March 1, 2017 at 2:10 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Gay man who threatened U.S. senators pleads guilty
Kyler George Schmitz, Capitol Police, gay news, Washington Blade

Kyler George Schmitz was accused of threatening to shoot two senators. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

In a little-noticed development, a 28-year-old gay man arrested last June at his home in Alexandria, Va., for allegedly making threats to shoot at least two U.S. senators in the face in a series of Twitter messages pleaded guilty in December to making interstate threatening communications.

Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia sentenced Kyler George Schmitz to two years of supervised probation and 90 days of home detention.

The Dec. 21 sentence came after Schmitz accepted a plea bargain offer by prosecutors that included pleading guilty to one of five counts in an indictment that charged him with making an interstate threatening communication.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Schmitz to six months in prison and a three-year term of supervised release on probation.

They pointed to one Twitter message that Schmitz sent to a senator, whose identity has been withheld, saying, “I’m going to shoot you in the head for allowing someone to murder my loved ones.” In a message to another senator, Schmitz stated, according to U.S. Capitol Police, “I am literally going to buy a gun [and] shoot you in the face [and] watch your brains splat #BangBangByeBitch.”

“The government submits that its proposed sentence is appropriate and reasonable in light of the seriousness of the defendant’s conduct, the history and characteristics of the defendant, and the need for a just punishment,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander P. Berrang said in sentencing memorandum to the judge.

In a sentencing memo on Schmitz’s behalf, defense attorney Geremy Kamens said Schmitz sent his threatening messages days after he was traumatized over the mass shooting in Orlando by a gunman who took the lives of 49 mostly LGBT patrons in the Pulse nightclub. Added Kamens, “All of the evidence makes clear that Mr. Schmitz had no intention of carrying out his threats.”

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  • “The need for a just punishment” ??? What did he do wrong? They can’t even explain their point of view in light of the legislature they passed, and the Orlando mass shootings. It wasn’t a priority to put their legislature into context?

    This is what happened to me. Further traumatizing the victim.

  • Us who? You clearly aren’t gay. And threatened how? What with his outspoken gayness you dumb kook? It’s Freedom of Speech lady.

    He tweeted a reaction to insane senators in light of the Pulse nightclub shootings. Got it? But to hear you tell it he’s all the way a “dumbass” who has “threatened” them. The threat is in their legislature straight woman so maybe you need to educate yourself, and stop pushing the panic button everytime a gay person “colors outside the lines” of your straight-norma society.

    What are you pro-gun advocates afraid of your own shadow now? What a laugh. Or are you just mad that your easy access to guns legislature might come to bite you on your own rear-ends? Insane senators who you gave a free pass to. As if the fact that they’re senators was supposed to carry so much weight in your argument anyway. You’re just another closed minded Republican sympathizer. End of discussion.

    You straight people are not the only ones here, and your laws are only designed to make certain we all fall into marginalized areas of governance. So you clearly aren’t part of any movement I value lady, and you and that child in your picture can both f-ck off!

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    Hey stupid. Being a lesbian doesn’t make you an expert on anything.

    Hey stupid. You’re no lesbian. You just hate all men straight and gay alike. Get the difference?

    Hey stupid. The community isn’t behind your man hating so stop pretending you anything about the community at large. You just hate gay men and are trying to social engineer more compliance and homophobia.

    Hey stupid. No one was threatened, and you still haven’t proved it.

    Hey stupid. It’s actually not “illegal to threaten another’s life”. It’s called Freedom of Speech. And you must know nothing about law so stop pretending you do. Maybe if you weren’t so stupid already (and distracted by your blind man hate and homophobia) you’d understand the concept. And I suggest you go back and pass your high school English class too. I’m sure that kid you kidnapped will appreciate better diction out of you someday.

    Hey stupid. Don’t ignore Anger Management. It can help you.

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