November 17, 2015 at 9:05 am EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Armed trans woman arrested after 10-hour D.C. standoff
Sophia Dalke, gay news, Washington Blade

Sophia Dalke was charged with assault on a police officer while armed following a standoff Monday. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

The D.C. police department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit and its transgender supervisor, Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, played a role in persuading a 31-year-old transgender woman to peacefully surrender after a 10-hour standoff on the roof of a downtown office building in which she fired a handgun and threatened to kill herself and harm others.

According to a police news release and a separate police report, officers charged Sophia Dalke of Springfield, Va., with assault on a police officer while armed. The arrest came about 10:30 a.m. after Dalke agreed to peacefully leave a location in which she positioned herself on the roof deck of an upscale office building at 1999 K St., N.W.

“The MPD GLLU reported Suspect 1 told MPD that she wanted to commit suicide,” the highly redacted public version of the police report says. “Suspect 1 told MPD that she had just shot out the glass door leading to the roof top,” the report says.

The report adds: “Responding MPD units arrived on the scene to the front of the building. On the scene, sounds of several gunshots could be heard. Gunshots were fired in the area where police personnel were arriving.”

The report says Sgt. Hawkins was among three officers that provided assistance to the department’s Emergency Response Team that was dispatched to the scene. The press release says the officers arrived shortly after 12:19 a.m. after being alerted that “an adult female in crisis [was] threatening harm to herself and others.”

The police press release, which makes no mention that Dalke is transgender, says “a barricade incident was declared” after Dalke “discharged a firearm.”

As the standoff extended into the morning rush hour, police closed the 1900 block of K Street and a number of surrounding streets as a means of extra precaution, even though officials said they didn’t believe pedestrians or motorists were in immediate danger. The street closings caused a massive traffic and pedestrian gridlock, preventing hundreds of people from getting to their offices for the start of the workday.

Neither the police report nor press release discloses that Dalke is transgender. The press release makes no mention of the GLLU or Sgt. Hawkins’ involvement in the police response to the incident.

But on her Facebook page Dalke openly discusses her status as a trans woman and her experiences in transitioning in a series of postings over the past several months. In a posting late Sunday night or early Monday morning Dalke stated, “Sorry all, I’m dead tonight.”

That posting prompted three of her friends to post messages of support that suggested they somehow learned Dalke was considering taking her own life or lashing out at others at the site of the office building.

“Sophia, we care about you. I care about you,” one of the friends stated in a post. “Sophia, you are way too smart and cool to do this. Come down and have a drink with us, and we’ll figure this out.”

Another wrote, “Sophia, please check your phone. We are trying to communicate with you.” Several hours later that same friend wrote, “Thank God! Sophia has surrendered to authorities, is down from the roof, and safe. Thank you to everyone who jumped in, texted, called, and offered support. Though we don’t know for sure if Sophia saw our support, if she did, I am certain it helped! We are all in this together.”

Lt. Sean Conboy, a police spokesperson, said he could not comment on whether the GLLU or the GLLU supervisor, Sgt. Hawkins, played a role in the police effort to persuade Dalke to peacefully surrender.

As of late Monday, police officials did not disclose why or how Dalke entered the office building on K Street after midnight on Monday.

Local transgender advocate Dana Beyer said she doesn’t know Dalke but has spoken with others who know her. Beyer said people who know Dalke said she worked in one of the offices in the building, enabling her to gain access to the building early Monday morning.

Police charging documents filed in court, which were unavailable on Monday, were expected to reveal more details of the incident upon their release into the public court records on Tuesday.

 The police standoff with Dalke comes at a time when D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has redeployed members of the GLLU and other specialized police units to street patrol duties unrelated to their regular specialized mission several times each month.

Officials have said the redeployments are needed to provide more police patrols in high crime areas at a time when the department is facing a shortage of officers due to retirements and attrition. Some LGBT activists have expressed concern that the GLLU is less visible in the LGBT community than it has been in the past.

Earl Fowlkes, president of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, the city’s largest LGBT political group, said on Monday following a regularly scheduled club meeting, that the GLLU’s reported involvement in the effort to persuade Dalke to surrender peacefully shows that the unit continues to play an important role in the community’s safety.

“If that is true, then this is another reason why we need to have the GLLU,” Fowlkes said.

Lou Chibbaro Jr. has reported on the LGBT civil rights movement and the LGBT community for more than 30 years, beginning as a freelance writer and later as a staff reporter and currently as Senior News Reporter for the Washington Blade. He has chronicled LGBT-related developments as they have touched on a wide range of social, religious, and governmental institutions, including the White House, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the military, local and national law enforcement agencies and the Catholic Church. Chibbaro has reported on LGBT issues and LGBT participation in local and national elections since 1976. He has covered the AIDS epidemic since it first surfaced in the early 1980s. Follow Lou

  • I don’t think she was at 1099 K based on the street closures

  • inb4 all the trans rally around this violent man and get him into a womens prison.

