September 25, 2015 at 8:30 am EDT | by Gabino Cuevas
Gay Millennials can embrace Rubio’s vision
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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) (Washington Blade file photo by Lee Whitman)

Progress. There are several definitions for the word but in the political context it often applies as “the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level.”

Today we have a president that Millennials wildly supported in 2008, but who appears to be managing America’s economic decline.

In an era in which many Millennials are cynical because they face stubborn unemployment or underemployment, many are looking for youthful alternatives that do not represent the past, be it Democratic or Republican.

I believe that youthful leader is Marco Rubio, who is compared by some to John F. Kennedy. Of all the candidates currently running in the crowded Republican primary field, Rubio stands out as a man who demonstrates the enduring power of American exceptionalism and is capable of effectively communicating conservative principles to younger voters. He is also Hispanic and will dramatically broaden his party’s outreach to Hispanics and Latinos. If the GOP does not significantly increase its share of the growing Hispanic vote, as well as its share of the gay and Millennial vote, it will suffer defeats in 2016 and beyond.

His campaign has emphasized the need for America to meet the challenges of the fiercely competitive new global economy to ignite a “New American Century.”

Gay Millennials are well aware that they are now forced to compete with educated workers across the globe. They are more receptive to a candidate who is confident in our ability to prosper in the 21st century rather than those who encourage a class warfare mentality based on the assumption that we can only succeed at the expense of others.  Millennials may be ready to wise up and realize our outdated tax code that penalizes middle class gay entrepreneurs, just as much as it penalizes all U.S. employers and fosters Millennial under employment.

As Rubio puts it, “these ideas don’t move us forward, these ideas move us backward.” This is the sort of new candor that Millennials are seeking in a president.

On other issues, Rubio is equally responsive to the concerns of younger voters. The plan he proposed to simplify the tax code would unleash the potential of LGBT workers and business owners when government eliminates the artificial burdens placed on them by misguided policies and counterproductive regulations. Rubio and increasingly many gay Millennials recognize that “when our economy is growing and thriving, employment isn’t a zero-sum game.”

For gay Millennials who went into debt so they could graduate with degrees that ultimately failed to lead to jobs, Rubio’s proposal to require that college faculty advisers publish the average salaries of the majors they recommend would go a long way toward insuring new Millennials make a profoundly better choice of their major field of study.  And this all goes to the essence of what “progress” actually is. It means confronting and remedying problems head-on with new strategies, not pushing them further down the road.

Having seen them in practice while growing up, more and more Millennials are beginning to recognize that to continue fashionable Democratic policies of expanding government power with its scheduled 2016 $20 trillion debt has more in common with Einstein’s definition of insanity than with the dictionary definition of progress. Their way leads only to underachievement and a lethargic economy. We can only counter their outdated ideas with better newer ideas.

As Rubio aptly describes it, “Most people who have ever lived were trapped by the circumstances of their birth, destined to live the life their parents had. But America is different. Here, we are the children and grandchildren of people who refused to accept this.”  If we do that, we’ll have achieved true progress, and that includes gay people.

While gay Millennials are predominantly Democratic, often one-third and sometimes more of gay voters quietly vote with the GOP. And they have good reason to take a second look at the GOP, given the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, for it was George W. Bush’s former solicitor general, Ted Olsen, who won the California case against Prop 8 (the ruling was made by a gay Republican judge).

Yet, make no mistake, Millennials need long-term meaningful jobs and rising incomes to solidify their marriages, be they gay or straight. Let’s be all we can be. Yes, America can!

Gabino Cuevas is the former 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year winner from Hispanic Business magazine in the Heavy Industry category and serves on the board of Log Cabin Republicans of Miami.

    • And you leftists have no trouble aiding and abetting radical Islam and other anti-gay groups.

      • Oh please. That’s just WND nonsense. Nobody is abetting radical Islam. Certainly not me — I’m Jewish. That doesn’t change the fact that Rubio abetted a designated hate group while lending undeserved credibility to another.

        • Debbie Wasserman-Sdchultzis Jwish AND an aider and abettor of radical Islam (She signed the Iran Nuke deal even though thousands of Jews showed up at her headquarters to protest).

          • So your argument is that anyone who supports the Iran treaty (something Wasserman-Schultz did not “sign”) is abetting radical Islam. That would include the governments of China, Russia, the UK, France and Germany.

            Even if you read the entire agreement ( ) which I doubt, you would not understand it.

            No. I am not calling you stupid. Various sections of the treaty require experts for comprehension. The different types of centrifuges, isotopes, cascades and spins are enough to cause one’s eyes to glaze over. The point is that we obtain information from third parties.

            Many people who provide us with this information either support or oppose the treaty simply because Obama supports the treaty. The one person I do trust is President Obama. He’s out of politics and his only two concerns are his legacy and the best interests of the American people.

            Now if you believe that our president is some secret Muslim bent on internal Jihad then this is pointless. You are beyond rational thinking.

  • @MarkLeeDC I didn’t find Senator Rubio’s comments offensive in that article. But I am also a Catholic, which is probably why. And groups always align to form coalitions – it’s how you win elections. I’ve been told by GLAAD, HRC and almost every LGBT organization that I must be pro abortion, it’s the ‘feminist’ position. Those are not my ideological kin either, but many pro life gays deal with it to be part of those organization’s. I deal with ‘anti-gay’ (really just against LGBT agenda) Christians because unlike Islamists, they’re not stoning, hanging, or throwing me off of tall buildings. Thanks for the feedback.

    • No, you have Stockholm Syndrome is why. Get out of the faces of self-respecting gays with this intelligence-insulting garbage.

      • It is absolutely amazing how intolerant the gay left is…This is a point of view and his freedom to express it. The garbage comes from your intolerance to the Freedom of Speech…

        • You noticed that too?
          Tolerance should be a two way street, but with leftist militant gays, it’s anything but.
          Their judgment and hatred ran me out of the Democratic Party.

          • Yeah, because the gay conservatives are so open minded and tolerant themselves? They are mindless puppets spewing right-wing ideology.

            Why call yourselves gay at all if fighting for gay rights doesn’t matter? Blood suckers who benefit from the work of other gay activist. Talk about getting welfare!

            At least I’m honest about my intolerance. Can you be?

          • The people you call “leftist militants” are largely responsible for many of the rights we have today like marriage equality. If left up to the self-loathing Log Cabin psychos, we’d still be a repressed minority relegated to second class
            Citizens. It’s easy for you to criticize activists yet you enjoy the freedoms these activists have brought to you.

        • So why can’t others respond to that point of view and have the freedom to express theirs? You want your ideas to be free from criticism. If you don’t want your ideas challenged then don’t put them on a pubic forum! Do you expect us to bow in reverence?

          Typical conservative response whereby you whine about freedom of speech while wanting to deny it!
          You can dish it but can’t take it!

        • Nobody is saying he doesn’t have the freedom to write his opinion. But you seem to be saying those of us who think his opinion is a load of crap aren’t allowed to express that. Well, we are entitled to respond to this drivel.

      • Why are you so angry? Self respecting gays? Did you vote for Bill Clinton, the President who gave us DOMA and DADT?

        • What does Clinton have to do with Rubio’s lack of support of gay rights? If we had known Clinton would do what he did, we wouldn’t have voted for him. At least Rubio’s let’s us know up front. Yet foolishly you expect us to vote for him anyway? Puleez!

        • Isn’t the article about Rubio? Seems you can’t defend him so you are deflecting to Clinton.

        • Clinton’s support for DOMA was a brilliant defense strategy. There were votes for a constitutinal amendment in 1996. If Clinton had fought the DOMA statute, then we would have gotten a national ban that would have stopped all hope for equality for ever.

      • Sir/Madam/Whatever,
        Just what IS a “self-respecting” gay? One who bleets like a lamb and follows O-Mary-Quite-Contrary to every victim parade in town. How could I insult your intelligence since I’m wondering if you possess any. Just wondering.

        • No, a self-respecting gay person doesn’t vote for people that are dedicated to denying them freedom and equality as gay people! You can’t have it both ways. I’d just call a person like that a tool and stupid!

      • Hmmm I would like to have a description of you idea of a self respecting gay. It sounds to me like you have a problem with your identity so have to attack anyone with an opposing opinion.

    • Because the law prevents conservative “Christians” from doing so, but if people like Kim Davis are allowed, they will harm us.

      • Christians don’t harm. It’s forbidden. Christians love. It’s why the nuns risked their lives at that Catholic charity hospital in Chelsea caring for those first AIDS patients.

        • You are living in a fact-free world, then. Yes, St. Vincent’s Hospital, towards the end, before it closed, was mainly supportive of ill gay people. But for many years before that it had an appalling record, and it’s staff refused treatment to Aids patients for many years. And denied gay partners visiting rights, kicked gay people out of the hospital – it was NOT a good place to be gay. And during all that they claimed that they were acting horribly because of their religious beliefs.

