June 20, 2012 at 11:18 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
GOProud endorses Romney

GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia (Blade file photo by Michael Key)

The board for the gay conservative group GOProud voted on Tuesday to endorse presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in his bid for the White House.

Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, said the board decided to back the candidate despite misgivings members had about his candidacy — including anti-gay positions like his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment.

“We don’t agree with Gov. Romney on every single issue — indeed with disagree strongly with him on his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment and we have urged Romney publicly to take bolder and more conservative stances on tax reform, entitlement reform and spending,” LaSalvia said. “Given the vote on our board, obviously not everyone in our organization will agree with this endorsement, and we respect that.”

Among the reasons for the board’s endorsement of Romney was the candidate’s business experience and emphasis on free markets to energize the economy. LaSalvia had personally endorsed Romney during the primary.

According to a news statement, the decision to endorse Romney wasn’t unanimous. Two members of the board voted against the Romney endorsement

Chris Barron, a founding member of GOProud and board member of the organization, said he voted for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, but added he does “understand and respect” the decision to endorse Romney.

Jerame Davis, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, slammed GOProud for backing the Republican candidate.

“It takes a lot of chutzpah — and not a small amount of delusion — for a gay organization to find room to endorse a staunchly anti-LGBT candidate like Mitt Romney,” Davis said. “Not only has he gone on record repeatedly stating his anti-LGBT positions, he’s put his bigotry in writing. Last year, Romney signed the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-LGBT pledge that, among other things, calls for a federal constitutional amendment banning marriage equality in addition to McCarthy-style investigations of the LGBT community.

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  • Can’t wrap my head around this Hate GrOuP GOProud??? I’m hoping we achieve Marriage Equality and here they are endorsing idiots who oppose it and want to write hate into the Constitution… GOProud is on the wrong side of history. How can any gay be proud of them?

  • Actually, “it takes a lot of chutzpah — and not a small amount of delusion” for the director of the partisan Democratic group on the other side to be in denial that more and more LGBT voters are deciding which candidates to support based on a broad range of issues. This trend shouldn’t shock anyone — exit polls in 2010 indicated that fully one-third of us voted for the “other party” and that percentage is destined to increase over time.

    • GOProud is a joke and is owned by the Republican party. They would have endorsed Romney even if he had come out and said that he hated gays and wish they were all dead! This endorsement is a joke!

  • Are you sure your article was fact checked? Is GOProud a gay group? Or more specifically is its advisory board a gay group and is its endorsement an endorsement by a gay group? Do you know what percentage of the GOProud board are actually heterosexuals? Many, like author Margaret Hoover and taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist are heterosexual. I ask only because the coverage of this story has been so sloppy everywhere, including Dav Savage’s tweet that they are house faggots. You can’t be a house faggot when you aren’t even a faggot!

    From my blog:

    Dan Savage, or rather Keenan Houlahan, the plumbing advice columnist whose internalized homophobia led him to abandon his given name of Keenan Houlahan as too faggoty, for the masculine comic book hero moniker “Dan Savage,” has once again sought media attention, calling a gay political group “faggots” for endorsing someone not his choice for President.

    In particular he called them “house faggots,” which is probably projection, given Democratic party gays’ long tradition of sucking up slights, evasions and half-measures, while bending over and spreading their wallets for politicians who otherwise ignore them.

    It was kind of an odd charge though, since the group he was attacking, GOProud, is not a membership organization, and has an advisory board heavy with heterosexuals, like author Margaret Hoover and taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist. How can these people be house faggots when they aren’t even faggots?

