August 9, 2013 | by Chris Johnson
Social Security to begin payments to gay couples
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Married gay couples are now receiving Social Security benefits in the aftermath of the court decision against DOMA. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key).

Married same-sex couples have started to receive Social Security benefits following the U.S. Supreme Court decision against the Defense of Marriage Act, according to an announcement from the agency.

In a statement on Friday, Acting Commissioner of Social Security Carolyn Colvin announced that her agency is now processing “some” retirement spouse claims for same-sex couples in addition to “paying benefits where they are due.”

The change is attributed to the court decision against DOMA, which Colvin said helps “to ensure that all Americans are treated fairly and equally, with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

While the Supreme Court ruling against DOMA enables federal benefits, such as Social Security survivor’s benefits, to flow to married same-sex couples, not all questions on these benefits are answered. It’s unclear whether married gay couples can apply for benefits if they live in a state that doesn’t recognize their marriage because Social Security law looks to the state of residence, not the place of celebration, to determine whether a couple is married.

Colvin suggested the Social Security Administration is examining this issue with the Justice Department and will provide additional information at a later time.

“We continue to work closely with the Department of Justice,” Colvin said. “In the coming weeks and months, we will develop and implement additional policy and processing instructions. We appreciate the public’s patience as we work through the legal issues to ensure that our policy is legally sound and clear.”

Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, praised the agency for making the initial change and looks forward to seeing how additional issues will be resolved.

“It is encouraging that Social Security is taking steps to afford benefits to married couples that should be treated like anyone else,” Cole-Schwartz said. “We look forward to hearing further details from the administration on how they plan to make the greatest number of benefits available to the greatest number of people.”

In the meantime, the Social Security Administration is encouraging gay couples to apply for benefits through the agency if these couples believe they’re eligible.

“I encourage individuals who believe they may be eligible for Social Security benefits to apply now, to protect against the loss of any potential benefits,” Colvin said. “We will process claims as soon as additional instructions become finalized.”

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  • This is such awesome news for my many friends who are in loving relationships! Not only that it is what justice calls for!

  • A good friend, of mine, is marrying his partner, as we speak!!! Good news, for them! Although, neither is anywhere near ready to be collecting SS benefits. LOL!

  • Elaine Applegath-Catapano

    I was wondering if anyone knows my wife and I live in Canada. She is American and collects SSD. She doesn't know if she should claim me? I was wondering if anyone knows what she should do. We have been married since 2004 here in Canada.

  • Veteran same gender spouses and families are not treated equally! It has been too long to keep waiting.

  • SSA is not only for retirement benefits, it's also for disability and survivor benefits.

  • Unfortunately this apply s ONLY to states where Same sex marriage is legal. If a same sex couple is married and lives in a state where it is not legal. Then Tuff shit, NO Soc sec benefits at all. This was posted later today.

  • Yea no SS payment until we file a federal lawsuit against the state that doesn't reconize our SSM. SS get your foot out of your ass and do your job.

  • Unfortunately, in skim milk states like Oklahoma, where republicans rule, gays continue to be treated as second class citizens. The only way it will change is if they send in the Federal Troops. Hypocritical Koch crazed, un-smart ALEC, lobby-slater republicans can be married multiple times, but the gays none. We don't expect things to change in our lifetime, so my partner and I are moving to a civilized state. If the backward states won't follow the federal guide lines, then they shouldn't get federal funds. How's that Merry Failin ¿ The Supremes continue to rule in favor of States Rights. They call this farce a democracy. Worth killing people in other countries so they can be free like us? BTW we sued the State of Florida in 2004 and had to drop the case after we were sued by Jerry Falwell. (Unrest the corpulent soulless demon and his tax free corporation!)

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