck with your community.

          • Sure thing, Kismet. I’d rather not have terfs for allies, and not in any “Oppression Olympics” — because I have a life and better things to do than worry about how other people conceptualize their dating lives :P

          • You are insignificant.

          • No, never offended by heterosexual. Totally offended by breeder and cis.

          • cry me a river?

          • There’s a huge gulf of difference between heterosexual and cis.

            Heterosexuals all share the same privelege of heteronormativity. Cis is falsely stating privelege that doesn’t exist. It places female and male on a level playing field conveniently ignoring abortion rights and the hundreds of pieces of legislation on the female body, 1 in 3 women being hysterectomised in the Western world for problems whereby hysterectomy is not necessary, infanticide of female babies, female genital mutilation, rape as a tactic of war, corrective rape, child sex trafficking, child domestic trafficking, child brides, forced non-consent episiotomy etc etc etc Being born female is no privelege. It also erases non-gender conforming people who are happy woth their anatomy and with the pronouns associated with their biological sex who experience discrimination.

          • … and cisgenders share the same privilege of cisnormativity. Straw argument, false, it is. The existence of cisgender privilege doesn’t follow any particular “playing field”. It follows cisnormativity, wherein cis people are rewarded for conformity and trans people are penalized for nonconformity. Nor does cis privilege particularly ignore the War on Women. YOU conveniently ignore the War on Women so you can distract yourself from it by hating on a tiny minority group.

            And erases non-gender conforming people? You mean other transgender people, right? Because “trans” means “cross”… and “gender” means any combination of identities, expressions and/or roles. I suggest you spend some time expanding your vocabulary — you might not look like such an ignorant bigot next time.

          • To get rid of all the above problems and discriminations against those born female, I’d happily give up bathroom signage.

            Other gender non-conforming people are effeminate looking men, masculine looking women, anyone who doesn’t choose to follow stereotypes of gender roles, many feminists and gay and lesbian people. Go outside and open your eyes. That’s actually all it takes to see gender non-conforming people everywhere.

          • I don’t much care for your cost/benefit analysis on bathroom signs and sexism because the two have little to do with each other. If you want to talk about actual trans rights issues or actual women’s rights issues, then I’m probably more supportive (of both) than you can imagine.

            To a point, though: isn’t it interesting that you could escape all of that with some testosterone, but you won’t? Perhaps because transition isn’t any such grandiose social schemes…

          • So, your answer to sex discrimination is that all those capable of (capable of, not biologically determined to do so) carrying and birthing life should transition into men.

            Question: ‘Where do babies come from if females don’t exist?’

            Woman and female are very clearly not the same thing if you can’t answer the above question without referring to biological sex differences. And the war on women is waged on the female body, not some abstract feeling.

          • Straw argument. I couldn’t care less whether or not you transition.

            Answer: ‘Irrelevant’

            Women and female are indeed the same thing insomuch as relativity and understanding. The war on women is more than abortion rights, and is waged on all women/females. You should help fight back instead of distracting everyone with your obsessive fixation on trans.

          • Toni, no one hates you, ditch the victim role please. You don’t think lesbians suffer from not conforming to the Bruce Jenner lady model of gender?

          • I dunno.
            How lucky she’s trans and can blame people hating her for that rather than her personality.

          • I don’t hate Jenner, though I don’t much like what Jenner represents (on the Kardashians or Vanity Fair cover) either.

          • No. I didn’t think you were talking about Jenner.

          • lolwut victim role? The one you’re projecting as you whine about your “nonconformity” relative to Jenner? Pfft, her presentation is her own. Stop pretending anyone’s expected to go out in a corset and heels.

          • Not at all, its simply intersectional. Cis does not put Male or Female on the same level at all, nor does it have anything to do with the myriad other ways human beings have to divide and be terrible to one-another.

            I have never seen anyone call a non-binary gendered person ‘cis.’ (whatever pronouns or identifiers they preferred.) Openly NB folk usually have a clear idea of sex, gender, and the understanding that a person can have sex-characteristic issues (be they trans or intersex, or, guess what, sometimes both!) and *not* be confused about gender, or its ludicrous and constructed nature.

