August 14, 2012 | by WBadmin
Who signed the Maryland marriage petition?

Below are names of petitioners supporting a ballot referendum that would prevent from going into effect the Maryland law passed earlier this year extending marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Civil Marriage Petition Signers July 12 2012

  • Someone should sort this by address, you will notice same name and address on multiple pages (i.e.pg49 & pg 2372), there are probably alot of duplicates throughout the whole list.

  • Signing this petition doesn’t mean we are against equal marriage. Simply to let the PEOPLE vote on it. Like it should be!

  • I didnt sign this pettion, but i think this is sooo childish.I think you are using the same bully tactics that we are trying to stop others from doing. If not, what exactly is the purpose of this?

  • Anyone know where there is a searchable list?

  • I agree with Joe Walker, I see multiple duplicate copy pages. I did’nt see any address from howard Co.

  • I don’t know what the purpose of your posting names and addresses? The petition was not against gay marriage, but for putting the question on the ballot. Who runs this paper? This is the sort of crap that encourages animosity between groups. Everyone is entitled to their opinions in America. How would you like your name and address to be posted in the paper every time you had an opinion?

    • How would YOU like if your civil right as a woman is put on the ballot to be voted on by men? You could lose the right to vote, the right to education, the right to employment, and other liberties you currently enjoy. If you don’t know much about women suffrage and the struggles of minorities to gain civil rights, I suggest you start with your local library.

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