July 8, 2010 at 1:31 pm EDT | by Larry Ray
Why I support Fenty for re-election

I have lived in the District of Columbia for more than 30 years and I have never seen more progress than what we have made during the past 11 years under the administrations of Mayor Anthony Williams and Mayor Adrian Fenty.

The D.C. population is rising. School test scores are rising. City services have improved. Crime is down.

Mayor Fenty can proudly take responsibility for this progress.

Some oppose Mayor Fenty. Usually their opposition revolves around emotional issues, such as the baseball ticket scandal or charges that Fenty is arrogant. That’s not a solid basis for opposing his re-election.

For several decades, I saw no progress in our schools, which always rated at the bottom of any national school list. We taxpayers pay more than $14,500 per student. D.C. ranks fourth right behind New York, New Jersey and Alaska in the amount we spend per student. We deserve to see improvements.

Now, school buildings have improved and scores are slightly up, a progressive contract has been signed and court-ordered benchmarks for special education are being met, thanks to Mayor Fenty’s appointee, Chancellor Michelle Rhee. It may be true that Chancellor Rhee needs to improve her people skills, but most of us voters are more interested in results.

D.C. at one time was “the murder capital of the nation.” Now, most crimes are down with thanks to Mayor Fenty’s appointee, Chief Cathy Lanier. Chief Lanier has proceeded wisely, especially with her promotions of Patrick Burke and Diane Groomes — both having served in my police district-3D.

In summary, most of us D.C. voters do not want to go back. We want to continue to move forward as we have for the past 11 years. Mayor Fenty deserves to be re-elected so he can complete his vision for the District.

Larry Ray is a D.C. resident and has served as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Police Commissioner and Taxicab Commissioner. He also served as president of the Columbia Heights Civic Association.

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  • Crime is down nation-wide and the school test scores are coming up each year, including well before Fenty took over. Fenty has done nothing but make his friend rich and destroy the trust in government. Avoiding FOIA requests, illegal contracts to friends, firing those who question the legality of decisions, and even makes sure a friend is granted a professional license without passing an exam (NOTE: Fenty appoints the licensing board), the contracts his friends are granted are given mark-ups that are not common business practice. Fenty is corrupt and cannot stand on his own. Take away things that Williams started and you have little to nothing to show…other than his friends having deep pockets.

    See test score info…get the facts right.

    Source: http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/states/
    (then click on “District of Columbia”)

    4th grade Math
    1996 – 187
    2000 – 192
    2003 – 205
    2005 – 211
    2007 – 214
    2009 – 219

    8th grade Math
    1996 – 233
    2000 – 235
    2003 – 243
    2005 – 245
    2007 – 248
    2009 – 254

    [reading scores dipped a little between ‘02-’03 (4th grade) and ’02-’05 (8th grade) but rebounded and improved before Rhee arrived in July ’07. The tests were taken in the spring of ’07.]

    4th grade Reading
    1998 – 179
    2002 – 191
    2003 – 188
    2005 – 191
    2007 – 197
    2009 – 202

    8th Grade reading
    1998 – 236
    2002 – 240
    2003 – 239
    2005 – 238
    2007 – 241
    2009 – 242

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