June 30, 2016 at 10:46 am EDT | by Mark Lee
Gay groups taking on gun issues could backfire

guns, gay news, Washington BladeLGBT activists have tough issues to grapple with in the wake of the Orlando tragedy.

Do gay activists and organizations run the risk of fracturing equality efforts and the continuing support among constituents for their work by engaging on other political issues, especially when many potential topics enjoy much less than universal, or even broad, support?

Is the sudden addition of advocating for gun control legislation as a component of LGBT political action to become a new line item on the infamous “gay agenda”? Will the political endorsements and candidate rankings of gay rights organizations now include measuring political commitments to specific gun regulations?

These fundamental and problematic observations arise from the political response gay rights groups have proffered in recent days on gun control. It may portend a definitive “fork in the road” for LGBT political leadership and, in particular, some gay activists who have been arguing for a political shift away from a solitary focus on gay equality to encompass other progressive political issues.

The answer could largely determine whether there will continue to be viable political representation on issues directly affecting gays and effectively addressing intrinsic LGBT concerns, or whether gay organizations will instead shift toward engaging in external issues on which not all agree.

When you start scratching below the surface of strong support for background checks for gun purchases, keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists and banning the sale of assault weapons, LGBT opinions begin to diverge on more finite gun control proposals.

Yet gun control laws might be the easiest among the political notions some activists desire intermingling on their preferred long litany of advocacy items, given the relatively strong popular support for specific limited legislation. What happens when left-leaning activists and political party loyalists attempt further extending the “issues of gay concern” to other topics enjoying much less unanimity among an increasingly diverse population with little more than sexual orientation in common?

As assimilation integrates each of us into society, we will more often than not discover that there is a wider range of political opinions in our relatively modest-sized subset than was readily apparent when we were solely focused on shared and unifying personal concerns. Having largely gained the freedom to view our lives and our politics in a more holistic and individualistic manner, any semblance of commonality on non-gay-centric social constructs or political issues is unlikely to prevail.

Local and national gay rights groups should tread carefully on this. If they don’t, LGBT leaders and organizations may find fewer and fewer willing to support them.


Mark Lee is a long-time entrepreneur and community business advocate. Follow on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at OurBusinessMatters@gmail.com.

  • The only gay people who would oppose stricter gun control laws are the numerically insignificant and morally suspect “Log Cabin” types. We cannot let an ethically challenged tiny subset of our community hold us back from doing what we can to prevent more Pulse, Sandy Hook, and Charleston massacres.

    • You are a psychopath.

      Thank you to the Pink Pistols an LGBTQ gun rights advocacy group for
      teaching gays and transgenders how to use guns to protect themselves and their loved ones despite people like YOU who want them to be easy prey easy targets.

      Great job Pink Pistols!

    • Pink Pistols membership double the week after Orlando. Every month I read about a transgender person being bashed in Baltimore or a gay guy mugged and sucker punched in Shaw, hospitalized with a broken jaw. Only in jurisdictions where innocent citizens have been disarmed. Not in Loudon County etc.

    • So, Kyle: What specific measures do you favor?

    • What are stricter gun control laws?

    • Kyle why are we Log Cabin types morally suspect?
      Because we want to protect ourselves and not become victims?
      Or is it the fact that if you’re Republican and a little conservative we can’t be part of your gay community.
      So much for all inclusive freedom.

    • Sounds ignorant to me…the only gays who support gun control are those who feel they are completely unable to take any responsibility for their own safety, and that is NOT what I believe is accurate of most LGBT folks I know!

    • Pink Pistols *are* doing something to prevent more violence against gays, and you can put your statist, collectivist dialectic where the sun don’t shine.

      It’s more than ironic for you to appropriate the very “morally challenged” and “ethically suspect” innuendo that was once used against *all* gays to try to bully us into complying with your — not gay — but *liberal* agenda.

      The left doesn’t own all queer people, and it’s time for you to figure that out. Maybe those of us who are conservative or libertarian are “numerically insignificant”, but guess what: that’s the same spin gaybashers use on us all.


