March 22, 2016 at 11:53 am EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Carmen Carrera says Caitlyn Jenner lives in ‘beautiful castle,’ doesn’t get trans lifestyle
(Photo via TMZ)

(Photo via TMZ)

Carmen Carrera thinks Caitlyn Jenner still has more to learn about the trans experience.

Speaking with TMZ, Carrera says she “is not surprised” that”I Am Cait” ratings are down and the show could face possible cancellation. She thinks Jenner’s disconnect with the trans community is a reason why.

“I think that she put herself in a tough situation because she hadn’t really experienced much of the trans lifestyle, but she wanted to be on the forefront. So I think it’s difficult,” Carrera told TMZ.

“You have to learn about this community and you have to really understand our views and what we have actually been through, because I don’t think she’s really experienced, aside from living a closeted life, I don’t think she’s experienced the adversity that we have faced, that I still face on a day-to-day basis,” the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum says.

“Once she experiences that first-hand, which I doubt she ever will, because she lives in a beautiful castle, I think then she might change some of her political views, and some of her conservative views,” Carrera concluded.

  • dead on, Carrerra!!

  • This man’s entire existence is one performance, a show, a circus act, since
    he can never be authentic – his diseased mind cannot deal with being a
    man, which would be authentic, so he must constantly perform being a
    woman. Everything about his “womanhood” is false, it’s an illusion, it’s
    fake plastic surgery and unnatural chemical manipulations of his true
    body, biology, and self, which will always be masculine. They are now
    just hidden under layers of fake lies and drag.

    Real women don’t put on a performance of being women, because that’s
    who they are. They don’t need plastic surgery to turn them into women.
    This man is just a grotesque “gender snake oil” salesman.

    This guy calling himself Carmen is so diseased in his mind that he said: “Eventually, I didn’t want to act like a woman anymore—I wanted to become one.”

    And because he lives in an equally diseased society, people around
    him tell him that becoming a woman is possible, and that it is done by
    changing your appearance. Now there’s irony! It’s plain to see he
    continues to act, it’s just that he has now deformed his outside to
    better match his act.

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