September 26, 2012 at 10:19 am EDT | by Michael K. Lavers
Adam Lambert headlines Marylanders for Marriage Equality fundraiser
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Adam Lambert at the 9:30 Club (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

Gay former “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert on Tuesday headlined a D.C. fundraiser for the campaign to defend Maryland’s same-sex marriage law.

“Marriage equality is about treating everyone as equals, regardless of who they fall in love with, said the Grammy-nominated singer in a statement released before the concert at the 9:30 Club in Northwest Washington. “I’m honored to appear at this event to help do whatever I can to bring notice to a cause that is close to my heart.”

The fundraiser took place a day after Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who asked the 9:30 Club to host the event, conceded that Marylanders for Marriage Equality needs to raise an additional $2 million ahead of the Nov. 6 referendum on the law he signed earlier this year. Josh Levin, campaign director of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, said in June that he could run a “winning campaign” with between $5 and $7 million, but he once again declined to tell the Washington Blade how much money his group has raised during a conference call with reporters earlier this week.

Both O’Malley and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray are scheduled to attend a separate Marylanders for Marriage Equality fundraiser at gay Democratic lobbyist Steve Elmendorf’s Logan Circle home on Oct. 2.

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  • Wish more people went. Strange combo of ladies and gays. Horrible turn out. He was loose and great. Effortless vocals. Great photo looks like Jagger and Richards. That little guy can play and is as good looking as Lambert.

    • I could of brought me and 3 other peeps. Less than a week’s notice – ugh! I see lots of tweets where people were upset because they didn’t even know he was in town and they wanted to go. Very POOR planning – don’t blame it on Adam.

    • Yes, it was poor piss-ass planning; putting tickets on sell the exact same day as Lady Gaga’s $200-$350 tickets. Not too many people can afford $1,000+ for concert tickets. Hope he still comes to this area when he gets ready to tour for his Trespassing album.

    • I do know more would have attended if it were not on night of Jewish Holiday. It prevented many from going who were observing Yom Kippur. Surprised they did not pick a better date.

  • Adam Lambert is a great voice for our community and such a great talent! His guitarist is such a attenion seeking phony tho, come on dude, we all know your straight, quit playing us!

    • You completely misread Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam’s gitarist. He is very down to earth, genuine and honest and that’s why he has become close friends with Adam. I think you’re letting stereotypes influence you and thus becoming judgmental – judging by appearances only is something everyone dislikes – especially when you are the one being judged. You might try doing less of it if you don’t like it yourself. Tommy was in an all straight rock band before he even knew Adam and always was coloring his hair and wearing heavy eyeliner etc. He has never at any time tried to be like “us” or “played us”. He simply is who he is and there is nothing phony about him or about Adam.

    • I agree. His guitarist is an attention seeker, and isn’t very good at playing guitar at all. Adam Lambert is a phenomenal singer, and deserves to have a better team of musicians (with the exception of his current musical director) playing for him.

    • Excuse me!? When has he ever been an attention seeker or a phony? Exactly, never. And you know what? You do not need to be gay to support LGBT rights and/or marriage equality.

    • Come on, Justin- if that is your real name. Delores, more likely. Why would the sexual orientation of Adam’s guitarist upset you? The little guy is affectionate. Why, he has even been seen kissing and hugging his gay friend offstage! Shocking, I know!! I doubt your dislike has anything to do with your
      being a gay man, Ms. Glambert. If Adam doesn’t mind his “act,” why should you?

    • wow, there’s not really a need for that. Tommy’s an amazing guitarist, and everyone knows he’s straight, but he and Adam have a great friendship and have fun onstage, and he’s a great supporter of the NOH8 Campaign and the cause they were there for that night, how does that make him “an attention seeking phony” when all of that is public knowledge?

  • nothing strange about supporting a good cause and enjoying a fabulous show and singer. people were respectful of each other, what more could one want. except more advance notice so more people would have been able to plan ahead and attend.

  • No one knew about it. This iSync first learning of it. Would have loved to been there

  • Awesome concert for a great cause, I just feel sorry that thus comments section had to be cheapened by unnecessary hateful comments regarding Adam’s guitarist. Sexuality has nothing to do with marriage equality, or his ability to be a musician. Boxes are for possessions, not people; maybe when society learns that then people won’t have to fight so hard for equal rights.

  • As a “lady” who knows a lot of gay men I’m not sure why anyone would think that “combo” is ‘strange’. Adam is all about seeing past the surface and embracing everyone for who they are not “what”. It’s a shame others don’t understand that and keep insisting on segregating people into “groups” that “should or shouldn’t” be together. There were a lot of people there, straight men and women, gay men and women, kids, older people, teenagers. You name it. It was a fund-raiser with a fairly high price tag. I think they did really well out of it. And what a show Lambert put on for everyone!! His talent and showmanship deserves stadiums.

  • While I was not there, I have seen video… Adam was flawless as always… All his performances are so natural & effortless… I am honoured to be called a Glambert… Such a great cause… And as for that idiot, Justin… Dude… First, TommyJoe ain’t seeking any attention… He stays to the back 90% of the time… And know your facts, cause second, both Adam & TommyJoe have said tommyJoe is straight just open & bendy, so to speak… It’s awesome that a straight guy would do the things he does to show support for the LGBT & raise awareness on the hardships they face in their struggle for equal rights…

  • I love Adam lambert & Tommyjoe….

  • Yes, it’s too bad this wasn’t marketed enough. I’ve heard a lot of “wish I had known” comments. Videos show a really fun show. Tommy is a good guitarist – not yet great, though, IMO. He’s getting there. Not an attention hog at all. You need only watch him to know that. If his purple hair gets him characterized as an attention hog – what will you say about Ashley D (his bass player)? ;-)

  • Wish I had known far sooner than I did….I’d have totally called into work sick to make it.

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