      Sign up to be a professional victim, and the left will love you. Until after you vote…then you will become “numerically insignificant” again until it becomes advantageous for “evolving positions” again.

    • Kyle you can pretend whatever delusion suits your fancy, but you are going to eat your words.

      Queer people of all walks of life enjoy defending ourselves from attack, and I find queer people of color especially interested in armed self-defense.

      Apparently they either did not get your memo, or they laughed you off.

  • “Do gay activists and organizations run the risk of fracturing equality
    efforts and the continuing support among constituents for their work by
    engaging on other political issues, especially when many potential
    topics enjoy much less than universal, or even broad, support?”

    Oh, you mean like pushing other divisive issues like Libertarianism?

  • I don’t care what activists do. I never voted for them. I have had guns since I was a kid and being gay has nothing to do with anything. Glad to see more folks at least getting educated. Liberals have a way of breeding ignorant twats.

  • Pink Pistols is having a meetup at a shooting range in Virginia July 10 https://www.facebook.com/events/1704585369801037/

  • Libertarians respect the right of all people to own the means to effective self defence from anyone who would do them harm. Gary Johnson 2016 learn more at Outright Libertarians

  • I’m a mod on the national Pink Pistols facebook group. About a minute ago, I approved 30-some new join requests. That put us over 8,000. Monday after Orlando, we were at 1,400.

  • Mark: actually, you’re wrong about universal support of “banning assault weapons” (already illegal since 1934…you meant “banning standard SA hunting rifles like the AR15”). Pro-defense folks of any sexual-orientation pretty universally oppose anything more than “obvious disqualification” background checks (say, convicted violent criminals, not just politically unpopular folks).

    As for preventing terrorists, we would all like peace, but you pragmatically can’t disarm criminals. That only leaves opposing force from the majority “good folks.”

  • It’s telling how hostile the people are here who don’t like guns. On the Pink Pistols FB group, the vibe is that everyone should decide for themselves. Which is how one talks to fellow grownups.

  • I’m mystified as to why Liberals think that LGBT people would vote to disarm themselves. I guess that Liberals think they own LGBT folks. For those who want off the Liberal plantation, who want to arm themselves for self defense, I suggest you consult this map


    built by a Trans friend of mine (and cohost on my podcast). She wanted to bring ALL of her people together. Gun people, LGBT people, Prepper people.

    I’m on the list. I’ve already taken one person to the range, and we’re going back tomorrow, the 5th of July, to choose the specific handgun he wants to buy. Are you next? Hit the map, contact someone close to you, and learn how to handle a firearm. Decide for yourself. Don’t let your Liberal overseers tell you to get back on the plantation. Tell them you’re free to decide for yourself.

    And if you’re in Raleigh, look me up. I’ll teach you the basics for free.

  • People should do what they feel comfortable with. If they don’t think they could shoot, they shouldn’t. If they want to have fun with a group of likeminded folks, gay or no, find a Pink Pistols to join, or start a local chapter, or start a different club. Feeling or being threatened constantly is a kind of prison. Fight back.
    Activists are a scourge of modern politics. People should think for themselves.

  • Whenever I say I support background checks and waiting periods for all gun sales, and laws that limit the number of guns any one person can buy for “personal use” each month (which limits the number of guns run into the big cities for illegal use), and laws restricting assault weapon sales to the public, I get called a “libtard”, a Marxist, and more, and I’m accused of wanting to take away everyone’s guns.

    When I say we should keep track, nationally, of who, when, where and why people get shot by other people, and do more actual research on how guns affect our world, I get accused of being (once again) a “libtard” who wants to bring Big Brother into our private lives.

    The gun worshipers who have those violent knee-jerk reactions can’t seem to think straight about guns. They certainly don’t want to hear anything about facts or evidence – they don’t want to see if their assertions about the benevolent effects of guns are true or not, so they do their utmost to prevent any calm and thorough exploration of the facts. They have all these victim fantasies going, and think they’re being attacked when they’re just not. It’s really strange.

  • At least, Markie didn’t say that the gun issue would “blow up in their faces”…

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