          How do I know this? I lived in the neighborhood and saw how they treated me and my friends first hand. St. Vincent’s Hospital, in balance, did more harm than good over the years.

    • Please. No one is “pro abortion.” I loathe abortion. However, if I had a 15-year-old daughter and she got knocked up, I’d like to know that the choice is on the table.

      What happens when a working mother has an unintended pregnancy. Maternity leave and the costs of a newborn might bring her family to financial ruin. It’s nice to know that choice is on the table.

      The Vatican has the power to reduce abortions — perhaps considerably. The Church needs to change its rules regarding contraceptives. It almost happened once.

      • I do not understand the mantra that women have the choice to do as they wish with their bodies when they made the wrong decision or changed their mind midstream. I understand that there must be a choice involved in the process and actually the choice is also the responsibility of the male involved. My opinion is that the choice should have been made before the act and not after.

        However, that being said, as Paul has stated, There is a choice of putting the child up for adoption. There are many couples that cannot conceive and would be happy to adopt. I know that there are gay couples who would be ecstatic to be able to have a child to rear. The laws of the different states prevent this from happening. Of course there are some states who are more enlightened and allow this to occur.

        Marco Rubio, as Gabino Cuevas has stated is possibly the best choice for the progressive millennials to support because he is very forward looking and will be the best candidate to move the country forward. He is looking out for the future of the country to be better for all the citizens and not for just a select few as well as the children and grandchildren, who, let’s face it, are the future for tomorrow.

        • Marco Rubio doesn’t even want rape victims or women who face death from their pregnancies to have the voice for abortion. (See his comments from first debate). If you think millennials will vote for someone like that, you’re smokin’ some pretty potent herb dude.

        • Making adoption illegal is not the answer. There are over 500,000 children in the US currently in foster care ready to be adopted and taken to their forever home.

      • If your “choice” is to put your daughter’s soul in jeopardy, I pity your daughter.

    • They might not be throwing you under the bus, but they are clearing shoving you to the back. Oh and what is this LGBT agenda in which you take issue? That scary thing called ENDA? I wonder if you’d be so cocky if you lived up in the panhandle instead of the liberal environs of Dade County?

      • I lived in the Panhandle and it was just fine…Are you saying that the North of Florida is backward? Would you care to share how you came up with that obtuse conclusion?

  • I don’t think so. The writer makes it sound like the national debt was caused by Democrats. Let’s see: Two Republican wars not paid for. Bush’s huge Medicare drug benefit not paid for. Big Bush tax cuts. Yeah, damn those Dems!

    Here’s a rundown on Rubio’s gay-related record (which Log Cabin oddly doesn’t seem to care about):

    • Oh, please….Give me a break! You act as if Republicans are solely responsible for all the ills the US currently faces!

      True, there is plenty of blame to go around, but your party doesn’t get a free pass here and Dodd-Frank is a BIG reason why!

      Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were intimate participants in the Democratic cabal that authored the “Community Reinvestment Act” under Carter, later reinforced by Bill Clinton in the late 1990’s, and ultimately implemented and enforced by their partners in absurdity, the community organizers, ACORN, in particular. This ultimately led to the housing bubble that caused the financial meltdown in 2007, that continues to this day, all in the name of creating the “right” of every citizen to private home ownership regardless of the ability to pay the price.

      A stable employment record and sufficient income as a measure of an ability to pay was discarded in favor of minority status, income below the established poverty level, and residence in a red lined area.

      If America does not awaken to the disastrous effects that government intrusion into the free markets inevitably causes and continues to look to government and their elected politicians as the only individuals capable of solving their economic travails, America will continue its decline into mediocrity.

      • Dodd-Frank did not go far enough; but I will defer to Senator Warren on that. As for ACORN, that smear got old long ago (but congrats, it succeeded in destroying them). The housing bubble was not created by Democrats, as Barney Frank has amply explained. If government regulation as a category (not just particular measures) is as evil as you say (which I do not for a moment concede), then stop the pretense that it can all be laid at one party’s doorstep. The greatest harm (of course not the only harm) has been caused by Republican recklessness and obstruction. The plutocrats stoked the nativist, know-nothing right to divide and distract voters as a means of helping the plutocrats strengthen their hold on power, but it has backfired and now the party is held hostage by the crazies. As for Rubio, he is no friend to gays:

      • Factually incorrect. The Community Reinvestment Act did NOT require risky mortgage loans be made. Stop with the lies. What it required was that banks document the financial reasons why they were denying people and race alone was not an allowed factor.

        So Citibank, UNDER OATH, admitted that it was cheaper to just make the loan than do the due diligence necessary to disqualify an applicant if they could not repay. Then Bank of America, ALSO UNDER OATH, testified that they repackaged these high risk loans as AAA securities when almost 80% of those securities were never expected to be repaid.

        Even President Bush called for investigations into these lending practices, not for the repeal of the Community Reinvestment Act but for the failure to fulfill fiduciary responsibility to ensure the financial stability of those banking corporations to their shareholders by the executive management of the big banks. But who blocked President Bush’s call for investigations before the collapse? YOU PEOPLE, the GOP, not the Democrats!! Who blocked President Obama’s call for such investigations after it happened? YOU PEOPLE, the GOP, not the Democrats!!

        Republicans represent a clear and present danger to the United States of America in their current fascist form.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see you people perform public fellatio on the big bank CEOs if you thought it would win you more seats in Congress or the White House. You’ve done everything except that so far.

  • This is a thoughtful and well-written column focusing on the generational advantage many perceive Rubio to offer in a presidential campaign against either Clinton or Biden. What many of us who are LGBT fail to acknowledge is that a significant percentage of our number already vote Republican (whether we happen to like that reality or not) – and that this percentage will undoubtedly continue to grow as civil equality broadens and is no longer the significant vote determination factor of the past. As the writer points out, this will likely be particularly true for gay entrepreneurs and small business owners and managers, as well as younger gays and lesbians, not sympathetic to dogmatic Democratic desire for ever-bigger government and never-ending regulatory excess.


    Rubio thinks gays are a threat to society. Why is the Blade pushing this hatemonger?

  • What good is it to talk about lofty, and debatable “opportunities” and economic policies supposedly designed to bring “rising incomes” when the individual’s basic human rights are denied? Who cares about rising incomes if at any point on any day while developing a career, LGBT folks can be fired just for being LGBT? Where is Rubio’s support of ENDA?

    • Wow, how out of touch can one person be? Are you really willing to give up your individual rights to protect yourself from PERCEIVED injustices. Is there an epidemic of gay Americans being fired from their jobs for being gay–or for any reason? You’ve just summarized the problem with America today. Scary.

      • Actually there is, if you’d bother to look into it, especially for transgender Americans who suffer more than double the national unemployment rate due to bigots like Rubio. And black transgender Americans suffer FOUR times that rate. Because bigots get a pass to fire trans people and Rubio refuses to support ENDA.

        A friend of mine took her life this summer when she lost both job and housing. And she was far from unique.

        LGBT kids make up 3% of all teens but 40% of all homeless teens and almost none of them ran away from home, but were instead thrown out.

        Another friend of mine drove hours last month, from Kansas to Colorado Springs, to pick up a transgender military veteran who had been fired and evicted when she came out.

        Another friend drove from Houston to Austin, Texas to pick up a trans teen who had been thrown out by her family.

        Another trans woman was fired and evicted in Maine and I’ve lost track of her, wondering what happened to her.

        Pull your head out of the sand and look around. Or are you just another Republican who now embraces “got mine; screw the rest of you!”??

        • Bigots like Rubio? Do you know him personally?
          Was Hillary a bigot when she and her husband, Bill Clinton, backed the “HIV Visitor and Immigrant Ban”? Bill Clinton signed the discriminatory ban into law, and since we all know Hillary helped run the show in the Clinton Administration, she supported it too.

          • People learn and change. Rubio? Not yet, that’s for sure. I have a lot more respect for a politician who can say “I learned something” than one who constantly panders to right wing liars and fear mongers. And let’s not mention Rubio’s NON-EXISTENT track record of support for LGBT people. He has done NOTHING for LGBT people, and as proven by his own cowardice on his own immigration bill, he will turn tail and run when the radical right screams at him.

            The only people who never change are either dead or Republicans.

          • And some liberals forget about “Don’t ask don’t tell” and Marriage Protection Act and how the Clintons wanted to preserve marriage — except their own.

          • So what? Rubio supports having those and much worse! Rubio doesn’t support marriage equality or any rights for gays!

          • You’re a simple minded idiot if you really think the Clintons are homophobes. DADT and DOMA were legislated with majority Republican congresses and they attached those bills to appropriations bills and dared President Clinton to VETO it so they could use it against him in the election. The Clintons were early supporters of gay rights

          • You obviously know Rubio personally. You sleep with him?

            You can whine all you want about Bill Clinton, Hillary at least now supports gay rights. Rubio does not.

    • I’m a small business owner. The only time I ever had a human resources issue with an employee was with a transgender (MTF). And I’m the gay owner!