    • You’ve never actually seen the inside of a prison, have you? I’ve visited as a social worker – I can assure you there are much more violent woman there than this woman. Cis gender or non cisgender.

      • I have visited a prison before, a few times, my father was locked up. But I am not a criminal so I haven’t been locked up myself.

        Cisgender doesn’t exist. It’s some made up bull for trans to try and validate themselves.

        This is a man who likes to put on clothes that are associated with female stereotypes. He is a biological man and should not be placed with the women. If he doesn’t want to be with men that is totally fine but he shouldn’t be forced on women.

        Also, from looking at his social media accounts it looks like he planned all this to put himself in this situation. He is hoping the media notices and makes him a darling possibly. He wants to play the victim and be put in the spotlight.

        He seems like a psychopath with a picture of his neatly placed gun beside a stack of books. He also was following the Tara Hudson story, another transwoman who is a violent criminal that wanted in a woman’s prison and knows they moved Hudson to a female prison and is hoping the same for himself. Once he seen Tara could do it it probably green-lighted his decision to go ahead with his plans.

        This isn’t a down on their luck trans just trying to make it in the world and was pushed over the edge. He is well off enough with an IT job and very intelligent and knew exactly what he was doing.

        This man is no woman. He is a violent psychopathic female imitator who believes he is above everyone else, especially women. He is playing a game.

        He should be in a mental institution.

        • Eh – you’re no woman.

          What was your old man in for?

        • I agree that dramatic placement of the gun next to books by philosophers is showy. But Sophia Dalke (Adam) as her page lists her self identifies as “pretentious” on the same page. That photo seems to be from 2014. Sophia/Adam was married to a woman and they have a child. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the child so I wonder how involved he/she was, but if you google the name a pic comes up of him (at the time) with wife and child. I wonder if showing up in the wee hours at workplace was because she was thinking of shooting colleagues. The report does say she threatened to harm others and she did shoot at police.

  • Expect violent crimes committed by women to skyrocket now that more and more men are becoming women. We are losing our ability to name the problem of male violence and also accurately keep statistics on who commits crime now that violent males are legally recognized as females and their crimes are recorded as though they were committed by female criminals. Beyond that, transwomen remain the darlings of the media and the crimes they commit are excused. This unstable, violent person threatened to kill other people, took up the time and resources of local law enforcement, and yet the perpetrator of the crime is treated like a victim by the author of this article.

    • There should be separate category for transwomen and transmen who commit crimes so it doesn’t skew crime statistics.

    • You’re a poor excuse for a human being.

      • What is wrong with keeping crimes committed by transgender people in the their own columns? This man is not a woman and putting his crimes down as being committed by a woman does skew crime data and makes real women look bad.

        • So – when a cisgender woman kills an infant – that makes cisgender women look good?

          You’re weird.

          • Logic is not your strong point? First, there is no such thing as a “cisgender woman” – woman is all that is needed. And if a woman kills an infant, that crime should be in the “crimes committed by women” column and if people want to use that fact to say that sometimes women do bad things, too, so be it.

          • So – you think that crimes committed by a person doesn’t reflect on everyone- except when they do.

            But only when non cisgender women are involved.

            You’re weird.

          • “…and if people want to use that fact to say that sometimes women do bad things, too, so be it.” Please look into reading for comprehension, it would help you to stop making such a fool of yourself.

          • You’re the one making the association between some people sometimes doing bad things as being emblematic of others outside themselves. Except that it’s not when it’s cisgender people like myself. Then it’s just some of us do bad things – and it doesn’t reflect on you or I at all.

            Because there’s two kinds of people in the world- those who aren’t defined by what others do – and those who are. Like you.

          • “…and if people want to use that fact to say that sometimes women do bad things, too, so be it.” Please read that very slowly and think about what it means before you waste your time and mine on another self-righteous sermon.

          • I’m sorry- I just can’t take you seriously enough to care.

          • Kathy crime committed by a group is a valid thing to ask for if we have, and we do, crime committed against a group as a metric.

          • Then let’s answer that question- what are the metrics for crimes committed by cisgender people against non cisgender people? We all know that this is where the greatest degree of violence exists. Both in real numbers and ratios.

            Yet we want to deny that women get assaulted – especially when they’re non cisgender- and we want to blame them for being the victims of assault- if only they didn’t act/dress/identity the way they do -because ” they’re asking for it.”

            But – we add on the piece of non cisgender people all being defined as criminals when the overwhelming majority of assaulting is done by cisgender people. Orders of magnitude greater violence by cisgender people. Several hundred thousand children are assaulted by cisgender women every year. Hundreds of millions of cisgender women are assaulted by cisgender men every year.

            We don’t call for naming children and cisgender women as the authors of this violence- ok – that’s not true – we call for naming non cisgender children criminals a priori with zero evidence of increased risk. Because we want to pre victimize them just for their existence.

            We need to name the problem here – it’s cisgender people’s penchant for violence and victim blaming. Why? Because cisgender people want to harm non cisgender people and then blame the victim.

