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Feedback: ‘Who signed the Md. anti-gay marriage petition?’

The full listing of the petition to challenge the Civil Marriage Protection Act is now public record. You may find the signatures of friends, family or colleagues on this petition. You may wonder how they are willing to vote to deny you rights, to dismiss your full being in society and still consider you friend, family or colleague. It can feel like a kick in the gut, or a wave of dread that things are not as they seem. You may feel the shock of realization that you are not as safe as you had thought, nor as seen as you had hoped.

The work of transformation — which is what we are doing in our advocacy — is neither smooth, nor logical. There are levels of acceptance, degrees of courage and a varied willingness to understand. But know this:  you are held in a vast network of advocates who recognize your beauty, who see your mutual worth, and who know that equality is vital to us all. You are held. You are not alone. God be with you. —Rev. Lisa Ward, Maryland Faith For Equality & UULM-MD

  • I am a supporter of marriage equality. I noticed that one of my neighbors is listed twice (her name and address appears on two separate pages). Does anyone know if it is possible to complain about this, or bring it to the BoE’s attention?

    • not over at all.. Its only the beginning but by exposing names and addresses involving the petitioners and their families to be exposed to bullying/telemarketers etc isn’t the proper moral thing to do.. I fully enforce our petitions and commend the petitioners to speak loud and clear instead of allowing our politicians to speak for us.. can’t wait for others to expose the full name address phone number etc of this editor for all of washington and dc to see. Who knows.. maybe he’ll find a mate.. BTW I am not opposed to Gay marriage but I hope this editor kevin naff/knapp isn’t the best this paper has to offer. Also I am opposed to Gay marriage in our churches.. You asking the church to condone your lifestyle. I know no churches that will do that but why not a civil marriage. Isn’t it the same? Why do you like to expose your bedroom habits to the world? Isn’t this a sacred issue involving the person you love?

  • There is something REALLY creepy about publishing this list.

    Also, I guess the days of signing a ballot access petition whether or not actually supporting a candidate or a referendum question are long over in our super critical world.

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