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Kameny Facebook page formed to help activist

A volunteer member of the local gay charitable group Helping Our Brothers and Sisters (HOBS) has created a Facebook page intended to facilitate financial contributions to support veteran gay rights leader Frank Kameny.

In a letter to HOBS supporters and others in the LGBT community, Ben Carver announced that he has created a “Buy Frank a drink,” page on Facebook, with the intent of enabling members of the community to make a $10 donation in lieu of buying Kameny a drink to thank him for his more than 50 years of work on behalf of LGBT causes.

“I’m writing you today because while Mr. Kameny lives very simply, he has struggled to make ends meet on his slim pension,” Carver said.  “Also, while his mind is sharp, he has difficulty managing his finances. To be brief, one of our greatest heroes needs help.”

Marvin Carter, HOBS’ founder and president, noted that during a HOBS Christmas luncheon for Kameny, the nationally known activist told of his attendance at President Obama’s signing of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal bill and how Obama and Vice President Joe Biden shook his hand at the event.

Kameny, a World War II combat veteran, has been credited with starting a paralegal service to help gay and lesbian service members under investigation for their sexual orientation in the 1970s, becoming the first known gay-run effort to stop gays from being discharged from the military. The paralegal service was one of many Kameny initiatives and advocacy campaigns he organized over the years on behalf of LGBT rights.

The Kameny page can be found here.