  • You have got to be kidding me. Although he may be young relative to the other Republican hopefuls, his conceptual thinking on most issues is way behind that of most millennials.

  • Wow. In touch with reality much? Why any LGBT person would support this lout is beyond me. Also beyond me are some of the leaps in logic presented in this piece: the sitting president is presiding over America’s economic decline? We have the GOP to thank for the Supreme Court’s ruling on Gay Marriage?


    Educate yourself, then, maybe, I will listen to your opinion.

    Frankly, I expect better from The Blade… label an opinion piece as such.

    Oh, and vote Sanders.

  • The Blade has reached a new low with this article. What’s next? Are you people gonna promote the Westboro baptist “church” as the “best alternative for gay people” or are you gonna make Ted Cruz a “champion” for equal rights? Conservatism is the very hell where homophobia was conceived. As Latino, I can say that the writer doesn’t speak for me. Rubio hates Hispanics because he seems himself as white.

    • That’s called a straw man argument. It’s laughable.

    • Daniel, this op-ed is just a retread of the longstanding LCR argument that more money in your pocket assuages any and all conservative disdain for LGBT Americans. The Blade gives them space every now and again for grins and giggles.

    • I’m Hispanic AND white. Why so hung up on race and ethnicity?

      • White??? Let’s take you to Mississippi and see what those white folks say

        • Apparently, when it comes to race and ideology, you’re the one to fear.

          • Not really. I’ve found many white gays are racist. They expect understanding from racial minorities when it comes to gay rights but fail to see how they lack that for others.

            I recall being at a party at a private home where all the gay men were white and one racist guy was telling anti-Hispanic jokes and everyone was laughing. No one would challenge him on it! I didn’t laugh and looked around the room and saw no one was offended.

            I came as someone’s guest so I wasn’t going to make a scene at someone else’s house.

          • You were always the one to fear. Blacks didn’t create Jim Crow.

        • I’ve been to a football game at Oxford, Mississippi and partied in The Grove with all my southern friends. Great time!

      • Maybe same reason you’re so hung up on telling us you’re conservative, catholic, Cuban and White! If you make issue of all that why shouldn’t others?

    • Are you suggesting The Blade silence Conservative or Libertarian LGBT’s?
      Last I checked, we didn’t live in Castro’s Cuba!

      • I came from Castro’s Cuba only to see American gays award the daughter of the tyrant Raul Castro with accolades. Really?! Mariela Castro should be apologizing for rationalizing her father’s and uncle’s horrific abuse of gay people in Cuban concentration camps. And they put people with AIDS in state hospitals against their will. I’m supposed to then listen to the political endorsement of these same LGBT ‘leaders’? NO! They’re idiots!

        • I recall Ronald Reagan wasn’t supportive of helping gay people when the AIDS epidemic hit the US back in the 1980s. He said we had to change our behavior not expect the government to do anything. Millions died thanks to his inaction!

          Social conservatives where were opposed to including AIDS under the American Disabilities Act so they could discriminate against us.

          Conservative gays now are supporting these people in their efforts to gain power. They are the idiots!

      • You can whine all your BS you want. The rest of us will then point out where you’re wrong! You expect anything you say to go unchallenged? Freedom of speech means we can comment on what you say in return!

    • I am Gay, Puerto Rican, and white…YOU also do not speak for me Daniel. I am in full support with Gabino’s article.

    • Oh please!!! Blah blah blah. I am so tired of single issue voting gays. And the race card and bigot thing about Republicans isn’t working anymore. You can marry!! Move on!!!! Is our country really in good shape now? NOT!! Epidemic proportions of homeless in California, more people than ever on food stamps. Oh yea how is that Obamacare working for ya? Every human I have spoken to has premiums rising astronomically. But lets just worry about our little feelings being hurt because they don’t agree with gay marriage. That is NO COMPARISON to that Westboro Church!!! We have way bigger fish to fry, folks. Our country is in trouble.

      • Not just premiums Arch, but deductibles are going through the roof. Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for the 80% who were HAPPY with the health plans they had. Only liberals believe you ruin it for 80% to help 20%. Oh yeah, there’s STILL 30 million uninsured!

        • There are plenty of people who would suggest that 80% of people were happy with marriage the way it was and we ruined it to help 20%. You would have found the same self-serving views regarding desegregation of schools. However let’s get beyond your histrionics about Obamacare and look the more likely driver of you rising cost and declining satisfaction. For example, United Health Care will make a $5 billion profit in 2015 and other private insurers will post similar results. Perhaps the driver for high deductibles, increasing co-pays, third-party review of doctor orders, drug tiering, etc, etc lies in private insurers desire to serve the interests of share owners rather than what’s in the best interest of insureds like you and me. Does the profit motive really belong in matters related to preserving human life? Major corporations have known about this for years and have self-insured their plans avoiding paying for the executive compensation, marketing and overhead that is built into your private plan saving themselves on average 20% against a fully insured plan. They pay for administration, access to a network and claims. They insure against catastrophic losses the same as the major carriers. So the next time you hear a republican lambast a single payer system which is what self-insurance is, understand that the titans of industry embraced the concept decades a go and have no interest in changing course.

      • Actually OBAMACARE is working for some! #bye

      • I’m so tired of conservative gays whining about how gay rights don’t matter and everything else does! Why do you openly identify as gay then if it’s a non-issue?

        Being able to marry isn’t our only issue damn it! We still have a long way to go. Just because we can marry hasn’t eradicated homophobia our efforts to reverse our gains by social conservatives!

        So what is important are your issues and we should simply ignoring our own welfare?

        I’m also sick of you people whining about liberals, Obama, Obamacare, Food stamps and budget deficits! Blah, Blah, Blah! You take your own advice and move on!

        Our country is always in trouble and having conservatives in power hasn’t made it better! All the gridlock is thanks to your damn tea party radicals who are fixated on Obamacare and now planned parenthood at the expense of everything else! Must we shut down the Federal gov’t again over these single issues? Do you think we are blind and don’t see this?

        • Liberals…always the VICTIM. And I am sick of that!!! I have been openly gay and my life has been fine. is there homophobia? Yes…but it is minor and doesn’t affect your ability to get a job. YOU QUIT WHINING!!

          • You’re whining…AGAIN! You conservatives are always whining about liberals, Obama, etc. Blind hypocrite!

            Just because in your personal life being openly gay has never been an issue doesn’t mean everyone shares the same experience as you and it’s none issue. What the hell do you know about my job or how anything affects me for that matter? You’re arrogant and obnoxious! In your damn monkey suit looking down at others as if you were better!

            I will continue to do exactly what I want including oppose conservatives and their attempts to gain power! I will continue to push for gay rights and if you’re sick of it take one of your NRA guns, stick it up your rear and pull the trigger!

          • I am not better just not going to be a Victim like you. Personal insults roll off me like water these days. LOL

          • The facts speak for themselves and you live in denial of Rubio’s anti-gay policies. Rubio makes it clear, even an idiot like you should realize that.

            This from someone who blames all the ills of the world on Liberals and Obama is telling me that I’m a whining victim. You are so full of yourself! You might think others are stupid but we see right through your hypocrisy! Can’t tell if it’s deliberate or you’re just an idiot?

            You are an insult to gay men. Enjoy your Rubio shaped dildo tonight! We know you enjoy being screwed by conservatives despite the fact that those with common sense won’t stand for it!

          • I absolutely LOVE how the world can see liberals vulgarity. So glad you showed this to the world. Thank you!!!

          • I learned all my vulgarity from your fellow conservatives. They are just as vicious if not worse than me. But evidently you just glaze over those comments in the press!

            Those of us subjected to it know the reality. The world can see conservative ugliness, too! Donald Trump is a good example for one now. Who are you trying to kid?

          • That’s some real class you’re showing there.

          • Glad you can recognize it!

        • Approve the majority’s desire to #DefundPP and no government shutdown. Blame your flaming President for a shutdown. We DON’T want to fund baby killers.

      • Arch, Blah, blah.. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with what? California just appropriated 150M to aid the homeless WITHOUT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE. Repugs don’t solve problems they create them.

    • Hatred of gays did not emanate specifically from Conservatives. It comes from individuals. Now, tell me the story once again of the KKK, Jim Crow and the southern Democrats. Please.

      • Yet it’s the GOP platform that specifically opposes gay rights and refuses to endorse them because that’s what conservatives demand! Why live in denial and try and dupe us with misinformation?

  • Well done article. You’re basically supporting the contention that the government be more accountable. Why is that met with such hostility? I’m all for good honest criticism, especially among those who are currently in power, and ESPECIALLY those who refuse to live by the same rules that they force on the rest of us. Perhaps millennials see the world more practically than past generations. If Bob preaches abstinence then he too better practice it. Younger people’s disdain for religion is probably part of their natural dislike for frauds. And, just like with many religious leaders, as they witness the hypocrisy of people like President Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, they are just as skeptical to support them. They are seeking someone in the middle–a libertarian perhaps. Let’s hope they do and we can realize a more positive future for America, apart from the toxic corruption, victim politics and fraudulent cries for “social justice” that cripple us today. Thanks, Gabino. BTW, you think those who disagree with you are anti-Latino? :)

    • LOL. No Shelter, that’s the refuge of scoundrels and Democrats :)

    • Latinos aren’t fools. The GOP typically promote policies that hurt the poor and middle class. Most Latinos fall into those groups.

