May 31, 2012 at 4:31 pm EDT | by Steve Charing
Marriage opponents to hold symposium

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Maryland marriage opponents hope to use the symposium to unite opponents to equal marriage. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

The Baldwin, Md.-based Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church and its Cross Roads Bible Institute placed a half-page ad in the Baltimore Sun to announce a symposium in the fall titled “The Collapse of Evangelical Christianity—Gay Marriage and the War on ‘Objective Truth.’”

The ad states that with the legitimization of gay marriage—legal and social—as an accepted institution, “Evangelical Christianity is engaged in the greatest struggle in the history of the church.” It also denounces the portrayal and acceptance of gay marriage as a civil rights movement as the work of Satan and characterizes it as “theological nonsense.”

It goes on to say, “Gay marriage, in the end, necessarily seeks to destroy all that Western civilization has defended over the centuries and the Christian’s greatest treasure: the Word of God.”

  • Thank you for posting the reference to the article in the Baltimore Sun. I am the author of this document, and I would like to add some clarity that may be useful to you and your readers. The article I have written is theological-doctrinal in nature. The thesis (and main points) is theological in nature, from the standpoint of Bible doctrine in the context of what theologians call, “Objective Truth” (truth that is outside of human emotions and does not change). Traditional marriage between a man and a woman is not man’s invention, but God’s plan; marriage as an ordained institution is not man’s, but God’s decree, reaffirmed in both Genesis and Matthew by Christ (covering a span of 6,000+ years). Doctrinally speaking, in order to justify gay marriage as a holy institution as part of God’s plan, etc., the whole of Scripture has to be re-written and the whole of God’s defined character and plans have to be re-invented. Finally, and most importantly, let me assure you that the document is not about the promotion of hatred, bigotry, or mockery against gay people — in fact, such attitudes are sinful and wrong, and run counter to the Christian faith. All people are created in the “image of God” (Imago Dei). Thus, when Christians commit hatred, bigotry, or mockery towards any group of people, this is pure sin and cannot be justified, and repentance before our Holy God is required. Indeed, all of us will give an account of our motives and our actions before a Holy God, and I would agree that too many Christians and others peddle their improper motives under misguided or wrong pretenses. Thank you so much. Rev. Erickson

    • Rev. With all due respect and absurdity, The bible says to stone adulterers and shell fish eaters, endorses slavery and talks about marrying relatives so close we call it incest in this day and age.

      The bible has already been hailed as irrelevant by modern society through law and custom. Our Constitution calls for equal rights for all Americans. Get with it dude.

  • Rev. Michael E. Erickson

    Thank you for your comments. I would simply respond as follows: “if everyting is to be true, then nothing is true…two opposites cannot both be true.” Either marraige is an institution established by God, or it is not; either marriage is between one man and a woman, or it is not; either a Holy God exists, or He does not.” If there are no “objective truths,” then ultimately, man determines what is truth, and thus, man eventually becomes god. That is the ultimate trajectory of your view and the gay marriage movement. It is a very sad thing when men seek to replace a Holy God, for nothing good or satisfying will ever result. Blessings to you. MEE

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