April 12, 2011 at 8:48 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
RNC removes anti-gay page from website

The Republican National Committee has removed from its website a page criticizing President Obama for the pro-LGBT advances he’s made thus far over the course of his administration.

The link to the page, which was titled “Hope Isn’t Hiring,” now redirects to the main page for the RNC’s website. According to the Human Rights Campaign, a link to the anti-gay page that was on the RNC main page now goes nowhere.

Acts in support of the LGBT community were listed among the 10 things the RNC cited on the page as “The Case Against Obama: Social Issues.” The page went online the day Obama officially declared his intent to seek re-election in 2012.

The LGBT-related items were “Despite It Being the Law of the Land, Obama Refused to Continue Defending the Defense of Marriage Act in Court,” “Obama Repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ While U.S. Troops Are Still on the Battlefield” and “Obama Opposed California’s Prop 8 and Has Expanded Government Recognition of Same-Sex Couples.”

A RNC spokesperson didn’t respond to the Washington Blade’s request to comment on why the “Hope Isn’t Hiring” page is no longer active.

Last week, HRC sent a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus condemning the anti-gay page. Log Cabin Republicans said they communicated with the RNC that the anti-gay page would hurt the Republicans in 2012.

On Tuesday, Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, expressed approval over RNC’s decision to remove the anti-gay page from its website.

“Hopefully the Republican Party leadership has come to their senses and realized that attacking LGBT families offends the great majority of Americans,” Solmonese said. “Polling overwhelmingly shows that Americans support LGBT equality and the Republican Party would be foolish to campaign on a platform based on discrimination and ignorance.”

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  • Removal from a website does not mean they have removed GOP anti-homosexual hatred from evangelicals and others in the right wing base. They will never support any legislation that acknowledges equality among and between variant sex and gender groups.

  • I wouldn’t vote GOP EVER,NEVER..EVER….even IF they paid me..no way, no how! They’ll ALWAYS be Anti-LGBT….dont listen to thier lies!

  • I wouldn’t vote GOP EVER,NEVER..EVER….even IF they paid me..no way, no how! They’ll ALWAYS be Anti-LGBT.,dont listen to thier lies!

  • Congratulations to HRC for helping the GOP hide how much they oppose our rights.

    Way to go, dimwits.

  • I like it when the repubs officially show their true colors. It links them to racists and fringe hate groups like Westboro Baptist. It alienates rational voters and marginalizes their cause.

    • Ignorance and fear are the friends of Republicans and other radical groups. If you say it enough and loudly, people will believe it no matter if it kills them. Republican ideology is the cigarette of tomorrow.

  • A self-avowed heterosexual neighbor proudly told me that he once voted for a Republican candidate, because he votes for the man, not the party. His face fell when I observed that when you get the man, you get the party. Then he asked me if I had ever voted for a Republican. I said, “Does a Jew vote for a Nazi?”

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