      Further, the economic argument for supporting Rubio is only a bunch of BS propaganda. Only an idiot gay person would support a party that has a platform that specifically opposes gay equality under the law or the promotion of anything that benefits gay Americans!

      If you tell me there are more important issues then gay rights, then I tell you stop identifying yourself as gay within the GOP then. Otherwise, what’s the point of your rights as a gay person don’t take the forefront and are not a litmus test for political support!

  • How sad for you Mr. Cuevas that you think money is what solidifies a marriage. No wait, how sad for your husband. Then again, I am old, what do I know.

    • How many relationships ruined because one partner can’t find a job? Self-esteem issues and issues of carrying their weight? A good economy is essential to our well-being.

      • Absolutely. We all benefit from a good economy, and sadly, under 7 years of Obama, the “recovery” has been weak.

      • And we are in such good shape now with Obama. There is an epidemic proportion of homeless in California now. More people than ever on food stamps..There is Hope and Change for ya!!!

        • Idiot that’s not Obama’s fault that’s the free-market working that you conservatives L?VE see what GREED can do NOW try again!

          • I always love liberals always result to name calling when they have no response to logic. Believe me, the insults roll off me like water these days. Oh I am so tired of the argument of corporate greed and the “victim” mentality of liberals. Always the victim. LOL

          • So conservatives NEVER result to name calling when it comes to liberals? You blind to that? I see enough conservatives making equally insulting comments.

            Your incessant whining is tiring! Whine but give no concrete solutions.

            Aren’t you arguing that Obama’s policies have made people victims of homelessness and food stamps? Aren’t you whining that you’re a victim of Obamacare’s premiums? Stop being so damn smug!

            Your endlessly demand for tax cuts for the rich and corporations but never the middle class or poor instead crying that all your money is being stolen isn’t you making yourselves out to be victims?

            Many industries such as the airline industry are making record profits yet they get breaks they don’t need and keep nickel and diming us for more! The consumer is the one being screwed as we get charged more and more for less and less!

          • Never the victim but I can tell you this. Marco Rubio will NOT be President nor Trump nor Cruz! And America will continue to move forward with her ups and downs as she always had. So insults or not you folks will never be the bell at the Ball! LOL!

        • What’s your solution to homelessness and food stamps? Are we to believe your trickle down economics, what the elder Bush once called Voodoo economics, is going to solve these issues?
          These issues weren’t created by Obama. They’ve been here for decades. Who are you kidding? When your GOP was in power it didn’t solve these issues. It ignored them.

      • I have noticed that you tend to take very small samples or isolated incidents and magnify them into statements of certainty. For example, the US is the most prosperous nation in the world and at the same time has the highest divorce rate in the civilized world. That doesn’t diminish the idea that financial stress can impact marital tranquility only that full employment is not likely to change that and Marco Rubio’s financial strategies will not be the savior of marriage. In fact the divorce rate continued to climb during years with low or high employment. In fact most academic researchers believe the ease in which people can divorce in the US (no-fault) is the largest driver of the divorce rate, not joblessness. Ironic that it was LCR God Ronald Reagan who signed the first no-fault divorce law as Governor of California and latter called that the biggest mistake of his political life.

      • We don’t have double digit unemployment like in Greece or Spain. We don’t live in a vacuum we can see that despite your attempts to make us think we are in a great depression!

        A good economy isn’t contingent upon conservatives being in office! All you really care about is your profit not people!

        • People are entitled to start their own businesses. I started with NOTHING. I put my home and my wealth on the line every time I sign a bond for our projects, not my employees. The risk is ALL mine, not theirs. If they don’t like working for me they are free to move on. It’s called a FREE MARKET.

      • When money ruins a marriage, it’s more about how people manage their finances than one not being able to find a job baby. If one is a spendthrift always getting into debt, while the other is a saver, for example, your economic polices won’t change that!

        You try and simplify it to push your agenda to one root cause and that simply isn’t the case. There can be many reasons why is an issue.

        Maybe employers giving better wages and raises would help that. Heck, you people don’t even support raises in minimum wage or COLAS for people on social security. How can we expect you to do anything about increasing incomes?

    • Can you make a point without insulting people, or is that all you know?
      If you’re “old” you should know better!

      • Shane apparently you are no stranger to insulting comments based on this missive you posted an hour later in the South Florida Gay News: “Poor dear. Bitter, angry and obviously in need of a good shrink. You don’t have to suffer. Medications are on the market to you control your rage.” I think you definitely have bested me. Congratulations.

      • You are a hypocrite and blind to your own insults made toward others or perhaps conveniently. Calling people delusional and in need of medication for example. You’ve got enormous nerve and bank on people having short memories and not pick up on your inconsistencies!

    • “How sad for you Mr. Cuevas that you think money is what solidifies a marriage.”
      The #1 root cause of divorce is finances.

      You’re welcome.

      • So how are Republicans going to fix the Finances issue for couples? It’s how a couple manages their finances that tends to be the problem.

        One might be a spendthrift and the other a saver for example. Republicans aren’t in favor of people getting big pay increases hell you don’t even want minimum wage increases or COLAS for social security recipients!

        Some just don’t know how to manage their money or are dishonest or selfish when it comes to their relationship and money!

  • So let me get this straight – you want me to embrace a man who is openly hostile to LGBT Americans and who embraces the social conservatives who would legalize every form of discrimination against us?

    Are you crazy?

    No, just no. Rubio has had every opportunity to distinguish himself from his radical right wing brethren and instead has pandered to fundamentalist bigots who want to make our lives miserable. It doesn’t matter if the economy is growing if we’re all being treated like pariahs.

    This article is plain insanity. No. Most of us are NOT going to back a Republican, any of them.

    And that economic decline? Compare the Bush disaster to now. It’s a no holds barred win for Obama.

    • If believing in smaller government, strong national defense, and free market principles is fundamentalist then Rubio is guilty. Legalize discrimination? Please, we can marry now. Grow some and move on!!!!

      • Those issues, which we don’t all embrace, don’t trump preserving the rights we’ve gained and electing people who will advance them further.

        Rubio would reverse our gains not promote them! That is reason enough to oppose him. Rubio would undue the right to marry for one if he could or seek ways to undermine that right by promoting religious freedom laws to trump that. Being able to marry isn’t the only issue we have. If you weren’t so clueless about our issues maybe you’d realize that! You simply don’t know what you’re talking, you’ve proven your ignorance about that, so you move on!!!!

  • What an excellent article, and I couldn’t agree more about what was written about Marco Rubio. I am a proud member of the LGBT community, and I fully support the historic candidacy of Marco Rubio for President.

    • Yes, since he’s so dedicated to preserving and advancing your rights as a gay man, right? Rubio, would love to reverse all our gains to become a star within your party with your fellow conservatives.
      Frankly, many within your party would spit on you as a gay man rather than support your rights! You take for granted with gays on the left have fought so hard for you to be able to enjoy the kind of freedoms you have now as a gay man.

      Over thirty years ago you’d be a pariah for being open about yourself in the GOP and have to secretly get off in bath houses or with prostitutes! Racial gay activists through their efforts to be out and bring being gay into the mainstream changed that for you!

      If Ronald Reagan had taken action on AIDS when the crises emerged instead of ignoring it as a gay behavior disease maybe many wouldn’t have died and suffered in those years and the disease may have not become the global pandemic it is now. Don’t tell me otherwise as I was there and I recall how it was!

      Oh, and spare me your tired overused comeback about being delusional and needing medication. I used that a decade ago!

      • You’re very good at being a professional victim, so, Congratulations!!
        Judging by the majority of the comments here, it seems many LGBT’s are finally waking up to the Democrats, and their BS.
        Sadly, you remain stuck in a rut of thinking the party of “equality” really gives a crap about you.

        • Look Shame, obviously this article would attract your ilk thus more comments for it while many just see the title and don’t even bother to read the BS!

          Well, it was the Dems that introduced legislation to end DADT and add us to hate crimes legislation. What has the GOP done specifically for gay people other than oppose marriage equality and refuse to allow a fair up and down vote on ENDA legislation? I think that makes it clear you’re the chump here!

          I’ve got something for you to suck#!Bitch Boy#!

        • Shane .., try putting the same old tired “victim” label on your vibrator for effect. It wont work here. Anyone who reads a newspaper can understand who are the real homophobes: THREE WORDS: FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL.

  • Rubio’s vision includes all Americans. He truly loves this country and wants to serve the people, all people.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this well thought out article of facts. I also believe that Senator Rubio is the best choice for the overall prosperity of the citizens of this Nation. As a Gay libertarian he has my full consideration and support for his candidacy to the presidency to fix the colossal debacle Mr. Obama has so aptly inflicted this country with these passed 7 years.

