August 5, 2015 at 1:33 pm EDT | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Police seek help in solving male rape case
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The victim reported being abducted near the intersection of 14th Street and Parkwood Place. (Washington Blade photo by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.)

D.C. police are seeking help from the public in identifying as many as eight suspects reportedly involved in the abduction and sexual assault of an adult male victim in Columbia Heights on Friday evening, July 31.

A statement released by police says that at approximately 8 p.m. on July 31 one of the suspects approached the victim near the intersection of 14th Street and Parkwood Place, N.W., and forced him at gunpoint into a white van.

A police incident report obtained by the Washington Blade says the same suspect and as many as seven other suspects “drove him around” in the van.

According to the report, the victim told police that while inside the van “Suspect 1 through Suspect 5 anally sexually assaulted him against his will and without his consent.”

The separate statement released by police on Aug. 2 says the incident has been listed as a first-degree sexual assault while armed (gun) and a kidnapping.

It describes the suspect believed to have forced the victim into the van as a Hispanic male, 6 feet one inch to 6 feet two inches tall, between 22 and 27 years of age with a slim build and short black curly hair, and armed with a gun.

A second suspect is described as an “unknown male, heavy set, 17 to 19 years of age” and having a light complexion.

The police incident report made available to the public identifies the victim only as being a white male of “Hispanic origin.”

A box on the incident report that asks the reporting officer whether the incident is a “suspected hate crime” was left blank. The reporting officer, Det. Douglas J. Carlson of the department’s Sexual Assault Unit, wrote the word “none” in a separate box that says, “Describe injury.”

A police source familiar with how police incident reports are prepared said the hate crime box is left blank when investigators don’t have sufficient evidence that an incident was a possible hate crime at the time the report was made. That assessment could change at any time during the course of an investigation as new evidence surfaces, the source said.

Neither the police statement nor the incident report discloses the victim’s age or whether he identifies as gay, straight, bisexual or transgender.

The area surrounding the 14th Street and Parkwood Place intersection, where the victim was abducted, includes numerous shops and restaurants that cater mostly to a Latino clientele.

Police are asking anyone who has information that might be helpful to their investigation into the incident to call police at 202-727-9099. The police statement says an award of up to $1,000 is being offered for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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  • This appears to be a radical change in policy at Lanier’s newly homophobic/transphobic MPD.

    Of course it facilities MPD coverups of hate crimes. If MPD does NOT check the box, then MPD will NOT have to investigate thoroughly for a hate/bias motive. Cute change, huh?

    However, the hate/bias checkoff box on the 251 was intended to alert *POSSIBLE* hate/bias motives. That’s a change in procedure that demonstrates MPD’s new anti-LGBTQ bias on its face.

    And it reflects MPD obstruction of justice and corruption Council and Mayor Bowser ought demand be stopped.

    In this instance, “rape” is clearly listed as a designated act in DC’s hate crime law (Bias-Related Crimes Act), btw. And it doesn’t matter if the crime is a matter of a straight perpetrator(s) (‘perps’) on LGBTQ victims or vice-versa.

    LGBTQ victims of such crimes should NOT at all rule out hate-bias motives–irrespective of what perpetrator(s) say or do to the victim(s).

    Victims often don’t know what they don’t know. That’s what competent and thorough police investigations are for, after all.

    If MPD (including GLLU officers) claims under circumstances such as this incident (and the one at 11th & V last month) there is not evidence of a hate crime, be VERY suspicious.

    Do NOT assist MPD officers in a coverup of the crime perpetrated against you!

    For example, perps can work in teams, in which one or more perps are never seen. Keep in mind that robberies and property crimes targeting LGBTQs can be “designated acts” of hate crimes too.

    Also, hate crime perps may reveal their biased motives to third parties/ witnesses, who are completely unknown and unobserved by their victim(s).

    MPD’s withholding of video evidence in the 11th & V Street cases an example

    So, if you are LGBTQ and are the victim of such a crime where there is a *POSSIBILITY* of anti-LGBTQ hate/bias…

    (1) ask for the name and badge number of MPD responder(s)

    (2) ask for the presence of a GLLU MPD officer

    (3) demand that the hate/bias box on MPD’s Form PD-251 be checked off for possible hate motive, to insure a THOROUGH investigation investigation

    (4) demand your suspicions and/or statement of the incident be ACCURATELY reflected on the MPD 251 report’s narrative.

    (5) get a copy of your case’s Form 251 from any MPD district station and check it completely for errors –AND– omissions.

    (6) demand that MPD promptly correct errors and commission on the Form 251 (usu. using Form 252) –and/or– AMEND your 251 report if new evidence/ witnesses come to light subsequently.

    (7) go public and/or seek competent legal help if you sense any foot-dragging, lack of response and/or coverup by any officers or detectives at MPD

    Any big city police department can have great crime stats if they just hide, coverup, stall or harass crime victims and/or withhold evidence of crimes from the public.

    To get some sense of how that works at MPD, take a few minutes to watch two video reports…

    Human Rights Watch discovered patterns of such MPD coverups in its report of 2013.
    For 1st video…
    “DC Police Fail Rape Victims YouTube”

    The 11th & V case of last month can be seen at
    For 2nd video…
    “myfoxdc bowser lack of police alert violent slashing”
    A police source familiar with how police incident reports are prepared said the hate crime box is left blank when investigators don’t have sufficient evidence that an incident was a possible hate crime at the time the report was made. That assessment could change at any time during the course of an investigation as new evidence surfaces, the source said.


    • Know who to contact (and complain to) at DC’s Metropolitan Police department (MPD).

      First, find out in what DC police District and PSA (Police Service Area) you reside with this handy MPD calculator link. The first number of your PSA will indicate which of DC’s 7 police districts you reside in.

      Then get the MPD contact *ROSTER* for your particular district. Here is the First District (aka, ‘1D’) MPD Roster link…

      Remember, that 24/7, each MPD police district has a *Watch Commander* (rotating officials) on duty to whom you can complain and/or request that a GLLU officer and/or Sergeant or Lieutenant be sent to handle questionable conduct by lower-ranking MPD responders.

    • Rape isn’t a hate crime.
      What concerns me is that this sounds more like a perfect conservative talking point crime by gay people. It is too perfect.

      Remember a conservative website paid underage girls to claim a US senator had sex with them right before the 2012 election.

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