May 28, 2014 at 2:27 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
For 17th time, Exxon Mobil rejects LGBT workplace protections

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For the 17th time, Exxon Mobil has rejected non-discrimination protections for LGBT workers (Photo of Exxon sign by Ildar Sagdejev, photo of Mobil sign by Terence Ong; courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

For the 17th time, Exxon Mobil shareholders rejected a resolution that would have instituted new policy within the oil-and-gas giant to prohibit discrimination against LGBT workers.

According to the company, only 19.5 percent of shareholders voted to approve the proposed resolution at their annual meeting on Wednesday, which this year took place in Dallas, Texas. The resolution would have incorporated LGBT non-discrimination language in the oil-and-gas giant’s equal employment opportunity policy.

This year, as in previous years, the resolution was sponsored by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. The resolution was one of eight measures to come up at the meeting; only three were approved by shareholders.

In the past three years, the LGBT non-discrimination resolution has been less and less successful among Exxon Mobil shareholders by a slim margin. Compared to support from 19.5 percent of shareholders this year, the resolution last year received support from 19.8 percent of shareholders, and the resolution in 2012 received support from 20.6 percent of shareholders.

But this is the first year that Exxon Mobil has rejected LGBT non-discrimination protections for its employees after adopting domestic partner benefits last year. The company instituted those benefits following the Labor Department’s decision after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act to make spousal employer-provided pension and health care for employees available to married same-sex couples regardless of where they live under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA.

According to guidance to shareholders ahead of this year’s meeting, Exxon Mobil’s board of directors advised shareholders to reject the resolution because the company has sufficient non-discrimination policies.

“The Board has reviewed in detail ExxonMobil’s existing global policies that prohibit all forms of discrimination, including those based on sexual orientation and gender identity, in any company workplace, anywhere in the world,” the guidance says. “In fact, ExxonMobil’s policies go beyond the law and prohibit any form of discrimination. Based on these existing all-inclusive, zero-tolerance policies, the Board believes the proposal is unnecessary.”

Fred Sainz, vice president of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, said he “couldn’t disagree more” with the line of thinking from Exxon Mobil’s board.

“By this same standard, race, gender, religion, and national origin would not be enumerated categories in law,” Sainz said. “Over fifty years of practical experience has firmly established that there is heightened sensitivity to discrimination only when categories are enumerated. If ExxonMobil is as committed to zero-tolerance as they claim, there’s simply no reason to have fully-inclusive policies. Until then, their commitment to equality will rightly be questioned.”

A federal contractor, Exxon Mobil is currently facing litigation alleging anti-gay bias in hiring practices filed last year by the LGBT group Freedom to Work, which submitted two fictitious resumes to the company in response to a job posting.

One was from a more qualified applicant who outed herself as LGBT on her resume; the other was a less qualified applicant who gave no indications about her sexual orientation or gender identity. The less qualified non-LGBT applicant received multiple callbacks, the more qualified LGBT applicant received nothing.

According to Freedom to Work, the Chicago-based international firm Seyfarth Shaw is defending Exxon Mobil in the lawsuit. The case is before the Illinois Department of Human Rights and a decision is expected soon.

On the same day as the Exxon Mobil vote, a new report titled “A Broken Bargain: Unchecked Discrimination Against LGBT Workers” was jointly published by LGBT groups on incidents of discrimination in the American workplace.

Based on data from existing studies and reports, the report concludes that LGBT workers face bias and discrimination in recruitment and hiring; on-the-job discrimination and unfair firing; as well as wage gaps and penalties.

The co-authors of the report are the Center for American Progress, Freedom to Work, the Human Rights Campaign and the Movement Advancement Project.

Tico Almeida, president of Freedom to Work, said the continued discrimination in the workplace demonstrates President Obama must take action by forbidding federal contractors from engaging in anti-LGBT bias.

“An executive order by President Barack Obama would force Exxon Mobil to adopt LGBT workplace protections in order to continue profiting from hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts,” Almeida said. “Exxon’s leadership has rejected these common-sense nondiscrimination policies year after year, even though their competitors at Chevron and BP understand that banning discrimination is good for business. It’s time for presidential leadership to move Exxon to accept the American value that everybody deserves a fair shot in the workplace.”

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  • “An executive order by President Barack Obama would force Exxon Mobil to adopt LGBT workplace protections in order to continue profiting from hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts,” Almeida said. “Exxon’s leadership has rejected these common-sense nondiscrimination policies year after year, even though their competitors at Chevron and BP understand that banning discrimination is good for business.”
    It is clear the Obama Administration remains firmly on the side of corporate ant-LGBT workplace discriminators, homophobes and transphobes.
    But why? For Dem party money or influence somewhere? Shadowy political kickback games? We ought to ask… and drill-down more on Exxon Mobil’s federal and Dem Party influences. Whatever. Shame on the Obama Administration and national Democrats for being persistently COMPLICIT in ignoring workplace protections for LGBT employees and their kids.
    Obama, Hillary and the DNC are likely calculating that LGBT donors will just keep right on donating to national Democrats — just as long as they provide donors phony-baloney photo-ops — at the Stonewall Inn, for example. It is cynical and patronizing WH/ DNC/ Hillary politics we ought reject.
    How about boycotting Exxon Mobil, Hillary and the DNC (and their meaningless events) — at least until LGBTs get the workplace justice Obama could deliver with the stroke of a pen tomorrow?

    • Amazing – all that tirade against Democrats, and not a word of criticism against Republicans. We should boycott Democrats and vote for whom – Repubicans? Republicans who receive far more corporate contributions than Democrats. Yes, we should cut off all that tainted money from Democrats, and let it keep flowing exclusively to Republicans. Yep, that’ll sure solve the problem of LGBT discrimination alright.

      Because we all know the long history of Republican support for LGBT. Why, every social advance we gays have obtained in the US was gotten for us by Republicans. Not by Obama and that awful pact of gay haters, the Democrats.

      Sorry, but your game here is a little too transparent. I’ll continue to support Democrats, and Hillary, rather than trust my fate to the loving care of the Republicans.

      • Yep. Yep. Yep. That sounds like DNC/LGBT wooing/mooing going on once more, Jim. A sure sign that it’s milking time once more.
        You LGBT voters can be assured, ENDA is something Hillary will really, really tackle in 2017. For sure. Just you wait and see this time!

        Besides, it is us or the Republicans. Where you all gonna go?
        Never you mind about Obama’s little white lie promise of an ENDA Executive Order. And pay no attention to those Exxon Mobil federal contractors behind the curtain.
        Look, just continue to trust us with your LGBT donor money, and we’ll make sure you are invited to all the photo-ops with the Prez and Debbie at the DNC — plus for Hill and Bill, too!
        Hey, maybe we can stretch the party right through the 2020 election. You LGBTs like long parties, don’t you?
        Now who wants to be a good Dem and sign up to be a FOH (Friend of Hillary)? It’s a select, ground floor opportunity!

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