            We kinda suck. But I have to admit- we have a great deal of skill at inflicting and perpetuating that violence while absolving our authorship by victim blaming.

            So – take some pride. We’re really good at doing something- even if it’s evil. Horay!

          • Kathy respectfully where do I deny violence against women. Starting with a strawman does your argument no good.

            My point is crime commission rates are related to a part of (not I write a part of, not all of) of victimization rates. For example violent crime commission rates of populations are important when considering rates those populations are shot by police, Indeed they are relevant when considering how much that population is the victims o murder by anyone. Study after study for example shows 90% of US murder victims are themselves criminals.

            So if we do collect data on transgender or LGBT status of victims, then it is very important to collect data on crime perpetration as well (even if, as as I suspect, it shows lower commission rates than the mean).

            You do know about 85% of people murdered in the US are men right? Does that show that the biggest issue today is a gigantic gender bias against men? The fact is any rational persons would say: “hold on, most of that is criminals killing criminals and men are much more likely to be involved in violent crime so commission rates matter.”

            Are you going to say that is blaming the victim? Victims engaged in crime themselves are to be blamed, not the cops and not society.

          • I’m going to say that asking a question we already know the answer to as a means of denying of blaming an entire group that we know experiences victimization at vastly higher rates is a tactic- not a noble search for knowledge.

            It seeks to obscure not enlighten. It’s epic concern trolling.

            Nice job!

          • Wow, you set up a strawman, your TROLLING false claim I denied the violence, and now you up your trolling even more.

            By claiming commission rates are irrelevant, you are saying that because men are are more likely to be stopped by police, more likely to be searched, more likely to be charged, more likely to be convicted, sentenced longer, imprisoned 90% more, and shot by police 95% more often that the biggest human and civil rights violation int eh world is a gigantic bias against men? No. Only an idiot like you would deny commission rates matter

            And if you bothered to READ, what I wrote I specifically wrote is it very probably that transgender, and LGBT generally, likely commit violent crimes at either the same or lower rates.

            Congrats for your trolling

          • I’m just asking questions. Why shouldn’t we know the extent of violence cisgender people commit?

            Now – I’ll concede that the level and ratio of violence we exact upon non cisgender (and cisgender) bodies is very much higher than non cisgender people – but that’s not an excuse for projecting responsibility for our violence on non cisgender people.

            I’m not sure that has that to do with lgb people as a distinct class of cisgender people? I’m not seeing how that’s germane. I’m perfectly willing to consider that lgb cisgender people are more violent than straight cisgender people- but that doesn’t bear on this discussion.

          • What I am saying is if we are actively collecting data on crime victimization, to ascertain if there maybe an elevated risk , which may or may not point to an elevated bias against that group which we should determine; then data on that group’s criminal activity must also be collected.

            Why? because we know criminal activity is the main factor risk to criminal victimization as well. In DC about 93% of murder victims are criminals, and in Baltimore 91%. Think about it this way. If you are not a criminal you are at lower risk of being murdered in the US than Australia, Canada or Europe.When we look at murder rates we have to understand risk classes.

            I am not noting that because I think we should jettison or write off those people, but rather that we should understand lifestyle and behavior don’t just have an affect they are the the core factor.

            That is the general reason to collect data.

          • What other groups should we study with members that are criminals so that we can understand that being members of that group is implicitly saying they’re criminals? Gay men? Lesbians? Native Americans? Jews?

            You’re saying that you want to collect this data to show non cisgender criminality. Why do you choose this instead of why people assault this minority. We know this happens at a deplorable rate. Yet the impulse is to study the victim as criminals – rather than those with more power in society,

            That’s a decision and a focus that leads to unfortunate consequences- but not to those with relatively greater privilege. It also perpetuates the perception of that minority as criminals because this is the important thing to study.

            There are implicit biases in your approach. You should examine them.

          • You are saying we should collect data on who are victims of crime but not on perpetrators?
            Again you want to create a massive bias.

            By your view the most victimized and oppressed group in the US is straight men since they are most murder victims and most imprisoned? Look a the bias you create by insisting gender data be excluded on perpetration!

          • I’m saying that you have no counterfactual.

            That your intent is obviously suspect.

            And that you’re likely to be retweeting Trumps missives on crime stats of today.

            If you’re really concerned about the non cisgender people and violence- you would be proposing to study those who assault non cisgender people. Which is the larger problem – as you know. And study cisgender violence- which is orders of magnitude larger a problem.

            Yet – you propose to only study them as perpetrators because that’s how you wish to limit their perception by the General public. What you choose sheds light on you more than anyone else.

            But being effective at seeking to further marginalize already marginalized people is a weird thing for you to aspire to. Rather sociopathic, really.

          • Ok you keep going ad hominem. And” trumps missives?” you have erected three strawmen, two red herrings and now a generative fallacy? I am quoting John Jay criminal justice peer reviewed journal.
            And you show you can’t read. Where did I write “study only perpetrators”? no wonder why so many here see you as a troll you just make up what others wrote.
            And how can you even say “cisgendered”violence is orders of magnitude higher? Where is your citation even suggesting that might be remotely true? the inverse may well b true.