            Predominantly, Cis is used in discussion with cissexed and cisgendered people to explain the difficulties of transsexed folk, and those intersex folk unhappy with being labelled M/F, in being accepted into society.

            And no, I am not ‘appropriating’ Intersex, and am very down on the small number of Trans people who do.
            I have intersex friends and colleagues in social-work and we engage in discussion on a regular basis, I cannot speak for all intersex folks as they have greatly varying attitudes to sex/gender/sexuality issues, (there are two main camps, but that is a discussion for I folk to have) suffice to say many encounter similar prejudices in both the LG and heteronormative community as trans and bi/pan folk do.

          • Hi. You say that it’s simple intersectionality while completely ignoring the intersection of gender discrimination and sex discrimination that only those born female and identify as woman face. There’s no doubt in my mind that trans women face gender discrimination and trans discrimination and that both these discriminations need combating. And, it’s important, that in the doing, you don’t punch sideways believing your punching up. Calling people priveleged for having 1 shared discrimination with you can only be had if you completely ignore the discrimination that isn’t shared. And this is happening woth trans men also. They face two intersecting discriminations that are going unrecognized; sex discrimination and trans discrimination. That’s not my definition of recognising intersectionality.

          • I think ‘born female’ is something of a misnomer. ‘assigned female’ might be a better term. I’m not punching at any Assigned Female, woman-identifying people. That is a presumption you have made.

            All trans folk suffer sex, gender (and trans, if you like) discrimination of one sort or another. We are often beleaguered from all sides, for a variety of different ‘reasons’ (see – ‘excuses’) but the truth is its discrimination, plain and simple.

            I don’t really see what you are taking issue with?

            I never claimed the discrimination I face is identical you yours or to anyone elses.

          • Birth sex is not ‘assigned’. It is a biological reality. It is born. No, transgender women do not have sex discrimination at aimed at them. Sex discrimination is waged on the female body and is historically the very basis of the discrimination women face. For goodness sake; stop being willfully ignorant. This is the basics kids learn when they ask, ‘where do babies come from?’ If you know that little about basic anatomical differences between male and female there’s something seriously wrong!

      • Heterosexual does not mean “all people who are not gay.” Heterosexual refers to persons who are attracted to members of the opposite sex.There are also bisexuals and asexuals.
        “Cisgender” is a narcissistic word created by transgenders describing people who have nothing in common – except not being of THEM.
        It is idiotic.

        • … and cisgender refers to persons who are comfortable with their sex and/or gender assigned at birth. There are also bigender and agender people. Nothing in common… except for our gender/sex congruence, our ease of access to the gendered system and benefits of conformity to it, etc….

          • And many people arent comfortable with their sex, especially women cause we are being devalued from birth for being female. In the west its less than lets say, India. But you want to HOLD ON to the idea females are privileged (over you) we arent, with all the abuse, rape, misogyny we get from day one, hate our bodies, hate ourselves. Males dont have this problem growing up, hence you dont get it. But live in your own delusion but leave us alone. Really this way you wont get the support you all need. Youre chasing people away.

          • always some terf, yawn. You guys are getting boring…

          • You want to see a study where participants say their gender doesnt fully match their sex? Its more common than you think, especially with homosexual people.

          • because agender and bigender and genderfluid are things. Duh

          • They dont identify as that, that is the point.

          • yet many do, hmm…

          • yawn… oppression olympics. No, LevLev, you’re simply crying “rape, misogyny, hate our bodies” as if the experiences are yours alone. In reality, they’re shared, which is why most modern feminism generally includes trans people the fight to reduce them. Less rape = win/win for everyone

          • Im not a radical feminist. And support my transsexual friends. Many women suffer from dysphoria, its not just a trans thing.

          • If you’re going to use the word “transsexual”, you should know it translates to “cross-sex”

          • Discomfort with sex roles is the very basis of feminism, sir. Have you ever talked to an actual woman?

          • Gender identity does not follow sex roles, sir. Have a nice day.

          • Oh no, a man called me sir when I am in fact a woman! I think I’ll commit suicide. Oh, I forgot, only “trans women” do that. Actual women just think that you’re ridiculous. Sorry about your dysphoria.

          • Nice characterizations, dude. Sorry about your terf.

