March 3, 2016 at 3:38 pm EST | by James Driscoll
Gays for Trump?
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Donald Trump (Washington Blade photo by Lee Whitman)

A small yet growing number of LGBTQ iconoclasts support Donald Trump. What are they thinking? After a big victory on gay marriage, why do independent minded gays remain dissatisfied or outright angry about our lot?

Although we have come far, we still have far to go to gain equal rights, let alone equal respect. With ENDA stalled, employment discrimination lives on. Gay youth still face terrible self esteem barriers. Where are the American gay heroes for them to look up to and serve as role models?

Gay people are just as heroic as the rest of humanity. But public recognition remains half hearted, begrudging or coldly absent.

During the AIDS epidemic gay men and women challenged and beat the FDA drug delayers, we jump started research at NIH, lit a fire under CDC, and changed healthcare and the rights of patients to the great benefit of other Americans, indeed all humanity.

AIDS activism wasn’t just some mindless crowd phenomenon. We had our leaders, thinkers, our self-sacrificing heroes, many of them dead before their time. But who celebrates any of ours? Where is the national recognition for gay heroes whose courage and insight made healthcare better for everyone? Nowhere. The establishment, liberal and otherwise, expects gays to stay content with patronizing toleration since that’s more than Alan Turing and countless past LGBTQ heroes and victims ever got.

Liberals boycotted South Africa and forced companies like Ford and IBM to scale back profitable complicity with apartheid. Saudi Arabia, Iran and many others prescribe beheading for the “crime” of being gay, while they degrade and oppress all their women. Where are the campus protests against these countries or the U.S. corporate enablers that arm and sustain them? Where do Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google stand on gay or women’s rights in such markets?

The Catholic Church has settled thousands of molestation lawsuits. Yet thousands more LGBTQ people have had their careers and lives ruined by homophobic faculty members who are protected by cover-ups at our colleges and universities. Why are not all LGBTs entitled to the truth about our lives? Why do both parties and the media refuse to hold liberal-run universities accountable to the same tough standards applied to the church?

Gay Americans are angry for a thousand different reasons. In their anger more are embracing Trump. I have deep concerns about GOP bias. However, we have a two-party system; being a pragmatic conservative, I work with Republicans. Gays, I believe, would fare better with Trump than with his chief GOP rivals, though we’d do best with a Trump/Kasich ticket.

Without a viable presence in both parties, gay people forfeit crucial leverage. Instead of the Democrats competing for our support, we are left with scraps they toss our way. Gays who are starving on table scraps will look to the Donald’s Big Tent. Ever competitive, Trump will compete to get some gay votes, forcing the Democrats to raise their ante.

Nearly half of LGBTQ people think more like Republicans than like liberal Democrats on an array of issues unrelated to the red herring of sex: e.g. immigration, trade and jobs, regulation, healthcare, taxes, education and government red tape and intrusion. If only the Republicans would hold true to their professed principles of individual liberty and limited government, half of LGBTQ people might consider voting GOP.

Trump is a maverick, a wild, outrageous “only in America” original. China, UK, Mexico, Iran, Japan, or Saudi Arabia could never have a Trump, just as they could never have a Reagan, a Truman, an FDR, a TR, or a Lincoln — all as much originals as Trump himself. Rejecting the minions and mouthpieces of our grasping elites, like crafty Hillary and mendacious Marco, many Americans, including LGBTQs, seek a captain to steer us out from the treacherous shoals of special interest politics and set the nation’s course by the real needs of all its people.

Like TR and FDR, Trump has turned against his class. He has taken on the most potent oligarchy since the southern slaveholders — the mega billionaires who rule tech, banking, and above all, the media. Led by Rupert Murdock at Fox ($12B), Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook ($40B), and Carlos Slim Helu ($73B), a Mexican national, who holds control of America’s paper of record, the New York Times, 12 mega-billionaires dominate media in the United States. Trump is the only major candidate ever to take on Big Media, Big Banks and Big Pharma.

What is the key factor turning gay men and women to Trump? Along with the gut appeal of Trump’s bold challenge to our corrupt and sclerotic establishment, frustrated LGBTQ people, outcasts and survivors often, believe that American politics needs a real game changer.