          • There are 7.2 million people in prison in the US – this alone is orders of magnitude larger than the population of non cisgender people in the US.

            Right – that’s orders of magnitude of obfuscation on your part. I look forward to your non study non appearing in print. And am glad you don’t know my address. We know what your kind is capable of.

          • Um the trangender population is orders of magnitude SMALLER than the rest of the population. You fail stats 101

          • “And how can you even say “cisgendered”violence is orders of magnitude higher?”

            “We all know that this is where the greatest degree of violence exists. Both in real numbers and ratios”

            You fail reading comprehension….

          • No you made an absurd statement. You provided zero evidence as well.
            You have chased yourself into a rabbit hole with your own red herrings and strawman arguments

          • So you want no data collected on any perpetrators of crime. Wow

          • Except that this study has already been done, and trans women who transitioned after 1989 do not show a male level of criminality. Before this time, the crimes were thought to be minority stress related crimes, e.g. steal to eat and police harassment.

            The fact is that trans women’s relationship with crime is similar to that of cis women. This is unsurprising, given that both are women.


            I don’t know what was going on here. The author came across as very neutral to me, and the women did not seem to be portrayed as a victim.

            Sometimes women do stupid things. I don’t want it to shine negatively on other women as well, but it happens with all women, cis and trans alike.

            I’m not going to defend this person. That’s her lawyer’s job. I will, however, point out this is a rare event, and doesn’t generalize to trans women or women in general.

          • No offense by you are quoting a non peer reviewed book critiquing a peer reviewed work showing trans individuals do commit crime at higher rates.

          • Ah yes. However, if you read the article, you will notice it contains an interview with Cecilia Dhejne, the author of said paper wherein she explains some of the misinterpretations.

            Edit: typo

          • I read it. I made none of the misrepresentations. And every paper has third party misrepresentations, so what?

          • We need to name the problem here – it’s cisgender people’s penchant for violence

            This is a story about a violent gun felony (at least three gun felonies actually) committed by a transferred person.

            1) felony possession of a firearm
            2) felony possession of ammunition
            3) felony discharge of a firearm (reporting is unclear)

            Given people with no criminal history whatsoever have been sentenced to one year in prison for possession of no gun, discharge of no gun, but possession of a expended casing, what do you think is fair her? 10 or 15 years? Or are you soft on gun crime when it suits you?

          • Given that a cisgender women just murdered a woman by cutting a baby from her womb – do you think this should prompt a review of cisgender women being murderers as a class – and as a springboard for policy and legislative action regarding cisgender women’s access to public accommodations?

            Are you soft on cutting babies from wombs and murdering their mothers?

            What’s a transferred person?

            “NYC woman arrested after allegedly cutting baby from mother’s womb
            Published November 22, 2015
            Associated Press”

          • That is how you know you made a valid point. You should have just turned around your original point and asked her if it was fair that crimes committed by women reflected poorly on transgender women? My bet is she would say it was not fair. Then you have her making the same argument she is putting you down for. It is fair that crimes committed by trans women reflect poorly on women but not fair when crimes of women reflect poorly on trans women.

          • Crimes committed by women do not reflect poorly on “transgender women” since they are men. The reason crimes by men claiming to be women (“trans women”) should be put in the men’s crime stats is that men did them. See how that works? Men are not women. If you want to evaluate how better/worse behaved trans folks are than others, then you should support new data columns for men who claim to be women and women who claim to be men. Or are you afraid those stats might show that men who claim to be women commit crimes at the same rate as their fellow men?

          • I agree re names. The person identified as a “transgender woman.” There are no “cis” women, there are women, trans-women, etc.–I’m not playing the game just to make transgender or any other classification of individual feel better.

          • Uh, yes there is. Words have meanings. They don’t cease to have meanings just because you don’t like them.

        • This data has already been collected in the EU. Post 1989, trans people are no more likely to commit violent crime than any other member of the general population.

          • But they are AS likely to commit violent crime as other men. In other words, in this area, as well as so many others, they ARE MEN and need to be differentiated from women.

      • Ad hominem is not an argument. Try again.

    • Unfortunately the stats, at least in the EU where good stats are kept, don’t support what you are saying. The EU stats demonstrate that for those who transitioned post 1989, the risk of committing a violent crime is not higher than that of the general population. Appreciate that this is not how you feel, but feelings are not facts.

      • So, men who claim to be women are just as dangerous to women as men who claim to be men then. That is why we have separate facilities for men and women in certain areas – it is the best we can do to keep women safe and respect the privacy of both men and women. There is no reason why women should have to be put at higher risk by letting all men into women’s facilities and then telling women to figure out which guy is harmless and which guy is dangerous.