          • Thanks for providing TERF as a handy search term, Toni, for all the folks who are only now learning what you guys are about! It’s how we find each other, you know. Could you also shriek a little bit about Cathy Brennan, like you guys always do? Maybe even direct folks to her web site? Thanks for all you do!

          • You’re welcome, terfy, and all the folks who are only now learning what you guys are about. It’s how we signal to ignore sie bigotry :)

  • Abandon the lie that is “cis”. Nobody, and I repeat absolutely nobody, is “comfortable with their bodies/gender/yadda yadda”. Each and every single individual is gender-nonconforming in their own way, sometimes visibly so and thus becoming a clear target for harassment.

    Gender, which are the socially-constructed roles that solely exist to brainwash and limit people based on our biological sex, delineates that the “appropriate” sexuality is heterosexuality. We, as lesbian and gay people, represent one of the core demographics (if not THE core demographic) of gender-nonconformity due to the sheer reality that we are same-sex attracted people, i.e. our very sexualities represent a step outside gender.

    People can be “non-transsexual” or “non-transgender”, but the idea of “cis” that is routinely presented posits that the overwhelming majority of human beings are somehow comfortable in their bodies and the genders forced upon them since birth, and all of this is simply ridiculous. Were you aware that over 230 million girls and women are survivors of female genital mutilation (considered to now be a “transphobic term”)? Were you aware that over 200 million girls have been sex-selectively aborted or murdered immediately after birth for being female? Were you aware that over 400 thousand children are child soldiers, with the majority being boys while girls are instead taken from their homes to serve as child brides (over 15 million married each year)? “Cis privilege” does not exist for any of these people or anyone else for that matter.

    Our biological sex is an innate, neutral and unchangeable reality, but it is gender that takes these biological differences and then decides to set up a destiny for us.

    • interesting that my long, considered, polite and complete answer to this has not been approved by the moderators….

    • Nice rant, but being comfortable in your body doesn’t equate to being comfortable with gender roles or gender stereotypes. If that were the case, then there would be no male-to-female people because female is considered a “step down” the social ladder.

      Were you aware that female genital mutilation is irrelevant to trans issues. Were you aware that most people are simply pro-choice and don’t really care why a woman chooses abortion because a fetus isn’t a person? Were you aware that child soldiers and brides are irrelevant to trans issues?

      Sorry, but medicine is applied biology and sex changes are a thing. When you want to actually address the aforementioned issues, plenty of people will be happy to help.

    • With all due respect…

      These are the ramblings of someone who has completely gone off of their rocker. I am a MAN who loves other MEN and it is by that inevitable fact that I am gay; the only brainwashing here is this homophobic mantra you have internalized and are now disseminating.

      Casually telling adolescent boys that are coming to terms with being gay, that they’re really just a girl does NOT sound like a successful gay rights movement. It sounds like Tony Perkins and Mike Huckabee teamed up to put forth a last, desperate attempt at ending gay rights: “tell straight ppl all across America that supporting gay rights is synonymous with getting rid of male/female gender altogether – if you disagree, you’re a homophobe!”. Your movement is making homophobia sound dangerously attractive.

      If you feel like you live in a society that’s trying to brainwash you into thinking only hetero = appropriate, than grow a backbone and FIGHT back! Your position is throwing in the towel… not victory.

      I’m sorry for whatever pain you have had to endure for gender bending but the solution isn’t for you to bash me for being a PROUD GAY MAN.

      Apply some reason with a lil bit of balance; I think you will see the difference between assuming stoic & unevenly distributed gender rules VS this insane insistence to do away with all notion of gender completely.

  • why are gay people and trans shoved together in this alphabetical mess? I’m a gay man, and I have no more understanding or don’t relate to trans people any more than heterosexual people do. Sexual attraction, and gender identity are two completely different things, and me being gay doesn’t make me any more understanding than anyone else to their plight..

    • I agree with you completely. Trans rights have nothing to do with the LGB and shouldn’t be confused with LGB rights. Gender is a social construct. Trans isn’t a sexuality. Transgender mtf I see bashing lesbians daily. As a lesbian I do not support their movement at all after seeing their ways.

      • I have a lesbian friend and she’s called a “TERF” all the time for not kissing the trans movement and frankly I find it disgusting how MtF trans people treat women. If they were ACTUALLY women, they would know that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it ok to threaten and berate women the way they do!!