    One supposes he was aiming at the group’s director, Jimmy LaSalvia, and founder, Chris Barron, who are bonafide (as it were) homosexuals, or perhaps its staff, a uniformly delectable group of college age gay interns (I have visited their Capitol Hill office). The curiosity there is that Chris Barron did not endorse Romney, but instead is supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson, and was indeed a Johnson delegate this May at the Libertarian Party nominating convention. Further the GOProud advisory board endorsement was not unanimous, and even the endorsement they did issue had a heavy context of “gay people are more than simply gays, they also are taxpayers who need jobs and a president who will not lie to them, hence Barack Obama fails on all counts,” and for those who are two party faithful, only one “hold your nose” or “hope he evolves” choice remains (and Romney’s history is certainly one of … evolutions).

    The gay trolls who live in the leftover blogosphere are in their usual ferment. Too ugly to leave their basements for a gay bar or film festival, they sit at home all night on their PCs typing howlers in worship of their hero Keenan Houlahan. The comments at the leftoid RawStory are particularly laughable. The author manages not to know or report any of the facts I laid out (GOProud board may be mainly straights, Barron a Libertarian not supporting Romney, etc.). The insectoid readers continue on, discussing Log Cabin Republicans, which is (1) not GOProud, (2) a membership organization, and (3) has, I believe, not (yet) endorsed Romney. And of course these poor anencephalic poofters (no doubt doubly anencephalic, actually) begin barking about how white gay males who are part of the 1% identify with the ruling class, even as these leftoid pole smokers defend their master’s use of predator drones to kill gay children in Arabia, his placing of gay and lesbian Americans on his Presidential kill list, and his bailout of crony capitalists who control the Federal Reserve System. And even while gay white male Keenan Houlahan strokes these sheeple and laughs all the way to the bank and his White House dinners with their money.

  • This is much ado about nothing and is news only in the same way that Kim Kardashian is news. A waste of Chris Johnson’s talent.

    GoProud is nothing more than a brilliant scheme by two gay guys to create jobs for themselves after being rejected by the LCR Board when they sought leadership roles back in 2009. They are an advocacy organization only in the sense they advocate for themselves, a hybrid of the “gay for pay” model.

    They cleverly wrapped “heteros” around it to give an aura of legitimacy. Yet, let’s not read too much into that. Since when has it been a problem for a gay to find some semi-famous person looking for a “fabulous” accessory? All the GoProud boys have to do is play their part which is to be outrageous in pursuing their one shared goal and that is to see a Republican in the White House. Their grandiose rhetoric has become a well-honed act with the exception of the occasional “outing.” It’s a romp, noting more. Ignore it and it will fade away.

  • Ha Ha Ha!! What a JOKE!! Endorse Romney?? Are they crazy!? I don’t think they’re gay at all. No gay man in his right mind would endorse someone that’s openly trying to destroy the lives of all gay men. He supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, a joke, he believes in free market economics, an even bigger joke, and he baptizes the dead, no comment! Win or lose these two clowns are just seeking negative attention like children. They probably have sex on the subway so everyone will look at them and then curse everyone for watching! I mean like, that’s the mentality that gay republicans are dealing with. They’re a contradiction and an UGLY contradiction at that. Like the Jewish snitches in Warsaw that wound up being gassed in the end. They think that they’re being accepted by the ‘establishment’ by identifying with the republican party. The only thing the republican party thinks about them is that they’re just a bunch of F-GS that are embarrassing the G.O.P.!

    • Another gay person using the ‘Chicken Little’ view of how the world will end if Romney wins. Guess what GLBT petty issues take a back seat if you don’t have any money coming-in and the economy is in the toilet!

  • So the guys at GOProud have a teeny tiny “disagreement” with Mitt Romney over the issue of marriage equality? Romney has pledged to support a Constitutional Amendment that would ELIMINATE law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples from the legal benefits and protections of marriage, while we would still be forced to SUBSIDIZE those protections… but for GOProud, it’s just an itsy bitsy “disagreement.” Well SORRY, Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, but we’re talking about fundamental human DIGNITY here. I’ll hope you’ll still be laughing and cheering when the Republicans throw YOU under the bus.

  • GOProud and Pastor Charles L. Worley. Wow.

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