        • No, that was not the control group used. General population means the general population. The other thing about your statement which is incorrect is that the stats tested the hypothesis that trans people were more likely to comit violent crime than the general population. This is not the same statistically or scientifically as your statement. Next issue is that the stats included trans men and trans women, not just trans women i.e. Biological men and women. Sorry, but the stats just do not bear out what you are saying.

          Nobody was talking about womens facilities etc.

          What the EU stats show is that trans people have about a 19 fold increase in risk of being a victim of crime (particularly violent crime) compared with the general population. Again the EU stats do nor suport your statements.

          Just saying. Feel free to feel whatever you need to feel but do not mix up feelings with fact.

        • Again, the stats do not support this. Nobody was talking about women’s facilities. The EU stats demonstrat that trans people (both mtf and ftm included) are not more likely to be involved in crime than the general population. What the EU stats demonstrate is that trans people have an approx. 19 fold increase in the risk of crimes being committed against them (including violent crime).

          Your comment is just a repeat of your previouse ones elsewhere.

          Pls come up with something new.

    • Do you have any stats to back up the assertion of trans women committing violent crimes post-transition at a significantly greater rate than other women in comparable socio-economic situations?

    • Instead of concentrating on men versus women blame issues trying to denigrate and entire body of individuals (men) as a generalization, wouldn’t it be far more beneficial to examine the case and determine early warning signs of emotional problems and learn how to intervene to prevent things like this from happening. A simple fact is that transgendered individuals as a demographic group have the highest rates for being murdered and committing suicides for all demographic groups in this country. societal rejection, ridicule, and abuse are the primary reason for this. Your comments offer nothing in terms of finding a solution to a real problem and only serve to exacerbate it. You obviously do not like men based on your comments, and you are ignoring the real issue at hand.

    • How cruel and insensitive you are! An obviously fragile individual is driven to act out for whatever reasons, and all you want to do is say “It a bad man”. Perhaps if this person had the acceptance and support when they needed it, this tragedy would have never happened. When someone is trying to kill themselves, they are not criminals, they are desperate people regardless of the sex or gender. So consider not saying it is because she is really a he and the majority of He’s are violent criminals. Instead recognize that this was a desperate person with problems, and have some compassion and hope that we can learn how to intervene to give people the care and support to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

  • I wonder if he/she was taking hormones or other pharmaceuticals and these affected his/her emotions, ramping them up into levels that people can’t control with simple self analysis?

  • This is a man acting just like a man.

    Why should he be called “woman/she?” Because he “feels like a woman?” Bet he thinks he should go to a woman’s prison and use female restrooms while he distorts statement statistics…

    His actions are male violence.

  • Black humor:

    1) Aerosmith releases new single, “Trannies got a gun”

    2) Transgenders become the new face of conservative politics in 2015, from Christian Republican constitutionalist Caitlyn Jenner, to Sophia Dalke, who engineered a one woman government shut down.

  • The comments here are pretty disguising and it hurts me to think that transgendered people need to have these comments are a page when they are seeing if their friend or acquaintance is OK. Think back to when you realized you were a boy or a girl and you wanted to do things like boys or girls normally do. Well it’s the same for transgendered people, just that their desire to be a grown up boy or girl is different from the “parts” that they have. This doesn’t deserve ridicule, it deserves sympathy and respect, and to make these remarks on a story about a suicide attempt is reprehensible.

    • “do things like boys or girls normally do” are the sex role stereotypes that adults model and pressure children into. Think about it, girls often play with dolls, right? But first, somebody had to give them the doll (while giving boys another type of toy) and encourage them to play with the doll and/or the girls copy the childcare duties they see female relatives performing. Do you think gender roles are innate? That we are born to be passive females and aggressive males? Maybe trans people are reacting to and rejecting the SEX ROLES but the only way they can reject that massive cultural edifice is to start believing (maybe after being encouraged by sex-role obsessed adults) that the problem is with their own bodies, not that they are in a screwed up culture. Instead of encouraging kids to change names, take hormones and get surgeries, we should be telling them they are fine the way they are and that it is the sex role stereotypes that need to be done away with.

      • The issues surrounding stereotypes are a separate from transgender people. If you read accounts or stories from transgender people, they report feeling like they were born in the wrong body. That their gender is opposite of the “parts” they were born with. In fact, many transgender people take on features that are stereotypical of the gender they see themselves as in order to project to the world that they see themselves as that particular gender.

        Stereotypes and what we pressure kids to play with is a separate issue. Yes, there are things that parents teach their children that are wrong for the child’s well-being and society in general (females should/must be passive, males should/must be aggressive). However, stereotypes are often based in some reality, and the reality is that many males enjoying competing or watching competition and many females enjoy and participating in more collaborative settings. Many boys like playing with trucks and many girls like playing with dolls. That doesn’t mean ALL boys and girls should do those things, but I think it happens more naturally than people being forced into particular roles.

        People that are challenging these stereotypes by dressing or acting atypically are often called “queer” or “genderqueer.” This is a separate from transgender people, who feel like they are born in the wrong body.