        • Hi Adam. I have been reading a lot of blogs, feminist lib and rad, gay, lesbians trans, bi, straight, POC et al, trying to understand things better and how people feel. One thing that reoccurs is the cotton ceiling argument, and what I have found on lesbian dating websites, is that “trans” lesbians prefer “cis” lesbians as partners for sex. I have read so many trans complaining that “cis” lesbians don’t want sex with them, they are TERFS.

          It seems translesbians are not attracted to each other, they desire biologically female lesbians. WHY? Could it be that biological female lesbians want other biological female lesbians also? Of course it is. Just like gay men want bio men, no exclusion to trans.

          In the past I have been duped by trans-lesbians on lesbian dating websites, they must have reveled in the brief period they passed as women, but upon meeting it took .01 of a second to identify them as trans. What good is deception? I was not against being friends and sharing interests with this individual, I just didn’t want to deal with the penis, there’s nothing wrong with a penis, but I don’t happen to enjoy them, they don’t arouse me.

          I was verbally abused in these situations for not accepting that the penis was really a female organ and I should just love it like a “cis” privileged vagina.

          I didn’t care what they had between their legs in terms of being friends, but I did care that I had been deceived, and I thought why would I want even to be friends with this person when they are not honest?

      • Lots of trans folk are also LGB too, but I do agree there is a problem with people, hetero and non heterosexual, confusing being trans with sexuality, HOWEVER, we share a similar history of oppression and working together and fostering understanding is more important. This pansexual, female body identifying, non-binary gendered individual extends their love and support to all non-prejudiced people… but I still believe it is possible to be cis, therefore not trans.

        • You can’t be a transwoman and have a female body. A female body is the biological sex that is born with xxchromosomes plus a uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagus nerve, clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, and a vaginal canal that develops at puberty the secondary sex characteristics of breasts.

          Please, by all means, call yourself a woman and expect equal treatment under the law; equal access to housing, work, education, medicine; equal opportunity; the right to be treated with dignity and respect; the right to be treated as real because you are; the right to live, love and fully participate in the world. On all of those issues you have my solidarity and support.

          But do not dare co-opt what it means to be biologically female. We have our own discriminations to fight and the last thing we need is to fight transwomen over the right to name our own body parts and physical experiences.

          • YEP Bastet. I am menopausal, so I am acutely aware of what the female experience is in all it’s horrors! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy LOL.

          • Hi. My mum is still going through menopause after 8 years of it. She’s told me what she’s experiencing and I consider her experience important both for her and me. Through listening I can be a support for her, and I get to understand something of it before experiencing it myself. Our stories matter.

          • … scrolling down the page has given me a better idea of the kind of ppl replying to me; the kind who believe in only some “true scottsman” ideals regarding all manor of identities… who believe that culture is something to be owned rather that “co-opted”.

            And I thought the Walt Disney Company and RIAA were bad on this, lol. At least with them I could fathom the financial incentives… Here it’s just purity arguments all over the shop

  • Okay. Hi, folks. I’m the man that this article is about.

    I am in no way transphobic. I have dedicated my life to our community. This literally started over a conversation where I was told that urinals were a form of male entitlement. I didn’t understand that, so I asked for an explanation. That was a crime because it is illegal to ask a trans person to explain anything. The ED of Gender Justice League cursed me out for daring to question anything as a cis person.

    I do not identify as cisgender because I know that gender is fluid. My personal gender identity and expression does not fall in the trans area nor the cis area. Because of this, I am transphobic.

    • The more and more I read about incidents such as the one you experienced the more I have come to believe that there is likely a high proportion of mentally ill people or people with personality disorders who form a large part of the transgender community – or at least it’s leadership – don’t really know how far this goes. This demand for total control of the conversation and control of the ideology and expression of others in the media almost seems fascist in attitude if not in action.

      • The more I hear about this stuff, the less I want to support the T community. The more is appears like the patriarchy. It doesn’t “seem” like fascism it is fascism.

