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Estefan not ready to perform in Cuba
Gloria Estefan, gay news, Washington Blade

Gloria Estefan (Photo public domain)

MIAMI — Gloria Estefan last week said she is not ready to perform in Cuba, even though the U.S. has normalized relations with her homeland.

“I personally would find it very tough to go there,” she said in a video the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released on May 18.

Estefan was born in Havana. Her family fled to Miami after Fidel Castro toppled then-President Fulgencio Batista in the 1959 Cuban revolution.

Estefan said during the clip that Juanes, a Colombian singer, invited her to attend a concert he gave in Cuba. She acknowledged the Rolling Stones “had a great concert” in Havana in March, but stressed “she cannot get on a stage with a million Cubans in front of me and not say something.”

“I also wouldn’t want to cause any violence,” she said. “I don’t want to end up in jail. I don’t want to look at Che Guevara watching me while I sing ‘Mi Tierra’ and ‘Cuba Libre,’ which is a joke, and leave and leave the people in the same situation as they are.”

Estefan and her husband, Emilio Estefan, attended a Family Equality Council gala in New York earlier this month. The Cuban-born singer was the grand marshal of the 2014 Miami Beach Gay Pride parade.

  • CUBAN EXILE QUARTER: Celebrating Celia Cruz and her decision to live and sing in freedom – How the Castro regime sought to censor and punish Celia Cruz for living in freedom – October 14, 2015

    However in Cuba the Castro regime continues to ban the music of Celia
    Cruz from the radio airwaves. She is not alone. There are other banned
    Cuban musicians of great importance. According to Shoot the singer!:
    music censorship today, a book edited by Marie Korpe states that there
    is increasing concern within the international music community that
    post-revolution generations are growing up without knowing or hearing
    these censoredmusicians and that this could lead to a loss of Cuban
    identity in future generations.The phrase cultural genocide is used to
    describe the “cultural revolution” of the 1960s and 1970s that
    blacklisted andcensored scores of Cuban musiciansand artists. The above
    censorship is widely known, but not as well known is that when the
    mother of Celia Cruz was dying the Cuban musical icon was blocked by
    Fidel Castro from returning to Cuba to say goodbye to her mom or attend
    her funeral afterwards. This practice still goes on today with Cuban
    dissidents in the diaspora barred arbitrarily from seeing their loved
    ones by the Castro regime.

  • A wonderful women of integrity and truth. We are all lifted up by her dignity and love.

  • I don’t think she has been invited, but she is excluding herself with her political stance. She may never sing there after all.

  • Sadly and disappointingly, Emilio and Gloria Estefan have gone over to the dark side. They supported Obama’s failed rapprochement with the genocidal Castros. Most of the tourism money goes to the Cuban military. Very little of that money goes to ordinary Cubans, and it is paid in worthless pesos. That is why the majority of Cubans, after decades of trade and tourism with the world, are still destitute and living in horrible conditions. The regime uses tourism money to fund repression, terrorism, human-trafficking, and many other illegal activities. Simply put, the regime uses tourism money to stay in power. In their delusion, the Estefans really thought that making deals with hardened, murderous, lying psychopaths would bring change to Cuba. They, and those like them, have been sorely disproven and mistaken.

    Do not vacation or do business in Cuba until the Castro regime implodes and civil liberties are restored to the Cuban people. Do not be complicit in the crimes of the Castro regime!

    Freedom for Cuba! Justice for the Cuban people!

  • That which is popular and fashionable is not necessarily right or moral. History disproves your comment. You do not have the facts, and you are not informed. Read my comment again. You did not undertand it.

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