James Driscoll, Ph.D., is a former AIDS adviser to Log Cabin Republicans and served on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS under President George W. Bush. He lives in Nevada.

  • “Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions.”
    — Mr. Lies, Angels in America
    Like TR and FDR, Trump has turned against his class.**

  • What are they thinking?
    In short: that YOUR candidate is full of it. And you’re in for a rude awakening.
    The world is about so, so much more than the gay issues. But probably this is news for you…

  • An ideology that mandates throwing gay men from the tallest building in town and in some cases actually does it, with virtually no protests from its adherents worldwide is truly disturbing. Even more disturbing is the deliberate ignoring of this fascist ideology by many of the proponents human rights for GLBT people, calling it the religion of peace and using the term Islamophobia. What the western world needs is a real and serious conversation about what is in their holy books, how seriously do they take it and how this relates to their duties and responsiblities as citizens. This is what Trump is proposing. Indeed if they actually believe that GLBT should be “punished” then as a citizen of a Western country I have every right to question why they should be allowed to reside in our societies.

  • Definite proof that warped, twisted perverted mentalities are not limited to straights.

  • Jim Dirscoll:

    Being active in SE Florida politics for over 30 years I have found that fellow New Yorker Donald Trump brings to the 2016 GOP primary race a challenge that has stimulated the grass-roots with ground-breaking interest and participation that’s been lacking for too long a time.

    While I initially favored Gov. Jeb. Bush I am now more inclined to support a possible Trump-Kasich ticket thereby enabling a rejuvenated Republican surge that will return the Oval Office to more of a centrist mode of leadership thereby affording greater stability for the United States both nationally and internationally in these critical times.

    Trump’s business expertise and negotiating skills hinged to Kasich’s political acumen and record of achievements offers us a more suitable-common-sense approach to “making America great again.” This political marriage of more of a middle-of-the-road approach to achieving fiscal stability and a challenging status of inclusion for those who believe that they have been marginalize is needed. You would never reach this conclusion listening to the many media commentaries.

    It’s essential and also crucial that we foster suitable job growth by ending today’s unsatisfactory trend in unemployment and especially underemployment. When Republicans skillfully alleviate the growing debt crisis by enabling more small business growth and solving the horrible overall effect that our mounting and unsustainable debt, a burden which is divesting our nation’s economy and well being, that will be a positive move in the direction of restoring political faith in those we elect. We must demonstrate that the people most in need are not being ignored by political insiders and drained by Beltway greed. The powers to be must effectively and efficiently cure and end the expanding terrorism of ISIL radicals. Lastly we must hold the unaccountable accountable and since Trump is beholding to no one but himself and the people he has promised to honorable serve then faith in the Beltway may be finally reignited..

    • To what point is there lending your support to anyone who deplors you. The republican party offers you a black hole. Open your eyes wide, see the reality.

  • The Donald has made it clear he does not respect us as humans or citizens. He’s campaigning on appointing anti-gay judges to the Supreme court to kill marriage equality. Any gay with any self respect can NOT support this hater.

  • Stockholm Syndrome much Marys???

    “Regardless of their godstyle-choice, heterosex-supremacist politicians that choose to pervert the sanctity of our legal marriage into their political football choose to not earn our votes.” – Rev. Timmy

    Welcome VIDEO:

    Recovering from the Lethal Myth of Heterosex-Supremacy BLOG:

    Wow, over 6 million views! Thank you YouTube for including Earl & Rev.Timmy hoofing down 5thAvenue NYC for our freedom to marry! (at minutes 1:27).


    Rev. Timmy on Facebook:

  • Very well put. Thank you.

  • You talk about the backlash of the AIDS epidemic. But can you really blame people? It started in the gay community, it remains even today highest in the gay community. Then you have a subculture of gift givers and bug chasers that seek out the disease. The initial reaction was not to address it like any other pandemic and shut down bathhouses and other such facilities that would’ve saved lives but instead fight that protocol as some kind of oppression and as such that reaction would eventually lead to the death of millions. I don’t think the reaction people experienced during the AIDS crisis was backlash, I think it was simply common sense.

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