    • Watched your vid Jeff and I can 100% empathize with you. A urinal a male entitlement? Is a toilet seat a female entitlement? Your sex is bio, gender is a construct, just like supporting a sporting team, you can change, like both, like neither. I agree, as a lesbian I am in the middle of gender binary, it’s BULLSHIT. So I can’t be an attractive lesbian who likes lipstick and soldering irons simultaneously? I do know what it’s like to start something and have it co-opted, believe me I know what it feels to have “your baby” stolen from you, your blood, your sweat and your tears. Much love to you and stay strong gay brother.

  • People make a lot of fuss over the cis word, but how are we to identify those that aren’t trans? What the denial of ‘cis’ does is to act as trans-erasure. Transfolk have always caused complications and discomfort for LG folk, as have Bisexual and Pansexual people, for that matter. There are inclusive LG folk, but the sad reality is that sexuality-flexible and gender-diverse people are regularly treated with contempt and distrust, or simply have the validity of their identities denied by people in the LG community and ‘Down the scene’ (as we say, in the uk, at least.) Cis is used as an insult at times, it shouldnt be. Gay is also used as an insult, it shouldnt be either, get over it and stop denying the existence of the many, many people who highlight the beautifully diverse world we live in.

    • How about just non trans identified. Sorry, but 99% of the time that I see the word cis used by a trans person it is used as a term of contempt or downright hate.

  • Jeff is absolutely in the right. Some, not all, transfolk are homophobic. That’s what it means when our gay identity means nothing and is instead subsumed under a label, ‘cisgender’, that we never chose.

    My gender expression is not the same as that of a heterosexual male. Neither is Jeff’s. Lesbians are attracted to other women, is their gender expression the same as that of heterosexual women? That’s kind of the whole point of the gay thing, no?

    Jeff was smeared and bullied by vicious homophobes, by anti-gay bigots that falsely and treacherously claim to be allies. It beggars belief that The Blade would join in that chorus.

  • Jeff, if you are reading this, know that there are many aplauding your courage to speak the truth in this tidal wave of delusion.

  • It shows you how trans-dominated LGBT media has become when a gay man is more fairly treated by a local news channel. http://www.wxxv25.com/news/local/story/Founder-of-the-Rainbow-Center-Resigns/LizULVJ-rUWJFMRQ-UUIgA.cspx

  • Wow,you boys are finally getting a taste of the crap we lesbians have been getting for the last 15 yrs. from the “transgender”movement.Time to get rid of the T in our organizations!

    • Sometimes I think you might as well, and get rid of B while you’re at it. T & B have been largely the subject of prejudice, misunderstanding and effective, if not nominative, erasure by the LG community for decades.

      Sad but true.

      Or, alternatively, we could stop the hate and bitching and continue working together, and LG folk could maybe own some of the prescribed prejudice against T that they have absorbed from general society and the prejudice against Bi/Pan folk that they have created themselves through ignorance, misunderstanding and a (despite some claims to the contrary) binary-division in their world-view.

      • That is so untrue. B has been getting grief from P & T for not being P and thus being ‘transphobic’ ‘bigotted’ ‘priveleged’ blah, blah, blah. The only time B has been hassled by L & G is when using the term ‘mono-sexual’ which is actually fair enough given that its inconsistent with observable reality to place privelege on homosexuality and place it on a level playing field with heterosexuality. And I say this as a bi woman. I also call-out other bi-folk when they use this term. It’s false.

        Some Lesbians may chalk me up as a het girl experimenting and thus want nothing to do with me. I choose to understand that this comes from experience because there are bi-curious women who dick others around, rather than taking personal offense at it. It comes with the territory and I’m an adult. Rejection may hurt but it passes. As far as I’m concerned, LG&B are my community.

  • Peak Trans- the moment at which transwhactivists are so incoherent and insulting of other marginalised groups that one cannot reasonably suspend disbelief any longer.

    I wish I knew who to credit for the above.

    I support them in their human rights but that is where it ends. Where once I backed them fully, I cannot any longer. Their claims that biological sex doesn’t exist is an absolute slap in the face to all of us born female and subjected to lifelong discrimination because of it. Their claims that the names of our anatomy is ‘triggering’ and ‘ transphobic’ is a denial of our right to be born at all and absolute evidence of their hatred toward the female born. ‘The Cotton Ceiling’ is a philosophy of rape and coersion underlayed by a belief that the female body is nothing but a sex-class owed to whoever the f**k demands it. The insistence and bullying that all non-trans are ‘cis’ is the erasure of sex discrimination and gender non-conforming people.

