November 16, 2011 at 10:14 am EST | by Phil Reese
Security officer clearing Occupy Wall Street park calls veteran anti-gay epithet


A Security officer with Brookfield Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park in New York, where the Occupy Wall Street protests have made their home since September, yells “Your fly’s open, faggot” to New York gay military veteran video blogger. This video contains strong language and is not safe for work.

[h/t Bilerico]


  • Contact Brookfield Properties and let them know what you think about their security person violating their HR standards of operation and possibly the law [URL removed]

  • As a transgender female Air Force veteran with over 20+ years in law enforcement and security, if this story is true, then anyone tasked with protecting the public either publicly or in private venues that finds it necessary to be so offensive needs to find another line of work.

    • Please be advised that these unprofessional, bigoted, goons are part of the security company called “MSA Security”. They can be reached at 212 945 0336 and there website is Brookfield should no just fire one man for this they should not permit MSA security to continue to provide security services under their representation.

  • Ok..I commented before viewing the video. My first thought is this….these guys aren’t mere “security officers”….they seem to be too seasoned. Secondly, this person sees someone videoing and dares make such a bigoted comment? Wow….whatever their line of work is an IQ test is clearly not part of the hiring process. Thirdly, here in California under BSIS, security officers MUST wear a clearly identifiable uniform, precisely for the reasons that this video makes obvious: failure to at minimum identify their employer. Lastly, as a transgender female, my past history has required tremendous amounts of courage…I have never ever feared for my life. My gender transition required bucketfuls more courage than all of that combined. If the person who lambasted you was so “brave”, why did he find it necessary to walk away and disappear? Clearly the other guys at least stood firm, although at minimum they should have identified their employer. Whoever they are, this is very embarrassing to see. At no time should anyone anywhere be so afraid that they should at least provide an employer, employer contact #, and at least a surname while on duty.

    Had he been asked for a date, I could begin to understand the “F_ggot” word….however there is never any excuse for being so personally offensive….not even if someone is doing the same.

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