    • Obama has done more for the gay community than any President in history. I’m pleased with his Presidency and grateful for his support.

      He showed guts by declaring his support for marriage equality during his re-election taking the risk that it would have worked against him. His brave move made it easier for other politicians to embrace it. How many in your GOP embrace it? Rubio doesn’t!

      What the hell has your do-nothing Republican Controlled Congress done for us other than shut down the Federal Government because of Obamacare?

      Why do people like you even bother to identify as gay? What do you get out of it? And don’t tell me there are other things in life other than being gay. I didn’t say there wasn’t but the forum is gay and the article is about gays voting for Rubio so gay is the issue!

  • Great Read. Thanks Gabino

  • Rubio is too neo-con for me, but gays should be able to support whomever they want.

  • Nice Article… a straight supporter of Gay Conservatives and Libertarians, this commentary definitely needs to be read by everyone, regardless of orientation, because we as Americans are Individuals first. I am so tired of being lumped into a special interest group, as a woman and be judged on my body parts as being the sole way I make a decision…..yeah, not for me…..I, as do most women, care about all issues from the economy to foreign policy, because those issues affect me on the individual level….we are a Representative Republic with a government that was formed to protect the ultimate minority view: the individual who is the greatest minority….today our government is run by oligarchs that refuse to run on a budget, thus keeping wasteful spending ongoing year after year, and wasting it…..this is affecting jobs and security of our nation. We all must educate ourselves on the way to fix all of it, because up to this point in time, those who have been in charge have not done a responsible job……you cannot spend your way out of debt……

    • LeighLeigh I’m so glad you raised this point. I’m trying to reach the folks who don’t shout ‘I’m gay!’ When you first meet them and ask them what they are. We are so much more than who we sleep with or share our life with. I’m just as likely to reply ‘I’m a GATOR!’ – like my candidate Rubio. Or I might say ‘I’m Cuban-American’. Or I might say ‘I’m Catholic’. Gay is just another qualifier, hardly more important than the others. Not because of any self-perceived shame, but simply because I don’t care about the sexual orientation of others unless I’m meeting them with their same-sex spouse.

      • Tool would be a better moniker!

      • You just completely stereo-typed all gays who aren’t conservative. What is your problem? You need to do some serious self-examination and think about what you just wrote. You are so touchy when it comes to anyone stereo-typing conservative gays, but it’s OK for you to say all liberal gays put being gay before everything else? That’s offensive, ridiculous and untrue. Many of us who are gay and liberal care about our families and many other issues and are not the in your face activists you so crudely stereo-type us as. We are just smart enough not to vote against our self interests.

    • You remarks echo what Carly Fiorina said about ‘What are women’s issues?’. Everything is a woman’s issue. She or Rubio by example will eradicate the liberal victim status of women and let them work and compete without having pity and “social theory” dumped on them.

  • While I personally do not support Rubio, due to his being in favor of illegal immigrants being granted a pathway to citizenship AND his deciding vote on the TPP approval, this is well written article.

  • Gabino Cuevas, this is a great article on Marco Rubio. He would make a great leader for our country. Something we are in desperate need of after the last seven years.

  • Absolutely excellent article. Big Kudos to Mr. Cuevas for shedding light on Marco Rubio’s vision for a new America.

  • Who are these people comparing Marco Rubio to JFK? I’m not aware of them, certainly not any actual sane people.

    • You’re right. JFK was a serial philanderer who treated women like garbage and cheated on Jackie left and right.
      No comparison between Rubio & Kennedy.

      • Yes, Rubio is a paragon of virtue isn’t he? How do you know he isn’t sleeping around? Are you glued to him 24/7?

        We’ve seen enough Republican hypocritical adulterers condemning others for the same. Sanford comes to mind!

        • That’s Mark Sanford, and Newt Gingrich and at least they had the decency to step aside.

          Are you comparing them to the biggest lying adulterer of the 20th Century!? “I did not have sex with that woman”, Bill Clinton??

          Yes, Slick Willie, who gave us DADT and DOMA, and signed into law a discriminatory HIV Travel Ban, yet the sheeple on the gay left still think He and fraud Hillary are “LGBT Icons”

          • Well, not all do, such as David Vetter who said he was forgiven and it was okay for him to stay in office.

            Sanford and Gringrich hypocritically attacked Clinton despite their own affairs. They would have not stepped down had they been able to continue to conceal those affairs.

            I don’t think the gay governor of New Jersey should have stepped down either despite his affair.

            You are fixated on Bill Clinton. I don’t care that he had sex with that woman and lied about it. That’s his problem with Hillary not mine.

            So what? Many politicians have affairs, hide it or lie about it. Bill Clinton is out of office. Let it go already!

            I’m gay, and I’m the last person to judge others on who they are having sex with including adulterers unless they are lashing out and judging others for the same hypocritically. Gays used to have to lie about having sex, too. Should they have lost their jobs and lives for it?

            You maybe monogamous but some gay couples are not they want to have their cake and eat it too. Should they be judged harshly? Should we dictate monogamy to people now that we can marry? Should they be barred from office or removed if they sleep around?

        • Anthony Weiner much?

  • These comments are great. Pretty much supports all that has been said about gay Leftists for quite some time. The vast majority are single issue voters…being everything gay. Add to that their intolorence, their hate speech, their shutting down of speech, and their use if the American court system to make friends. Tragic. The community has been known as the “gay” community from being fun loving, free, open and carefree. Fast forward…with all the advancements the gay community has seen since only 40-30 years ago, they are now theist angry, militant, hostile, hating groups in the country. Just what’s so “gay”
    About the community. When I was growing up, they called straight people and families, “breeders”. Now they want the house, with the white picket fence and the 2.3 kids after they’ve spent generations bashing it. The list is endless. It’s now their way or see you in court. As a gay man, I’m offended and embarrassed by such a ugly group. Their pretty much brain dead on every political or world issue other than perhaps madonnas world tour. Stand outside of a gay club and ask them some basics. I have no doubt you’d be shocked to et any intelligence besides ther one issue…gay. Shop gay, live gay, vote gay, buy gay, vacation gay. In the meantime they don’t even get it. The gay Left that they blindly support laughs all the way to the bank on their behalf. Their “Hillary” fixation is funded by Muslim cultures that throw gay people, hands died behind backs, off buildings. Gay people are slaughtered all around the ME, and they fund the HRC, LGBT, ACLU, etc when they groups represent these pathetic people in court all over the country. They supported a president that spoke in support if traditional marriage. Only until he became no longer re electable did he rise to the occasion and they now to him. Joke at best. I can go on and on and on. It’s great knowing so many gay men and women have awaken from
    Such garbage and now have a voice. Gay NYC. GAY FRISCO. LEFTIST GAY speak doesn’t own the conversation of the gay community. Thank you Gabino for putting into words what a growing number of gay men and women believe. Leftist gays… Continue to post. It’s great to see you supporting what we are saying.

    • WOW!! This guy is something else!!
      He’s hot, too. !! ;)

    • Gay conservative aren’t single issue voters? Tax cuts and budget cuts for example? Why bother to identify yourselves as gay at all if fighting for gay rights doesn’t matter or is a back burner issue? It is to be lap dogs for the GOP when they need to describe themselves as compassionate in return for recognition as something “special”? You people are typically tokens for the GOP, they’ll take your votes and do nothing for your as a gay person in return!

      If it weren’t for those radical gay activists, we might still be dying of AIDS, have no legal rights at all and still be ostracized by our friends, family, co-workers and community. Being gay used to be something to be ashamed about, taboo to even talk about, and would often result in you being beaten up or victimized with anti-gay slurs. We’d probably have sodomy laws on the books, could be denied our rights (if we had lost Romer V. Evans) and be fired from our jobs if founds out to be gay. Being married now would still be a pipe dream!

      I remember people calling straights breeders, I also remember leaving gay bars to find people waiting to beat us up or call us faggots as they drove my our bars. Breeders is a silly word like Honky!
      I never lived in a gay ghetto but I do support having a gay community and gay business. Why not? Christian conservatives support their communities why can’t we?

      Frankly, as a gay man, I’m not only ashamed but disgusted by people like you! You are blood suckers that benefit from the sweat and tears of others that have made it possible for you to be open and more free as a gay man today and fail to realize and appreciate it! Waiting on the likes of you to do anything we worked to do would have had us as oppressed as they are in Russia now!

      If you don’t like the gay community stay the hell out of it! We don’t need your ungrateful butt! You and Gabino are tools!

      • “We are all different. We don’t all fit a cookie cutter mold. That’s diversity”

        Which is why many LGBT’s identify as Republican or Conservative. We don’t have to be liberals to be proud members of the community, so deal with it.

        • How are you proud to be gay? You put gay issues on the back burner to elect conservative candidates who may agree with you on fiscal issues but oppose gay rights including marriage equality. That’s stupid.