  • I don’t understand the need to repeat throughout the article that she is Transgender. Even police reports didn’t state that she was trans! While sure it is likely that her experience played a part in her wanting to commit suicide, it’s not certain. If it is because of her experience (oppression, discrimination, violence, disrespect), then maybe the author of the article may want to rethink how article such as this one ridicules the victim and their story by making it seem like she is nothing more than some thing to be looked at and judged.

    I understand that catchy headlines brings in more readers but shame on you for not recognizing her as a woman like the police reports. Trans is a part of her story but it doesn’t define her.

    The tone of this article has invited assholes to leave disrespectful and hateful comments. Shame on you. I expect more from this paper.

    • The fact that the redacted polo e report omitted it is what Is interesting. How much else are they not saying?

      • It was probably redacted because of people who would use the fact that she is trans to descriminate and fuel the hate that is on this thread.

        If this was a bio woman everyone would “omg. Poor woman. Mental health isn’t accessible enough for those who need it, blah blah blah.” But because she is trans it’s all about how she is crazy or how she is a man, and even one comment about “hormones.”

        • It’s not the police’s or the media’s job to lie to people and cover up facts to manipulate their reactions “for the good.”

          • Oh. So it’s not ok for the police to protect someone who clearly needs help from those who will use something she can’t control (being trans) to further make her feel isolated, harrased, and unsafe? Yeah. OK. Your right to privacy is important but hers isn’t. Got it.

          • I really doubt you have got it for much of anything. And I doubt the police would be protective of my privacy if I kept thousands of people out of work all day because I decided that instead of committing suicide in my bath tub I would break into a building, shoot at cops, and try to jump off a roof. Or whatever was happening. And that is precisely the point – we have been given so little information about this very public event that inconvenienced thousands of people. The transgenders in this thread and their partisans betray a startling lack of imagination and an extremely parochial and insular worldview. It’s all about whether it’s good PR for their cause. Not about thousands inconvenienced or even terrified thinking it was terrorism. Not to mention people paid by the hour who lost a day’s wages. You are sad ambassadors for your cause.

            Dalke had no privacy. On her Google and Facebook profiles she tells us she is a pansexual transgender who likes booze, and that she was a libertarian. On the Pittsburgh City Paper website she answered questions explaining that her penis was fully functional despite taking estrogen.

            What is the private info you think the police were protecting?

            I’m frankly more interested in potentially bigger topics you have not asked about. Like what set off her attempted suicide? And what about her work coincidentally at a building with a law firm of super connected political types who worked on Watergate, Whitewater, and the 9/11 commission?

    • She self identifies as trans. She mentions it all over the place. That’s her self-identification. It seems to define her to an incredible amount. Her social media sites are entirely dedicated to being trans. That is THE theme. Her work or volunteer work was with a Trans org. Every post of hers is about being trans. I’d say it was relevant.

      • Even if that is the case, this woman has a right to privacy. And the tone of the article is not factual. It is worded in a way to attract traffic and to point and job at her.

        • “Has a right to privacy”??!!!! Listen, Doris, the moment this trans woman held DC hostage for at least 4 hours, when traffic was at a standstill, ambulances were probably delayed, cabs couldn’t get through, buses weren’t making their routes, a huge grid of transportation routes was blocked off and shut down to traffic, when she shot at police, from that moment, Doris, your friend lost all her rights to privacy.

          • Let me add that most people who threaten suicide don’t mount their workplaces with a gun in the wee hours of the night after posting YouTube videos about such, etc. Most don’t shoot at police.

          • “Listen, Doris” right… I’m suppose to take you seriously after you speak to me as if I am a child. This is a place for dialogue and not for lectures and being talked at. Also, I’m aware of what happened. I was one of those individuals who wasn’t able to get to my office for those 4 hours .

            Everyone has a right to privacy. Everyone. If this article gave facts about the crime instead of making it all about her gender identification then. I would have zero problem with it. And yes I am aware of what happened downtown.

          • Listen, Doris, this is a place for comments, not a place with specific parameters as set by Doris.
            According to media reports the roads were actually blocked off for 10 hours.
            The trans person who blanketed her PUBLIC FB page and other social media pages with references to being transgender Doesn’t Want privacy. The trans person who goes to a building downtown in the wee hours of the morning and posts on You Tube and other sources plans for suicide, isn’t asking for for privacy. The person who then shoots at police in an hours’ long standoff is not asking for privacy. You may want privacy, Doris, but this isn’t about you.

          • I can’t set parameters but you can? “Listen, wonder,” this is a place for comments. Respectful comments. It’s not a place for bashing and talking down to others. Yes you’re free to have an opinion different than my own. But you are not free to do that in a disrespectfu/condecending tone.

            So, if you don’t agree, cool. I could care less because unlike you, I don’t believe in encroaching on anyone’s right or dictating whether they even have rights. However, if you don’t agree- and we’ve established that you don’t – get off my feed. Easy.

