July 31, 2010 at 12:41 pm EDT | by Kevin Majoros
Gay Games blog report, July 31

At the Chicago Gay Games, or any Gay Games for that matter, I am overwhelmed by the massive quantity of gay people milling about all over town.

There are gay people in every restaurant, every store and every train. You even get to a point where straight people start to appear gay to you. I fully expect the same thing to happen in Cologne.

On my flight to Zurich, I sat next to a straight boy named Jacob. I wasn’t even in Cologne yet and I felt the gay beast within taking over. Jacob was dressed like Indiana Jones and I was immediately smitten.

Kevin: Ooh, I love a theme party. Where are you headed?

Jacob: I am going to Nairobi to check out Collared Cats.

Kevin: Oh yea, wasn’t their last CD really dark techno?

Jacob: I am doing a research study on lions that have been collared.

Kevin: Oh, will you be staying at the Nairobi Ritz?

Jacob: I brought a tent.

Kevin: Oh, so you will be in a tent in the woods with boys?

Jacob puts his headphones on.

Let the games begin.

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