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    Paths to pleasure

    There’s almost always a trade-off in choosing LTR vs. hook-up

    April 8th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Is poly a relationship cracker?

    Sweeping potential deal-breaker issues under the rug will haunt you

    March 26th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Just a friendly kiss?

    Focus your energies on the home front before proceeding

    March 11th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Don’t sweat the small stuff?

    Household chores are classic domestic minefields but don’t have to

    February 25th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Dwindling desire

    A couple’s feelings about sex change over a

    February 12th | by Michael Radkowsky


    The elusive search

    You could be subconsciously thwarting yourself on the partner

    January 29th | by Michael Radkowsky


    The risk factor

    Opening a relationship may seem like a win-win, but beware the

    January 15th | by Michael Radkowsky


    No-win holiday?

    When partner digs in heels, it’s time for tough

    December 18th | by Michael Radkowsky
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