January 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm EST | by Steve Charing
Coalition seeks trans rights
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Equality Maryland Executive Director Carrie Evans (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Seventeen local, state and national organizations have joined with individual activists to form the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality, in a broad effort to fight for trans rights.

MCTE’s mission is to advance equal rights for transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming people in Maryland through leadership, collaborative decision-making processes and resources.

Over the spring and summer of 2012, MCTE held several listening sessions across the state. Through these sessions MCTE asked community members to share their vision of progress for trans people in the state. Attendees articulated a demand for a broader coalition to do this work. Acting on that directive, MCTE has brought together numerous organizations working for equality and justice in Maryland.

“Equality Maryland embraces doing this vital work in a coalition that has trans individuals at the center of decision-making,” said Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland in a statement. “We witnessed the power of a coalition winning and preserving marriage equality and we are confident this model will succeed for trans equality.”

Other organizations in the coalition include ACLU of Maryland, Baltimore Black Pride, FreeState Legal Project, Maryland NOW (National Organization for Women), National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and PFLAG. For more information, visit mdtransequality.org.

  • The Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality formed December 2011. In 13 months, gone out into the state and done what no other organization for Maryland trans rights has ever done, its sought input from the community and responded. It has grown dramatically, and is now poised to make history.

    I'm honored and humbled to have been there from the beginning, the entire time, working with incredible advocates and friends.

  • Expect more crap from the catholic church about trans reights. Their idea of "treating every person with dignity and respect will include opposing laws that help trans people to earn a living and be able to rent a place to live instead of living in a box under a bridge.

    BTW I know someone who lost his job when he transitioned and spent 6 mos living in his car.

    The church will probably bring back its old BS about Natural law – as if they think MD is a theocracy.

    Europe was a theocratic cabal of catholic kings and hte vatican. A period of zero social progress, lord and serf societies and 40 year lifespands – KNOWN AS THE DARK AGES.

    That only began to end and was greeted by the vatican with the torture and murder ofan estimated 90000 hereitics during the HOLY Inquisiiton.

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