May 12, 2011 at 4:09 pm EDT | by Roberta Palestine
5 myths about Botox

Contrary to popular belief, Botox is not toxic and isn’t painful to receive.

Botox and other injectables have been around for a long time, but there are still myths that persist about this procedure. Many people are interested in trying it out, yet some have reservations about the safety and effects of Botox. I hope this article helps you understand the truths about this service. There is another great injectable, too, that I would like to highlight, which is Dysport. It is just like Botox, although it is slightly less expensive. This article covers both substances.

Myth 1: Botox is a poison. Some people mistakenly think that Botox is toxic, however most people have now realized the falseness of this claim. With Botox, the amount in the injection is extremely mild and not enough to do any harm to you. It is safe and effective to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and even can be injected under the arms or in the hands to cure excessive sweating. It is qualified dermatologist will inject the right amount in the right places for you.

Myth 4: Botox is painful. This is a big fear that we hear from many patients, but rest easy, there is no cause for concern. Botox injections involve a needle, which is likely why patients think it will be painful. In fact, the needle is extremely tiny, and the injection makes such a small impact, that it’s really no big deal. You can always request an anesthetic cream to be applied before the procedure, and a good Med- Spa will always comply with your wishes. The pain is minimal, but that is a good op- tion if you are worried about any pain.

Myth 5: Botox can cause droopy eye- lids. “Ptosis” or drooping eyelids is a po- tential side effect of Botox, however this is rare, self-limited and treatable. We en- courage all potential Botox and Dysport candidates to always have this procedure done in a safe environment, in a doctor’s office, never at a Botox party or anywhere that isn’t properly licensed. Botox and Dysport can create a whole new energy to your face, stop excessive sweating and re- ally help you to look your best.

I hope this has answered some of your concerns about Botox and Dysport. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for either one, contact us at or by calling 301-968-1200. You can find out more about our practice at

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  • This is really helpful… I have been wrestling w/ the Botox option for some time now… Bottom line is I am still afraid – and maybe just not “there” yet… I did a ton of research about natural products that can reverse the effects of aging and found Argan Oil. It is really growing in popularity as of late – but has been used for Centuries in Morocco (land of beautiful skin). I have been using it aggressively for 3 months and my skin looks really healthy and radiant. I can see fine lines reduced and years of sun damage starting to fade. I only wish I started using Argan Oil 2x / day much earlier in life. A word to the wise– Apparently, Argan Oil is very difficult / expensive to extract… so a lot of the providers dilute their oil – with other products or oils. I have been buying Essence Of Argan from their online store ( ) and am thrilled. Quick delivery, awesome product. I hope this helps you – as much as it has helped me.

  • Unless you update this article soon, your title is wrong–there are only three myths to Botox that you laid out here.

  • Are you kidding me with this? An article? This is nothing but an advertisement!

  • “Botox is defined being the best anti-aging solution. That means this is not for children, at least not for 8 year old kids….But people like the mother of that 8 year old girl think this is a toy and it doesn’t matter if her daughter is not talented, she thinks this way the little girl can be a star…bad mom…..

    By Botox Toronto

    • I’m 100% sure that a poison wouldn’t pass the FDA approval, because we’re talking about the safety of millions of people.
      About the pain and the effectiveness of botox I think the doctor is responsible, because I heard many people complaining about their treatments and most of them had the treatment at some small clinics, under the surveillance of doctors at the beginning of their careers.
      This is the main reason why I chose the best botox clinic in Toronto for my treatment and I gotta say it went grea, it was painless and the result, way over my expectations.

  • let’s see, and your 1st “myth” is patently false as well.
    botox IS a toxin. botulinum-toxin = botox.
    this “article” is a poorly disguised advertisement for a dermatology clinic.

  • Myth #5 isn’t a myth at all…its true. I personally have got droopy eyelids from Botox and know other people who have as well. I used a product called Eye Magic temporarily to help me with this after finding this article:

  • I’ve gotten botox for several years now–it’s not painful, but it’s not completely painfree either. It *is* effective though for eliminating forehead lines and crow’s feet. But I totally agree with Kathy’s comment about myth 5–my brows are often lower post-botox. Some times more than others. Brow ptosis is a real and all-too-common result. That feature of botox shouldn’t be minimized.

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