June 17, 2011 at 1:42 pm EDT | by Staff reports
U.N. council passes gay rights resolution

The United Nations Human Rights Council today passed a resolution supporting equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation, CNN and other news outlets reported.

It’s the first-ever U.N. resolution on the human rights of LGBT people and was introduced by South Africa. It passed 23-19 with three abstentions.

In March the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a statement, supported by 85 countries, on gay rights called “Ending Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”

Today’s vote “marks a victory for defenders of human rights,” said Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to CNN. “It sends a clear message that abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity must end.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made gay rights a key focus of the State Department’s human rights agenda, expressing her view that “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.”

  • Hello!

    Hey, congratuations are in order. I must say that it is *truly* a feather in your cap to have successfully subverted what most saw as an outright attempt of the Fundementalist Islamic Nations to twist the U.N. Human Rights Council into a cat’s paw to defend Muslim Religious Supression by turning it into “protected anti-defamation responses” that would give them UN Sactions to kill Bhudists, Taoists, Christians, Hindus and people of all sorts of other Religions, even “Secular” Humanists. I may not support your point of view to the point and the extent as it is expressed in the United States, among other places, but in the context it was done here, on the International Level, where the fairness in treatment is most certainly lacking, considering people being put to death *legally* for sexual orientation in some (I think it is 5) countries, I have to say well done!

    As a bonus, the Jihadists are *really* hacked off now! They can’t get it done, but the LGBT community does! So they have to look at themselves as “Second Rate Haters” instead of the “Top Shelf Stuff” they want to think the are! LOL!!!

  • It is not so much a red banner day as a rainbow flag moment. Gays the world over should not be discriminated against, so says the United Nations in an historic moment, adopting a resolution supporting equal rights for gays. Did you hear that “Faggot” slurring sports stars and, yes, I am talking to you Tracey Morgan for whom this must be a bit of a ‘stab in the heart’. But it is not just the law of the land; it is the understanding of the world. So if the United Nations can understand and facilitate such understanding…what is still wrong with this united nation known as the United States? Just how can we stand by the UN resolution without fully understanding the hypocrisy that still permeates this United…or not so united…States. We still have discrimination in the armed forces. (Sure, sure, committee after committee has to still weigh in on the ridding of DADT. Until then where are we?) Gay Weddings? Good for some in some states…intolerable to others in most states. This is simple discrimination. Let us learn from the resolution and have some truth in advertising for once. If we want to call ourselves the United States…can’t we just be United? Really!?!

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