February 18, 2013 at 6:05 am EDT | by Staff reports
Gay shower scene on ‘Days’


UPDATE: An earlier version of this story mistakenly implied Will Horton is not a member of the fictional Horton family. We have corrected that error.

NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” which debuted in 1965 and is one of daytime’s longest-running soaps, continues pushing the envelope. Last week it ran a brief but smoldering gay shower scene between Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith).

Sparks have been burning for months between the two. In an episode that aired Nov. 14, they had sex. Both characters are grandchildren of two of the show’s main families.

This week’s scene, though just a dream sequence, is thought to be a first for a daytime soap. Massey won a Daytime Emmy for playing Will last year. The two actors together, neither of whom have said much about their own sexual orientation, also won a GLAAD Award for their work. Watch the shower scene here.

  • Heinz The-baron Kraus Von-espy

    Actually you are wrong, they've both mentioned interested in women so might want to cancel any plans you cooked up with them when you visit Burbank.

  • After all the work DOOL has done to portray this story you've boiled it down to a national enquirer type headline. Gay Shower Scene.

  • Typical of many gay publications, the A&E staff at the Blade seems to be just a bunch of gossipy queens. Dish over details sweetie! Oh and never mind about the beautiful and important story being played out by two excellent and very passionate actors! >:-(

  • I loved the article, but really, more needed to be said here. It talks about the story of where they come from, but the one thing that needs to be said is that NBC is doing a great things here, It’s not only showing a love story, it’s about showing love between two souls no matter what sexual orientation they are!!! These actors are amazing and I will be forever thankful to NBC for doing this story line. Btw, this was the best shower scene ever in day time history, But to be called “gay shower scene”? Come on!!! It;s not like we use “straight shower scene” for other couples. This is opening a whole new page to viewers out there who are dealing with issues similar to Wilson. This is one of the reasons I started my own Wilson fan group. I have created a place for people to be who they want to be, no hate and nu rules…

    I also want to thank the author of this article for featuring my fanvid shower scene. This means so much to me you have no idea. Thank you for letting me express my opinion and for sharing this article. All I have to say to end this is Wilson 4 Ever!!!

    • Hear hear! Couldn’t agree more. These 2 (straight) actors are doing masterful work, committed to their characters and to an accurate and honest portrayal of two gay men. I started watching for their storyline (after a 20 year absence) and I am hooked. Best performances and yes, hot at that!

  • very hot can't wait to see it for real.

  • Who ever writes your “Staff Reports” should probably try a little harder to understand their subject matter, since they clearly failed here. The facts about the characters are wrong, and the comment about the actors sexual orientation is unworthy of publication. What IS important about this scene, and the rest of the Will and Sonny storyline, is that DOOL is portraying a couple in love, just like any other couple!

  • Wow. The author writes his name is Will Horton then claims he's not a Horton. Not only is will related to the Hortons and Alice & Toms great grandson, he is also a member of the Brady family. The Brady's took over the main family spot in the 80's. will is also the grandson of Marlena Evans and son of Sami Brady, two of the shows longest running female leads. Sonny meanwhile is a Kiriakis, while not a main central family his grandfather Victor has been on the show for many years and the family has been built up. What poor journalism, a simple google search would provide that but it wasn't even needed as Will Horton is in fact a… Horton.

  • So Will Horton is not a Horton ?! lmaooooooo

  • Why not a shower scene, why does it have to be a gay shower scene, just like it should be a wedding instead of a gay wedding. We are as equal as the rest of you.

  • Thanks to all who weighed in — yes, I fully admit this was churned out quickly and though I haven’t personally watched the show in years, now that you mention it, I do recall that Bill Horton (Alice and Tom’s son) turned out to have had an affair with Kate Roberts, thus making Lucas (Will’s father) a Horton after all. You’d think the last name would have reminded me, but I never really thought of Lucas as much of a Horton, though technically he is, because in the years I was watching regularly, this hadn’t been revealed yet. SORRY! Thanks for reading and pointing all this out.

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