          These people once in power will work to roll back the achievements of gay people, prevent further advancement of our issues and promote religious protection acts in an attempt to nullify the gains we’ve made! They will put judges in power that will rule against our rights.

          Yeah, I’ll deal with you being conservative republican by opposing your efforts to destroy our community by your stupidity. You can count on that! I have no respect for queers like you.

          You people are blood suckers that live off the blood, sweat and tears of gay activists who have done the hard work to give you the freedoms you now are able to enjoy openly. Without our radical activism, we’d likely are still have to be in the closet, be ridiculed and attacked like we were frequently decades ago. I’ve seen it all and obviously you are clueless to what it was like and in many ways still is.

      • It was the nuns in Chelsea who took care of AIDS patients when the gay community SHUNNED them like lepers.

    • I would be liberal even if I wasn’t gay. Issues such as economics, social safety nets, the environment, women’s rights, and a host of other issues are what keeps me voting the way I do. To claim gay liberals are “one issue voters” is a crude stereo-type. Your post has no credibility.

    • Stereotype much? Now let’s hear what you REALLY think about African Americans. I think we already know.

      • Stereotypes? No. Just as a gay man living in the northeast, I have first hand experience. And sorry, I don’t fall for the race baiting. Has nothing to do with the conversation but as the typical leftist, that’s where u go

  • Great article! As a gay man I am VERY glad to see the Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage a right nationwide. Equally glad to the fact that it will not be used as a wedge issue during the next election cycle. Though I clearly realize that there is still much work ahead, we are moving forward…or are we?


    Well, this is simply not true. Let’s all be grown up about our different opinions and not assume that people with who we disagree necessarily have different values as opposed to different strategies. I’m sure most reasonable people will concede that Republicans have come a long way in recent years and I wholeheartedly thank those that have for their support,…/gay-marriage-supreme-court-republicans/

    MANY within the Republican Party are on a new direction and I have chosen to be a part of that change. Your closing comment, ‘While gay Millennials are predominantly Democratic, often one-third and sometimes more of gay voters ‘quietly’ vote with the GOP…

    As you can see, ‘we’ are not going to be ‘quiet’ anymore. #owningit.


    • Gay marriage would be used as a wedge issue in future elections? What planet do you live on? Read websites like the FRC which claims it will be and they will never give up on the issue! What lies you tell or is it just that you are naïve or in denial?
      What exactly has Marc Rubio supported that is pro gay or benefits gay Americans? He still opposes marriage equality! There is nothing great about him.

      • So support a candidate that has ‘evolved’? Like say, Hillary? lol. Mrs. Clinton hasn’t evolved. She is a politician and will support
        whatever gets her the votes. She is simply using the fact that the majority of
        the country and young people support same-sex marriage to gather more votes.
        She is not an activist for same-sex marriage, but a “popularist” who is using
        the gay-rights movement instead of supporting it. She doesn’t give a f#$k about
        anything other than the spin and re-positioning required to win the nomination
        and election. You are either a cronie or you are just uninformed. She is backed
        by BIG MONEY. Unlike Bernie Sanders (not my candidate and btw see how great Venezuela is doing with socialism!, who at least has been consistent
        for decades on where he stands. That’s not ‘spin’, that’s INTEGRITY…something
        Mrs. Clinton will never understand. Her rhetoric is perfect for assuaging the
        discomfort of general-election voters who started supporting gay marriage
        relatively late in the game. But it may be problematic if she faces off against
        a primary opponent who spent years favoring marriage equality while she opposed
        it. At minimum, she’ll have to admit that on a big question, her opponent was
        correct for years while she was wrong. That said, I am skeptical that
        Hillary will end up with the nomination. Either by quitting or being beat by
        someone else. She is a terribly flawed and gaffe-prone politician.
        The real question is not HRC versus GOP. Right now the question is
        why Hillary versus another Democrat for the nomination? Why would you vote for a
        Democrat who supported the Iraq War and Patriot Act, who is actively courting
        Wall Street and corporate influence and who was a longtime opponent of marriage

      • Was Hillary and Obama a supporter of Marriage Equality before
        2012? I’m sure many of our friends on the LGBT left still supported them,
        correct? The presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton,
        supported “State’s Rights” for Marriage Equality up until last year,
        and I’m glad she finally “evolved”. Democrats showed patience and
        calm and allowed their party and its leaders to evolve. How about allowing the
        same level of calm and patience for Republicans?

      • Just last year, LGBT “icon” Hillary Clinton believed that Marriage Equality should be left to the individual states to decide, not the Federal Gov’t. Bet you’re still going to vote for her though, right?

        • First, I never said she was my Icon like you profess Rubio to be yours. In any election, no one is perfect on our issues and often we are faced with picking the lesser of two evils to mitigate any potential harm to our community!

          Does she still say that? No, so what matters to me is that she’s on board with marriage equality now and supports the further advancement of our rights now.
          Last Year Rubio opposed supporting any of our rights and continues to do so, How has he changed favorably on our issues? Not at all. Do I need to go on?

          Only Obama had the guts to put his re-election on the line by endorsing marriage equality before getting a 2nd term. I thought it was political suicide. Most politicians wouldn’t have dared to take that risk. Yet he paved the way to making it less an issue for others to endorse. Like it or not Obama has done more for gay Americans than any President in history and that is something we all should be grateful for.

          I have yet to see any GOP candidate embrace our rights openly and support them unequivocally. Most like Rubio refuse to acknowledge marriage equality’s legitimacy now. It’s a no brainer who gets my support!
          But putting gay issues aside, the GOP doesn’t promote fiscal or public policy that I agree with in general, except maybe some foreign policy and national security issues, but that’s not enough to ever make me vote Republican!

          Obviously the GOP is scared shitless over Hillary because you bash her over anything whether that Benghazi BS or her e-mails BS. Frankly, those issues a trivial to me in the big picture of things!

        • People change. I can respect a politician who says “I learned something.” It seems only the dead and Republicans are incapable of learning though.

        • Many of us have family members who have evolved on the issue too. Instead of counting how many months or years they have supported gay marriage, I’m just thankful they have reached this decision of support now.

    • Rubio is against the SCOTUS decision you are lauding.

    • I like how the writer think that by placing the word “gay” in front of millennials they can make it seem like this is specific to the LGBT community. As if he had them in mind as he was doing it.

      It’s hilarious how all these old queers are trying to justify it by saying “He respects gay marriage, he just doesn’t agree!”. Hey, this isn’t a “agree to disagree” type decision.

      You don’t respect someone if you’re trying to strip them of their rights, idiot.

  • All I see in this stupid article is BS about economics. It completely ignore the fact that Rubio opposes GLBT equality under the law. He still opposes marriage equality despite the SCOTUS’ recent ruling. He panders to our right-wing extremist enemies. Most GOP policies attempt to strip us of the financial support mechanisms we have like social security, Medicare, Obamacare and unemployment compensation. The poor and middle class suffer most under GOP policies we are titled toward the rich.
    For gays to support Rubio, would be like gays supporting Adolph Hitler who took money from gay racist Germans who bought into his ideology, duped by Ernest Rom being embraced as part of that party only to be backstabbed, deprived of their rights and then put in concentration camps after he obtained power!
    The GOP should lose, in fact must lose, as any win for it as it stands now is a lose for GLBT Americans. They still have a platform that opposes our equality. Only an idiot gay person would support a party like that.

    • “For gays to support Rubio, would be like gays supporting Adolph Hitler who took money from gay racist Germans”

      Thank you for another reminder why I’m a proud libertarian.

      • I’m still trying to figure out why that’s something to take pride in?

        • Go back to the plantation.

          • Go back to Cuba! Take a slow leaky boat and take Ted Cruz with you! If it weren’t for Castro they wouldn’t have given your sorry ass amnesty here.

            That’s why people like you and Rubio don’t want relations with Cuba because then you wouldn’t get automatic amnesty coming here anymore and be deported like all other illegals! Cuban influence would erode in Florida!
            The GOP supports your position because they count on your ilk as a voting base. That’s why no one in your party whines about taking away your free pass while they bash other illegals!

            It’s shameful how you oppose others the same opportunity you got with your free pass!

          • There’s a hateful gay response. Sure you’re not for Trump?

          • How would I be Trump when he’s a Republican like you? A hateful response? I’d say a spot on response. Why deny the truth?

            Cuevas is a good name for you as you obviously have been living in a cave!

          • Why a “gay” hateful response and not just a hateful response?

          • Because a militant gay said it. If a Christian says something anti-gay you always point out the hateful ‘christian’.

          • So what are you a token gay that speaks only when told to by conservatives? Do you do tricks, too like roll over and wag your tail when they throw you a bone?

            I’m proud to be militant. It’s militant gays that made it possible for you to be open as a gay man and have the rights you have today without getting your rear end kicked or being ostracized by most people! We aren’t taboo anymore thanks to our militancy!

