October 16, 2017 at 11:36 am EST | by Steve Charing
G•A•Y Lounge in Baltimore to close

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G•A•Y Lounge owners Robert Gay and Joshua Persing. (Photo courtesy of Joshua Persing)

After less than six months in operation, the owners of Baltimore’s G•A•Y Lounge decided to close the Mount Vernon establishment.  The reason for the closing is not due to a lack of popularity; instead, the owners — Robert Gay and Joshua Persing — believe they could not comply with the contract.

“Unfortunately, when we entered into this venture, we entered with what we thought was a concrete contract with the previous owner,” according to a statement posted on the bar’s Facebook page on Oct. 11.

“Contract and legal jargon aside, the bottom line is that this contract has become more fluid than we are comfortable with, and at this time, we do not have the ability to keep up or comply with the ever-changing demands and expectations. After much deliberation and with sadness in our souls, we have been forced to make the difficult decision to close G•A•Y.”

G•A•Y Lounge opened on April 28 to much enthusiasm within Baltimore’s LGBT community who had seen the loss of gay bars in recent years.  Its venue at 518 N. Charles St. was the same building that had previously been inhabited by Louie’s Book Store and subsequent businesses. 

Prior to its opening, Pershing touted G•A•Y Lounge’s concept and “chic, eclectic style” and believed it “would stand out as an icon within the community.”  

“It is with heavy hearts, but full glasses that we toast to the official closing of G•A•Y. We toast to you — the community that immediately embraced us, supported us, defended us and made us an absolute success here in Mount Vernon. Opening G•A•Y was our dream. It was a dream that came to fruition, and that was because of you, our loyal and steadfast patrons — Thank you. You have made us feel more welcome and wanted than we could have ever imagined.”

Disappointing as the closing may be, the owners vow to re-emerge in the future.

“While today we announce that we are closing our doors, we also make a promise for the future. This is not the end,” the statement reads. “We want you to know that we have every intention of coming back, and coming back better than before. When the time is right and the cards fall back into place, we plan to recreate this dream of ours and rekindle the spark that ignited so quickly here in a small corner bar in Mount Vernon.”

They can take solace in the fact that few people thought the Baltimore Eagle could overcome a series of daunting obstacles and return, but it has, and it’s thriving.

  • lnm3921

    Robert Gay is cute! Too bad it’s closing! We need our bars! Hopefully he can open something else!

    • Count Dracula

      Maybe you can open your own establishment. You can call it “Knob-gobblers”

      You can even post

      and after

      pictures of your patrons.

      • lnm3921

        Open your own and call it fish lip lickers! You pootangg pygg!

        • Count Dracula

          Sorry, I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing you everyday

          • lnm3921

            You breed your own grand kids!

          • Count Dracula

            I’d still take that over what you do.

          • lnm3921

            You don’t know what I do loser! You’re not sleeping with me and will never be that fortunate!

          • James Hagerty

            Ladies! Ladies!! Can’t we all just get along?

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  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Well, it’s great that the place isn’t going out of business, but must just seek a new location.

    Remember, the very best way to ensure that LGBTQ-friendly establishments are around, is to become a regular customer yourself, tipping generously for good service!

    Remember, tips are good karma – for yourself and for the community.

    Karma never lies. Thank you.

    • lnm3921

      How is your karma any good when you can like anything count dracula has to say? He’s sexist, racist, transphobic and homophobic! You deserve no tip for that!

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        ? ? ?

        • Count Dracula

          Yeah, he has severe brain damage.

          • lnm3921

            At least I have one scarecrow!

      • Count Dracula

        You forgot Islamaphobic, and why not throw and whites supremacist while you’re at it?

        • lnm3921

          Actaually let’s throw in loser, rambling idiot and unwashed Pygg!

          Did your fake potus get you that low wage dead-end job he promised you? Maybe you’re too under qualified for it!

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