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Thrill of striking out on your own

Striking out on your own and moving to a new city where you know almost no one is a scary prospect for just about everyone. But that’s what James Jones, managing partner of 360 Sustainability Group, did when he moved to D.C. from Boston, just a year after founding the eight-person company.

Jones had a leg-up in the community: several years ago he was the managing director of Boston’s version of CAGLCC. He immediately got involved in CAGLCC not only to build business opportunities, but also to build personal contacts and friendships. “I know what the chamber can do for your business,” Jones says. “I was new to the city – it is really a great avenue for me to get involved.”

360 is in the business of management consulting, centering on organizational development, communications, CSR and environmental sustainability. “We try to help organizations be more efficient, sustainable and socially engaged, but also develop an effective branding and communications strategy to get their message out,” Jones explains. They work with businesses and non-profits of all sizes to help build a competitive advantage.

Key to Jones’ work is building collaborative partnerships between stakeholders. “We really need to work together to improve our economy and address social issues. The government can’t do it alone; nor can corporations and non-profits. What we do at 360 is build partnerships and find solutions.”

360 is currently working with a national not-for-profit, helping them develop capacity-building strategies around corporate partnerships, board recruitment, organizational effectiveness and marketing.

“I believe strongly in public service and being civically engaged,” Jones adds, who transitioned very quickly into the local community. “Washington is all about making a difference and that’s our mission at 360 – to make a difference.”

Learn more about 360 Sustainability Group at Contact James Jones at

Fenty, Gray and CAGLCC

On Sept. 14, the Democratic mayoral primary decides who is most likely going to be D.C.’s next mayor. The top contenders for the job, incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty and Council Chairman Vincent Gray, attended a Forum hosted by CAGLCC and DCMAP on Aug. 12 at the Washington Hilton.

“This was the first time the LGBT community had a one-on-one public forum with D.C. mayoral candidates,” observed Ken White, CAGLCC board president and vice president of Signal Financial Services. “LGBT business is significant in the D.C. metro area. We intend to engage political leaders in this type of dialogue on a regular basis.”

Travis Slocum, a CAGLCC board member, notes both candidates’ platforms have plans in place for economic development in D.C., particularly for small businesses. However, he said, “Chairman Gray has more of a focus in this area. On the other hand, he is in a unique position to criticize the current administration.”

Joe Kapp, of Lincoln Financial Advisors, noted the different views on the Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit in the city’s police force.

“Fenty thinks the unit can be dissolved and provide increased ‘sensitivity training’ to police officers. Gray thinks it’s possible to do both. Feeling safe and the success of businesses in neighborhoods where hate crimes have been committed go hand in hand.”

Who is going to be the next Democratic candidate for D.C. mayor? If you’re voting Democratic and are decided or undecided, go to and to learn more about these candidates’ plans for D.C.’s future.

CAGLCC member news

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