            As if Christian conservatives aren’t militant? Eric Rudolph bombed a lesbian bar only refused to apologize to gay people for his actions. How many have bombed abortion clinics? Wonderful Christians the Westboro Baptist Church telling us God hates fags and not even giving us the dignity of a peaceful funeral!

          • Cuban influence would erode in Florida!

            BINGO! This is why a lot of the Cuban politicians from Florida like Rubio are so worried about us normalizing relations with Cuba, they don’t want the little empire they’ve created in Florida to go away. They need to wake up and realize it’s not the 60s anymore and Americans at large aren’t interested in outdated embargoes that serve no purpose other than profiting for a special interest group in Florida.

          • Same reasoning goes for freeing gays from the Democrat plantation. LOL

  • This article is ridiculous. Who cares if Rubio is a “young Latino”, when he opens his mouth and talks about his vision for America he sounds like an 85 year old right wing crank who wants to turn the clock back to the 1950s.

    Republicans need to realize it’s not about looks or age, it’s about policy. In the first debate, Rubio stated he was against abortion even in cases of rape and where the mother’s life is in danger. This is not a person who is in touch with mainstream American society.

    Rubio is an extremist who thinks the Cold War is still going on and we should harken back to the 1950s for policies on Cuba, gay rights, “family values” etc. This entire absurd article sounds like it was written by some bitter queen who has a crush on Rubio and is willingly blind to his extremist policies because of his “youthful appearance”.

  • I’m in such a quandary since my LGBT-rights hero, Rick Perry, dropped out.

    Maybe Rubio… esp. if he wants Kim to be his Veep.

    Yeah! Rubio/Davis ’16! Now that’s the ticket!

  • Excellent article Gabino Cuevas! Now I might take to bragging a little, but Marco Rubio is a Son of Florida, as am I. I’m also an GLBT activist out of the closet and fighting for gay rights since 1982. Marco Rubio would make a president that anyone should be proud to support. The time is past when you could be a member of the GLBT community and only continue to be held hostage by the Democratic Party. That’s right, now that we have essentially won the gay rights battle, we can focus on issues that are important to every American. Marco Rubio understands that every American, including Millennials, are going to need an economy that provides jobs, opportunity for business, affordable education and student loan reform. Rubio knows this because he has had student loans and struggled to pay them off. Our country stands on the brink of WWIII with Russia sending troops to Syria, ISIS declaring war on the West, and China making moves to establish bases in the South Pacific. Marco Rubio served on the Senate Intelligence Committee and knows the complexities of American foreign policy and threats against us. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want a president who is ready to stand up to Valdimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jung Un, and lunatic terrorists who want to destroy our way of life. If you don’t know who these people are but you know who Kim Davis is, please stay home at election time! I say now is the time for a force for American strength in the Oval Office, and that person is Marco Rubio.

  • Why would a GLBTI or Q person vote for any of the Republicans running for president…. Same thing at the state level. I don’t trust any of the Republicans in the Va. General Assembly. Touch them and they bleed homophobia and support such laws.

    • Maybe because we look at multiple issues when voting, and aren’t one issue voters like so many in the LGBT left community?

      • Good point, Shane, that you have raised in your rhetorical question. I suppose that many in the left or centrist part of the LGBT community prioritize their issues with the most important being basic physical and economic survival: not being fired for being or assumed to be gay, not being incarcerated, not having protections from violence, not having the option to get married, not being forced to live in a closet or pretend that you are heterosexual. What are the issues for LGBT members on the conservative right? How do they handle those issues that are at the top of the list that those of us left of center have?

        • I judge a candidate on who’s best for AMERICA, not a special interest group.

          • Robert L. “Bobby” Oliver

            University Supervisor and Instructor
            for ESL and World Language Education
            The School of Education
            The College of William & Mary
            301 Monticello Avenue
            Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8795
            Phone: 757-256-8824

          • And what makes you think liberals don’t? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they don’t care about what’s best for this country. Look at what the last Republican administration gave us: the worst terrorist attack on mainland U.S. soil under his watch; an unnecessary war that caused the deaths of thousands of people and trillions of dollars. What’s best for AMERICA is NOT electing one of the clown car freaks running in the Republican primary. Oh but I forgot, according to you any gay person who doesn’t vote for a right winger is a “one issue” voter who only cares about gay related issues and nothing else.

  • My father worked for Civil Rights for refugees back before it was “cool”. As President of the Cuban National Bar Association – CA Delegation, he directed his Committee on Civil Rights to send a letter to then CA Attorney General Evelle Younger regarding unfair and discriminatory practices against the Cuban community – especially in the opportunity achieving field of education.

    I grew up in a Midwest neighborhood where we were the only Hispanics (all 8 of us – I have 5 siblings) and our neighbors sent a petition to my father’s employer – the President of a university – asking the university to tell us that we were unwanted and to “please” relocate. It did not have the intended consequences. The President of the university sent them a scorching letter and my parents absolutely did not move.

    Were their 11 years there unpleasant? More to them than to us. Were my brothers the first ones questioned on police matters? Yes, but that too passed with no incident. My parents always commented that people were ignorant not malacious by great majority. They further communicated that it was up to us to demonstrate who we were, not them. Victimization was never in my parents’ mindset or verbal cues.

    There will always be a civil rights issue of the time. How we address or react to “injustices” will be just as telling as those that commit the injustice. I see a new one coming up with immigration and employment – “Made in America”. Do people even understand what is civil rights? They understand liberty, perhaps, but civil rights? Not so much.

    Gabino Cuevas’ article in my opinion is exemplary in its task attentiveness to what should matter to all readers, the economy, our dangerous national security debt, our hurtful if not illegal tax code, and a hope for the New Generation that Senator Marco Rubio brings. In regards to the issue of education alone, the Senator’s vision of removing the stigmatization of not graduating from a 4-year college, is both sincere and remarkable. When he specifically shot down the notion that tradesmen are not as smart as traditional college graduates – for me that was a revolutionary culturally transformative moment that will change the lives of many many Americans – regardless of whatever subset you choose with which to identify.

    Mr. Cuevas, thanks for having the gravitas to work for and write about a hope for a greater America for all of us. I’m grateful.

    • LuzofMiami muchas gracias for those heartfelt and personal comments. God bless you, your family, and America.

      • Thank you. After reading some of the comments here I can appreciate the fact of the struggle you go through to remain upbeat, true to yourself, all the while cognizant of the needs and best solutions for the greater community of the United States-at-large. Kudos.

        We’ll both keep the faith. :) Take care.

  • Gay Conservatives MUST be welcomed into the party…period. This is the
    21st century…the old hatreds need to be put aside. MARCO speaks of
    tomorrow and understands the past is over and done…learn from it but
    move on and that means accepting all who hold our values…gay or
    straight should NOT matter and MARCO truly understands that. MARCO 2016!

    • Saying a candidate who wants to keep draconian Cold War era policies in Cuba and who said he is against abortions even in cases of rape and a woman’s life being at risk “speaks tomorrow” is ridiculous. Rubio doesn’t “speak tomorrow”, he speaks circa 1950. Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they are with the times when they vote lock-step with all the white, old male right wing cranks.

      • You obviously are not Cuban or from Cuba.

        • I’m not allowed to have an opinion on U.S. Cuba relations unless I’m Cuban? We were in a long, bloody war with Vietnam and have favorable diplomatic relations with them today, but when it comes to Cuba we are suppose to not revisit Cold War era policies made decades ago?

          • Vietnam has at least made economic concessions. What did Obama negotiate from Cuba? Tell me, are there fugitives from US justice on Vietnam? American cop killers in Vietnam? Did Vietnam kill 4 Americans in international airspace with impunity?

  • The author of this article is a real jackass. I’ve never heard of the guy until stumbling upon this article. In the piece, he tries to sway LGBTQ liberals to support a conservative candidate, but in the comments section he “likes” posts that make fun of liberals and he posts crude stereo-types about LGBTQ liberals. Does this idiot think he’s really going to convince us by insulting us? Take your self-loathing Log Cabin propaganda and shove it, Mr. cuevas!

    • You’re so upset about Hillary and Obama not coming out in favor of gay marriage until a few years ago that you’re going to support Rubio, someone who still opposes it today. Interesting logic.

      • Correction. It’s the law and it will be carried out as such. In the mean time jobs, our safety, ISIS, a nuclear Iran, our killing of police officers, healthcare costs, etc pretty much out weigh anything regarding marriage

  • The hypocrisy of the Left is endless. The videos below will show what the gay community’s wet dream thinks of them. Oh, I’m sorry. They “evolved”. I suppose that evolution had nothing to do with election or re election campaigns. How sad is that? A community used for Obama and Clinton’s political gain. And why not? The gay community have been following these fools and the Left blindly for decades. While they give millions of dollars via HRC, aclu, LGBT, and probably NAMBLA, what exactly has the Left owned? Nada.