          • Listen, Doris, most people wouldn’t consider “Listen” followed by a person’s name (in your case, “Doris”) to be “bashing” or “disrespectful, but writing “get off my feed”–as you did, is…well, not so much disrespectful as emblematic of a whiny child kicking over a chair, collecting her toys and whining “you can’t play with me!” But I’ll tell you (and whoever reads this “public” page) what IS disrespectful: your opposition to the term “trans woman” throughout this page and in the article, because Sophia Dalke used that term multiple times as a self description (along with “pansexual transsexual). You are disrespectful to the person now in police custody.

            Oh, and apparently I DO have the right to use the tone of “Listen, Doris” because I just did. It’s called “free tone” Doris. It’s in the Constitution under subpart A.2 II e 3. “Free Tone.” The example given there is “Listen,_____”

          • Your freedom of speech ends where it encroaches on someone else’s. You telling me that I shouldn’t feel offended because you can say or address me as you like is disrespectful. Condecending. Every single one of you comments has been condecending. If they are my toys I can choose to tell you I don’t want to play with you. Or does freedom of speech only apply to you? Have you decided that’s not my right?

            Also, no you clearly didn’t read my original comment. The use of transwoman is not and has never been my issue. My issue is that the article focuses on the fact that she is trans more than the actual incident.

            If you want to ague and name call for the sake of arguing and name calling, I recommend you find someone else to troll.

          • Apparently, my freedom of speech doesn’t end, Dor! Look, I’m “speech”ing right here. And here, too. Here’s some more. But before you were against freedom of tone. I have just as much right to comment as you do. I think you’re encroaching on my right to speech. Why don’t you find someone else to troll?

          • And I bet you truly believe that you’re clever. Zero substance. Have a good life wonder.

        • Doris, criminals don’t have a right to privacy. And their demographics are relevant.

          • Demographica are relevant if indeed her intention was to commit a crime. This woman’s intention was to commit suicide. She didn’t beracade herself in the building with hostages and make demand or anything of the sort.

            Yes of course it’s a crime to have weapon and fire said weapon with the intention to kill, hurt, or even scare them but the article doesn’t even tell you exactly what happened! Was or accidentally discharged? Did she try to fire at responders? Give me facts. Don’t give me a TMZ version of the story where the only thing you focus on is her gender identification. This isn’t a circus. This isn’t entertainment news.

          • If only things were this black and white. Smh

        • Two, possibly three gun felonies. you don’t want data on gun crime?

          • So you’re telling me that you can’t report gun crime unless articles focus on her gender? Hm. Makes sense!

            You and most on here are missing the point. Of course things need to be reported. Of course the public has the right to know the facts regarding the incident. But to think this article does that fairly and unbiased is a joke. You want facts relevant to her gender identification? Talk about mental health. Talk about how actual numbers. Talk about how many individuals in the trans community commit suicide because of the challenges they face daily. Make it factual. Dont give me some bs focusing only on the fact that she self identifies as trans in a disapproving and ouright hostile tone.

  • This was an aborted suicide, anonymous internet dipshits. It is not part of some trans crime wave. This woman came damn close to killing herself because of assholes like all of you. Transwomen don’t kill others. They kill themselves. 41% of us will attempt it. And lots of men kill us. We get killed all the time.

    • These poor excuses for human beings are disgusting.

    • “transwomen don’t kill others” might be news to victims of Robert (Michelle) Kosilek and Jeffrey Norsworthy. Dennis (Allison) Woolbert is a rapist and one can also google Richard Masbrach for another interesting read. The fact is the men who claim to be women have the same crime rates as other men as a group – another reason why it is wrong to list crimes committed by men as having been done by women.

    • Strawman much? where is the claim of a trans crime wave by anyone?
      And the person committed at least two, and likely three gun felonies.

    • It’s too bad he didn’t kill himself. The youtube videos were hilarious though.

  • It remains unexplained why 9 blocks of the city were shut down for this. And if the helicopter flying low over downtown DC for hours starting at 1 am was related. Police will answer no questions. Including about whether Dalke worked at 1999 K street. If you call the switchboard for the Mayer Brown law firm there and ask for her, they will direct you to a sub tenant where they say she worked. Mayer Brown has super connected law partners who worked on Watergate, Whitewater, and the 9/11 commission. Curious .

  • To all of the people on here who are insulting this woman in various ways. Shut Up and Step Back!!!! You all clearly have neglected to think about what this woman has been and is going through that brought her to this mental ledge. When trans people come out they are often abandoned by those that they thought that they could trust. Divorces are filed and children custody cases are argued over. Jobs are often lost and even homelessness can become a reality. Sometimes people who are trans are beaten and even murdered all just for daring to exist and to exist honestly. Sound familiar?! Yeah it does! Because this is the very same stuff that we LGB people can risk facing for daring to come out. I don’t want to see or hear one more word of insults from the cisgender LGB community that i belong to against trans people. Remember your roots or Shut Up and Step Back!!!!

  • It is the J.O.B. of a police chief– AND — a police chief’s elect bosses and oversight council officials (Bowser, Mendelson and McDuffie) to make sure that “shortages of officer[s] due to retirements and attrition” NEVER occurs.

