September 6, 2011 at 5:26 pm EDT | by Pete Exis
Underwear contest at the Lodge

The Lodge Lounge and Dance Club in Boonsboro, MD held an underwear contest on Saturday.

(Washington Blade photos by Pete Exis)

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  • Were we readers supposed to be “turned on” by some of these guys in undies? I didn’t see one worth a second look. YIKES, please put your clothes back on. It’s times like this I’m so glad I have a partner…

  • laurel”boy” you’re a total douche bag. grow up and change your screen name to something less juvenile — maybe then you can stop acting like you’rs still in middle school.

  • Laurelboy YOU are exactly what’s wrong with today’s gay youth (assuming you’re even young enough to use the label “boy”) and most importantly sorry for your partner which has to deal with your immaturity. This type of superficiality will not get you far in life and will only make growing older torturous for you. I commend the staff of The Lodge for providing a culture where everyone is accepted regardless of their sex, creed, sexuality, sub-group, etc. What a true humanitarian will see in these pictures are people feeling safe, comfortable, and secure enough to participate in festive activities free of idiots like you. So stay in Laurel and don’t depend on the Blade to get you “turned on”, you have a “partner” for that, remember?!? ;) To the Blade, great job of filming this event, your pictures are amazing! Human balancing acts, body paint, sexy wet men/women, twinks, bears, the whole gambit! HOT!

  • The pictures show a group of guys at a small rural gay bar having a little fun. It takes a lot of courage to show up at a bar in underwear. These guys aren’t supposed to be top male eye candy like you would see at Wet or La Cage. Laurelboy should know that PW Sports bar in Laurel attracts the same type of local crowd.

    Gay men need to realize that gay porn does not represent real life.

  • Laurelboy, If you have a “partner”, why are you looking at the photos on here to be “turned on” by?

  • Photos like these are why the gay community at large has a difficult time trying to gain broad-based acceptance and equality by all. Synonymous with Gay Pride where all you see are drag queens and flamboyant gays and lesbians.

    Perry 2012

  • @Laurelboy Have you ever been to a straight frat party or bar? They are more extreme than what you see at gay pride in DC. There was only one guy walking around naked at DC Gay Pride this year and that person “need to put their clothes on” as you say.

    Also these photos are tame compared to some of the photos at MetroWeekly.

  • laurelboy…..maybe u should stay in ur bubble then since u seem to be so close minded…and we may not be americas next top models but we are a close family here in the ”hills” and we protect our own….in other words we from the country and are not at all scared to have fun, nor whoop someones ass for messing with us. and as far as only seeing half naked boys or drag queens in everything… whom among may i say we raise alot of money for many causes by putting on lashes and a fierce pair of pumps…what do u do for our community but be a negative nancy? thats all. and bye the way my name is dannica lauder/ matt hite incase u needed to speak to me directly. thanks

    • putting on lashes and a fierce pair of pumps… that’s the kind of attention the gay community DOES NOT NEED in order to gain broad acceptance. Please, if you’re going to wear those fashion items, stay in YOUR bubble. It makes me barf and embarrassed for my fellow gays.

  • You go Matt! Laurelboy – or should it be LaurelBOI has big issues – from “not hot” to “poorly representing the community” – he sounds like a politician – big, big issues!!!

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