June 9, 2011 at 4:20 pm EDT | by Roberta Palestine
Why do men see dermatologists?

More and more men are seeing dermatologists these days, and recognizing the importance and value of taking care of their skin. In an effort to look younger, stay healthier and be more competitive in the workplace men are taking steps to ensure that they look their best.

Many skin problems in men are about the same as in women and include such conditions as psoriasis, eczema, acne, warts and infections. Also, growths such as moles and skin cancer occur in both men and women.

However, there are some unique dermatological conditions that occur mostly only in men. For example, shaving bumps from ingrown hairs develop in the beard area of some men. Some skin problems can also be worse in men, such as advanced rosacea.

Now more than ever, men are also going to the dermatologist to improve their appearance. It is no longer taboo to want to look one’s best and to optimize how one presents to other people. In fact, society now accepts and promotes the ideas of staying healthy and keeping up with preventative maintenance. And what most people see is another person’s skin.

In the past, cosmetic procedures used to involve a lengthy recovery period. This was impractical for working people who could not take several weeks off while they recuperated. However, technology has advanced to the point that there are now many “no down time” procedures that accommodate the desire to improve one’s looks without missing any work and without being so drastic that it is obvious to other people. Some of the newer procedures are done in several sessions, so that the improvement is subtle and progressive, rather than broadcasting that you have had “cosmetic surgery.”

What procedures do men frequently have at the dermatologist’s office to improve their appearance? The most common one in my office is removal of brown spots, also called “age spots” or “liver spots.” Also, spider veins or capillaries on the face, especially on and around the nose, are easily treated with a laser that does not leave any bruises or marks. Wrinkles can be treated by a variety of methods, and an overall freshening of the complexion is accomplished by microdermabrasion. Scars can frequently be made less obvious by several office procedures.

Another easy and quick procedure is Botox or Dysport to treat frown lines that make people look angry or upset even when they are not. We offer No Frown Express, an event several times per year where we do 20 percent off these services and get you in and out the door and on your way fast.

Removal of unwanted hair is another category of procedures frequently requested by men.  The common areas for this are the back, chest and back of the neck. The Duet LightSheer hair removal laser can treat large areas and is popular with men. The new technology is so improved, that what used to take an hour (the back) now only takes 20 minutes. The new laser hair technology is also much more comfortable, and prices are better than ever for the patient.

Men are also coming in more frequently for larger procedures such as liposuction (especially to get rid of “love handles” at the sides of the abdomen). Tummy tucks and neck lifts are increasingly popular as well. Hair loss is another concern that brings men to the dermatologist, for medical treatment as well as hair transplantation.

Above all, skin health is the most important concern, and all men should be having a total body skin exam every year (yes, every year) to check for suspicious moles. You would not believe how many people eventually come in that have waited too long. This is one visit to the dermatologist you don’t want to put off. Please, keep your skin healthy, and come to us with any questions.

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