    This is reckless, sloppy police management. Our Chief of Crime Coverups gets paid a whopping quarter million a year to manage MPD so there are NO shortages.

    She’s simply not doing her job. Bowser, Mendelson and McDuffie are negligent in their oversight responsibilities of MPD management, too.

    Officials who cavalierly ignore their duties to keep the people safe– and feeling safe– do not deserve to be re-elected.

    Officials have said the redeployments are needed to provide more police patrols in high crime areas at a time when the department is facing a shortage of officers due to retirements and attrition. Some LGBT activists have expressed concern that the GLLU is less visible in the LGBT community than it has been in the past. **

  • “The D.C. police department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit and its transgender supervisor, Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, played a role in persuading a 31-year-old transgender woman to peacefully surrender after a 10-hour standoff on the roof of a downtown office building in which she fired a handgun and threatened to kill herself and harm others. ”
    “She” didn’t do anything. The person is male, thus “he”.

    • She is a female.

      • Do you know her? What is gay but deviation? She is abnormal; you are abnormal. I’ve seen your comments on other posts and you are against others holding an opinion contrary to “We are born bi-sexual, and homosexual.” Do you know what science is? I’m sure that you do. No one in the “scientific community” dares approach homosexuality “these days” without the preconceived notion that deviants are normal and that they need protection from others. So, I ask you, “who is searching for the truth?” Who are you protecting? Of course we have to deal with you, but you want us to concede that you are “normal” so badly that you present the anomaly of your “unrepressed childhood memories”, “middle class tax status”, and “two parent home” to once again protect others and yourself from comment. If you desire to be the .2275255% of homosexuals who come by it without incident then you are still “abnormal” because nearly all other queers do not. Remember, when you adopt the premise that you are “normally queer” you lose the right to speak to the plight of the molested, the early sexualized child, the insecure, the fat, the ugly and the mentally abused, mentally transformed, and transient global amnesia sufferers who turn to homosexuality as a means to cope with their life path.

        • I could honestly care less whether you think of me as normal or abnormal. I’m probably going to forget this conversation even happened unless you reply back.

          • It wasn’t a conversation until now.

          • I have studied psychology. I am planning on becoming a psychiatrist. Although I am only one year into pre med school. On the other hand, most of what Freud believed who is the person who came up with repression, is no longer believed by the overall psychological community. There is no way to scientifically prove there is such a thing as repression. That is why most people do not believe repression actually exists.

          • I have studied psychology. I don’t want to be a psychologist because I don’t have any complications that need sorting. Any discussion on sexual behavior and deviance, or any topic for that matter, requires honesty. You can’t throw Freud out with repression. Read your comment, “not believed by the overall psychological community.” You people and your “communities” crack me up (like employers who call their workers “family” the day before firing them). You people have done your best to redefine family and marriage in the same way. It can take time for memories to surface. If memories are not considered bad or traumatic then they are bygones. Millions of early experiences may never surface but they establish us. If not for lawsuits being won by alleged victims no one would question repression. You can’t prove that ID, EGO, and SUPER EGO exist. You can’t prove that someone loves you. How can you prove that people are born queer? What does it mean that children who are read to in the womb learn faster than others? All of these things mean that we begin as a blank slate. I know a pair of identical twins; one is homosexual and the other is not. Who is lying? You are lying when you say that we are born sexual. Doctors cannot agree on the age of sexuality and when people “identify.” I am very intuitive and I have no doubt that your attraction to the same sex is a decompartmentalization that you have fostered. You are not bi-sexual unless you have had a homosexual experience. I have seen fantasies that look hot on video that I know would not arouse me in reality.

  • As usual, these trans are showing how mentally unstable they are. People need a serious wake up call to realize how insane and mentally unstable the Trans community is. That dude clearly is mentally unstable and needs to be locked up for Treatment.

  • I’ve never read an article about a suicidal person mentioning that they were straight, or cisgendered, so why would it need to be mentioned if they weren’t?

    Oh, right. To please the majority of humans looking for a reason to add extra hate to any situation.

  • Is this person still in police custody? I certainly hope so. Just saw Adam/Sophia Dalke’s YouTube videos and what an self-obsessed, selfish, vindictive person she/he seems. The whole thing–breaking into workplace with gun, shooting at cops, “threatening” suicide seemed part of some vengeance plan against his ex-wife. He rants against her in one video and says she took the kids and moved 3,000 miles away. He could have moved there, too, if he wanted to, couldn’t he? And then he calls himself a she (he goes back and forth) and says he was a “battered wife.” He says how he loved her unconditionally, but then rejected him at some point, so now he calls her a perjurer and wants to report her, etc. He/she sounds incredibly disturbed. I hope this person is in custody getting treatment.

  • A sensitive, articulate, knowledgeable individual pushed past her limit. She exposes a myriad of problems within our society:

  • Why are trans”women” just like violent men? Oh, yeah because they are men.

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