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    ADVICE: Bad family reaction causes tension between boyfriends

    Significant other of one year is ‘almost always on a very short fuse’

    May 18th | by Michael Radkowsky


    ADVICE: My girlfriend wants me to pretend I’m just a ‘friend’ when her parents visit

    Is going back into the closet for a significant other an automatic dealbreaker?

    May 4th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Closeted gay guy fears workplace homophobia

    Coming out could jeopardize career but what about the effects of long-term closet stress?

    April 20th | by Michael Radkowsky


    ADVICE: paranoid after being cheated on

    If she has nothing to hide, my girlfriend should let me check her phone, right?

    April 5th | by Michael Radkowsky


    ADVICE: Burned by past relationships, gay man stumbles repeatedly

    Becoming comfortable with yourself is first step in being good dating material

    March 24th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Coping with an alcoholic partner

    Substance abuse is entrenched in LGBT culture

    March 8th | by Michael Radkowsky


    ADVICE: Boyfriend balks at new play pal despite open rules

    Gay couple of three years reaches impasse; forced to examine what they truly want

    February 25th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Three months in, is it crazy to move for love?

    Job opportunity in new town gives lesbian cause for pause

    February 9th | by Michael Radkowsky
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