November 14, 2016 at 1:37 pm EST | by Mariah Cooper
Christian blogger comes out, reveals she’s dating Abby Wambach

Christian mom blogger Glennon Doyle Melton has announced she is dating soccer star Abby Wambach.

Melton, 40, revealed she and Wambach, 36, are in a relationship on Facebook writing, “Feels like the world could use all the love it can get right now. So today, I’m going to share with you my new love.”

“Abby is deeply sensitive and kind. The kids call her an M&M because she looks tough on the outside but inside she’s really mushy and sweet,” Melton writes. “Abby’s brave. Not just with her words but with her entire being. She has never been afraid to be herself, even when the world told her not to be. I learn from her everyday about the woman I want to become.”

She continued on that her ex-husband Craig and her children are on good terms with Wambach.

Melton’s memoir “Love Warrior” was featured in Oprah’s Book Club. She has been candid about her divorce, eating disorder and addiction issues in both her book and blog, Momastry. The blogger has also been open about her belief that same-sex marriage is not contrary to the church.

Melton divorced her husband in August. Wambach also divorced her wife Sarah Huffman in September.

[[[LOVE WINS PART TWO, CONTINUED FROM PART ONE]]] How are we supposed to FEEL about this? My loves, here is the good news: You are allowed to think and feel WHATEVER YOU NEED OR WANT TO FEEL! Come close–because I need to explain this part well: It has been my job for so long as a leader in this community to care deeply about what you think and feel about me and the way I live my life. I have cared so much, for so long. It has been a great honor. Now we are entering a new time which calls for a different type of leadership. And now it is my job as a leader not to concern myself too deeply about what you think and feel about me- about the way I live my life. That is what I want to model now, because that is what I want for YOU: I want you to grow so comfortable in your own being, your own skin, your own knowing – that you become more interested in your own joy and freedom and integrity than in what others think about you. I want you to refuse to betray yourself. Not just for you. For ALL OF US. Because what the world needs — in order to grow, in order to relax, in order to find peace, in order to become brave — is to watch one woman at a time live her truth without asking for permission or offering explanation. The most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself. What I need you to know- and what I know you need to know- is that I am deeply, finally, FINE. Fine through my bones and soul and mind and just every fiber of me. You have the room to feel and react with your truth….because I am so unshakably certain inside of mine. I have officially become a woman who knows who she is and refuses to betray herself. So anyway. What I’m trying to say is. PRECIOUS WORLD: I LOVE ABBY. Love Wins. G

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  • Please stop using the racist, misogynist term “Christian.” Clearly that antiquated book opposes LGBTQ rights, so why patronize religious zealots with their term? It’s time to fully embrace love by fully discarding anything to do with Christ and his backwards bible.

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