March 31, 2017 at 10:48 am EDT | by Michael K. Lavers
N.C. governor ‘threw the LGBT community under the bus’

Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills on March 31, 2017, sharply criticized North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper for signing a controversial bill that replaces House Bill 2. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael K. Lavers)

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills on Friday sharply criticized North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper for signing a controversial law that replaces House Bill 2.

“The governor threw the LGBT community under the bus,” Aisha Moodie-Mills told the Washington Blade on Friday after she spoke at the opening of an LGBT rights conference in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo that the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute is co-organizing.

Moodie-Mills spoke with the Blade less than a day after Cooper signed the HB 2 replacement bill.

The bill that Cooper signed prohibits municipalities, state agencies and the University of North Carolina from the “regulation of access” to bathrooms, locker rooms and showers unless they have the Legislature’s expressed permission. It also bans municipalities from enacting LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination measures that would apply to private businesses or public accommodations.

The law sunsets the second provision on Dec. 1, 2020.

HB 2 — which then-Gov. Pat McCrory signed in March 2016 — banned transgender people from using public restrooms consistent with their gender identity. It also prohibited municipalities from enacting LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination measures.

“I’m just completely dismayed and disgusted and disappointed by the governor,” Moodie-Mills told the Blade.

“It was the LGBT community that ultimately pushed Roy Cooper into victory and he would be wise to remember that,” she added. “I’m disheartened but I’m not surprised. At the end of the day opportunism is not partisan.”

Moodie-Mills: LGBT community ‘will not forget’

The Associated Press earlier this week reported North Carolina’s economy will lose $3.76 billion over the next 12 years because of HB 2. Cooper signed the HB 2 replacement law — which the North Carolina Legislature approved earlier in the day — days after the NCAA said it would not consider the state as a host for champion events through 2022 unless it changes the statute.

“I get that he’s looking out for himself,” Moodie-Mills told the Blade. “It is unfortunate that he threw the people who thought they were his friends under the bus.”

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin and Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro, who campaigned for Cooper, are among the other advocates who sharply criticized him for signing the HB 2 repeal bill. Moodie-Mills told the Blade that Cooper’s LGBT supporters “will not forget this moment.”

“What we’re seeing is really seeing LGBT political power at play,” said Moodie-Mills. “I think that what is going to happen, and the governor will see this, is that our memories are long and chickens always come home to roost and we will not forget.”

Chris Johnson contributed to this story.

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  • 1) Maintain and strengthen the boycott — more effectively targeting advertisers’ sponsorship– until the status quo prior to HB2’s enactment– including the ability of localities to enact/enforce LGBT nondiscrimination laws is fully restored.

    2) Punish Cooper and any NC Democrats who sided with him.

    3) Boycott media hypocrite talking heads– like NBC’s Chuck Todd– who are happy to bash LGBT civil rights activism and ‘compromise’ away our fundamental human rights.

    Providing political cover for anti-LGBT political bigots is a despicable way for Meet the Press to grab ratings. MTP Daily is no longer on my ‘must watch’ list.

  • I do have to wonder how many LGBT people now complaining about the entirety of the LGBT community being thrown under the bus had no problem with throwing T people under the bus ten years ago to get an ENDA passed that Dubya was going to veto anyway.

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