    F**k this! Peak trans well and truly passed!

    • Yep, me too. I was once a supporter, this new sex is gender crap just becomes ridiculous. The peaktrans thing is alienating many people, especially gay men, lesbians, intersex and straight allies. Who’s left? NO ONE.

      • And bi-sexuals, via the insistence that it ‘should’ be like pansexuality but “coming from a different political perspective”. Which it just blatantly isn’t. Its a freaking orientation, not a political stance.

        • Are they saying that? wow. It shows me how EVERYTHING is about them. If you get attacked for being bisexual any time, let me know, I will help you. This is outrageous.

          • Thanks. I think it’s something we can expect to see more often. The attack on lesbians has pretty much gone unnoticed for a good 5 years before other groups started seeing it and saying, ‘that’s f**ked’. Right now, bisexuals are a new target and I think we can expect the same invisibility for a while.

            I also think bisexuals need to, as a whole group, stop using the term ‘mono-sexual’, which I only learned about quite recently. It’s a false term that places heterosexual and homosexual on an even playing field which is blatantly wrong. While members of my orientation continue to use this word, I think we’re alienating our allies too, and that saddens me greatly.

  • This is the truth of what happened instead of the biased report given by Claire of Planet Transgender which was repeated here.


    • There’s a lot of people who want to remove the T from LGB. Maybe you can ‘Go Fund Me’ to start an LGB centre.

      • Cute. I have worked harder for the T than anyone in my state. You honestly are just making snide remarks because you have nothing better to say.

        • I’m sorry. I thought I was supporting you. My mistake.

          • I apologize. I’m not used to support these days so I forget how it looks.

            Though I would never work for an organization which excludes Trans people. Even now. The fact that I can no longer do anything to help their community simply tells me that I finally get to take a real job somewhere and move to a state with equality then just be gay without being a part of the gay agenda.

            I get peace now. I’m going to take it. I’ve done my time and was a smash at it. I’m proud for the history that I’ve made and no one can take it away from me. Mississippi is different now. That is– in part– thanks to me.

          • I support you Jeff. I know who you are and what you stand for. I don’t know the names of your attackers, they are no one to me. Self loathing is a horrible thing, it is projected on to others as hate. You have been dosed with a wallop of some people’s self hate – wipe it off, it’s not your problem.

          • why would you want to support trans people when the agenda they’re spewing right now is so volatile? I understand wanting to help trans people, I just couldn’t do it at an established LGBT organization that has to support anything & everything they say (even stuff that some trans people in the minority don’t agree with). They’re current mentality is very unhealthy, as it’s very ‘AGREE WITH US OR WE WILL DESTROY YOU’, as you yourself Jeff can attest to

  • Go check out my Twitter @TheGayJeff and see how the Trans capital mm unity is STILL harassing me nonstop. There are now over 100 tweets from the ones mentioned in the Planet Trans piece. I have begged this person to leave me alone, Lindsay Lyles, the one who told me to kill myself and the one I told to kill herself. This is madness.
    I have filed a police report against her and Claire for harassment.

    This was over until The Washington Blade brought it back up.

  • The Trans mouvement is a Trojan Horse set to destroy the gay community

  • I also think being forced to identify as “cis” is bs and refuse to do so. But, there is one advantage to the invention of this term – it allows those of us who aren’t transmen or transwomen to distinguish ourselves from transmen and transwomen, and in their own terms so they can’t complain.

    For example, if someone with a penis but who identifies as a woman or someone born with a penis but who had it inverted to create a so-called vagina says “I’m a woman and you should think of me as a women just like you,” I can say “oh, but I’m a cis woman, there’s a big difference between a cis woman and a transwoman”. Because usually they get hysterical if a woman who was actually born a woman and has a female body says they don’t know what it means to be a woman. Sure, you may know what it means to be a transwoman, but you have no clue what it means to be a cis woman.

  • Drop the motherfucking “T” from LGBT. Trans people are NOT gay. They are not men attracted to men or women attracted to women!

  • So, a gay man, unapologetically asserting that he is a gay man is a “rant”??

    Sounds like the gay rights movement to me.

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