  • Let’s see don’t ask, don’t tell, a Clinton policy legally allowing gay men and women to be discriminated against. Fast forward to when LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS VS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA filed suit and won. of course there was Obama at the White House signing taking credit when in fact as leftist president with super majorities in both House and Senate he did nothing. What does that say? It says ALOT. moving right along we then had DOMA to deal with…another law enacted by Clinton to define marriage for us. What does the Left say about that? Let’s continue.

  • The Left has a HUGE issue with Christians in 21st century America. True to form, here comes gay America to jump on that band wagon and claim people are using their faith to hate the gay community and to discriminate against them. Lol. I laugh because I think to myself…what would a pastor or a church do for a runAway gay youth? Most likely house them, feed them, have compassion for them. Think that same thing would happen should that same runaway go to their local mosque? Gay Leftists love hating and bashing Christians yet I have yet to see any gay org or gay protest in front of a mosque. Now add to that the evolution of both Clinton and Obama with loving and accepting the gay community as they currently rake in the $$ from the very countries that slaughter, and murder, tape, abuse, and torture gay women. Where’s the Gay leftist outrage? Too busy shutting down bakeries? Florists? Too busy throwing condoms at St Patricks Cathedral during “pride” festivities while their gay brothers are being hand tied and thrown off buildings to their death? The Gay Left disgusts me in their hypocrisy.

    • Cry us a river John Boehner. Gays only give back what they’ve gotten from Christian conservatives!
      I recall when the AIDS crises first hit our community in the 1980s that Christian conservatives were the first to exploit the issue against us. Gary Bauer, Reagan’s public policy advisor told him to ignore the pleas of gay people to fund research to figure out what was killing them. Instead Reagan said it was a matter of changing our behavior. Meanwhile, gay men kept dying. If it weren’t for groups like ACT UP many more likely would be dead now. Reagan and Christian conservatives have blood on their hands! Ironically it was their lack of compassion which sparked the energy back into the gay rights movement!
      Further, I also recall when Christian conservatives opposed adding having AIDS as a protective class under the American disabilities ACT.
      Gay youth have been helped by Gay Youth Organizations who fought to end bullying in public schools and add sensitivity training as part of the curriculum.
      Muslims terrorists are murdering GLBT people abroad not here.
      Nothing is more disgusting than your shameful anti-gay ranting! Why identify as gay at all? Gay radicals gave us the rights we enjoy today. We had to take action to get them, they weren’t handed to us by benevolent social conservatives!

  • Cuevas says there’s reason to take a 2nd look at the GOP given Ted Olsen’s work on marriage equality. But Olsen isn’t running for president. This whole column is promoting Marco Rubio, who is not only opposed to marriage equality, and not only opposed to laws protecting LGBTs from job discrimination — during debate on an immigration reform bill in 2013 he made an ultimatum that he would stop supporting the bill if it gave gay couples immigration rights.

    • Excellent comment – I thought the Ted Olsen comparison was bizarre too. I can’t think of any mainstream Republican politician who praised Ted Olsen for his work on the case. For Cuevas to imply Olsen is representative of the GOP is ridiculous and laughable.

        • That was 40+ years ago. Reagan today would be tarred, feathered, and chased out of the GOP for being too liberal. Your party is held hostage to radical right wing Taliban-like religious extremists.

          Deal with them first and then maybe we’ll talk about more LGBT people taking the GOP seriously. Watch how every single GOP candidate has bowed down to the religious right, the most extreme part of your party and the most virulently anti-LGBT.

          But let’s talk about Rubio:

          1. Opposed ENDA in fact while talking out the other side of his mouth about opposing discrimination. Translation: Weasel.

          2. Helped raise money for a reparative therapy backer in Florida. Translation: He supports scam treatments that are PROVEN to increase suicidality in LGBT youth.

          3. Rubio has recorded robocalls decrying being gay for the Family Policy Council and National Organization for Marriage, two anti-LGBT hate groups.

          4. Rubio opposes allowing LGBT couples to adopt and would prefer kids suffer as wards of the state than have loving homes, despite a wealth of studies showing LGBT families have no negative impacts on children.

          5. Opposed court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8, saying court had “overstepped” its bounds.

          6. Initially opposed the marriage equality decision in June, openly and strongly (especially when bowing down before right wing religious extremists).

          7. Encouraged Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to continue fighting against same-sex marriage DESPITE him publicly acknowledging that the SCOTUS decision is now the “law of the land”. That’s hypocrisy and it’s borderline treasonous.

          8. In 2010, Rubio Supported A Federal Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage.

          9. Rubio said in his book, “At a time when the American family is threatened as never before, redefining it away from the union of one man and one woman only promises to weaken it as a child-rearing, values-conveying institution.”

          10. An interview led USA Today blogger Cathy Lynn Grossman, in a post, to call the Republican senator ‘open’ to consideration of equal marriage rights. Not so, says Rubio spokesman Alex Conant, who responded to Grossman today. “Senator Rubio believes that the union of one man and one woman is the ideal setting to raise a strong family and why our laws should recognize the institution of marriage as a union of one man and one woman,” Conant said. “He recognizes that children raised in other settings, such as those raised by single parents, can and do succeed as well. But the ideal setting to raise children is by a married man and woman. To characterize his views on gay marriage as ‘open’ is not accurate.”

          11. According to the St. Petersburg Times: “Republican Marco Rubio, who faces a minor challenger in Tuesday’s primary, is the only candidate who opposes allowing gays to serve openly in the military.” [St. Petersburg Times, 8/22/2010] But like same sex marriage, he then waffled when faced with it being done, saying it’s done so leave it alone.

          In short, Rubio is blatantly and harshly anti-LGBT. He has never once uttered one single positive word about LGBT Americans. His few comments are grudgingly given and highly qualified rather than openly supportive.

          Marco Rubio is NOT a candidate that LGBT Americans should support, unless they want to lose their jobs, their homes, and their medical care, because Marco Rubio opposes protecting LGBT Americans on either sexual orientation or gender identity, which means he supports allowing people to discriminate for those reasons.

          In short, he’s a bigot.

  • I’m gay and supposed to support this group if Leftist for that reason alone? A group of people who’s hate speech shuts down All conversation and business that believes differently than them? Leftists that care more
    About a rainbow flag at party event vs an American flag that is being trashed by them? I’m suppose to stand In unity with a party that venomously supports the killing of a 20 week old child because I’m gay? leftist that bash our military because it shouldn’t be strong? Lol. Sorry. I don’t think so.

    • Well, at least you got the part right about not thinking!

      • Another hateful comment without rebuttal. Alinsky is strong in this one.

        • Yes, because Rick Jordan’s comments are full of love, understanding and tolerance, right? Who are you trying to kid…..yourself? We aren’t sheep!

          Alinsky? WTF you talking about now gay Willis?

          • You could try responding without curse words.

          • WTF is a curse word? It’s commonly used even in social media and on TV.

          • Comments? No. Just stating facts, followed up with my comments based on those facts. The difference between you and I sir is that there are many more things more important in the world than me. Once Leftists realize the world wasn’t built to suit their ideas, the world may become a better place.

          • I thought scream queens was a show on FOX? Sounds like it is about you.

            Facts? More like BS propaganda to push a misguided agenda. There is nothing about you that sounds like a gay man. The world wasn’t built to suit you madness either! Sane people will oppose it like they did Hitler and Stalin!

          • I thought scream queens was a show on FOX not a description of you until now!

            You aren’t speaking any facts. You speak right-wing extremist BS propaganda. Just because you believe all that ideology doesn’t make it true! Once you realize the world doesn’t want your agenda the world will become a better place.

            People like me will continue you to oppose it like we opposed Hitler’s and other fascists!

          • You don’t speak facts just your distorted view of them. What makes you think the world was built to suit them?

            The world has opposed your views. before and gone to war over them. The world won’t stop now!

        • When a liberal makes an insult you fire back, but when a conservative hurls an insult you praise them. Anyone reading your “piece” needs to scroll down and see the hateful, crude, hypocritical comments you’ve made – it discredits your entire Rubio-worshipping commentary.

    • You and your log cabin buddies can keep saying liberals are “single issue” voters, but you’re lying. If I was not gay, I’d still be a liberal because I support science, education, environmentalism, and equality – not just for gays but for women and minorities as well.

  • To be frank, I actually get why the CEO of a construction services company might not want to mention that he is gay in his professional profile. It’s an industry that struggles with diversity in its ownership and management ranks and has never been a leader in terms of inclusivity. So I guess if you are based in South Florida, proclaiming your allegiance to the “Gator Nation” and touting your work in your local Catholic parish, are seen as positives that advance your business interests whereas an association and leadership position with an organization representing LGBT conservatives and fighting for gay rights might not work in your favor.

    However, doesn’t this actually call into question the underlying premise of arguments to millennials that they are now free of fear of recrimination or discrimination and accordingly it’s OK to vote their wallets and ignore the ignorance which still permeates the GOP? Is it finally safe to come out now? Has the war really been won or just some very decisive battles? Have our foes given up, or are they just regrouping? Is it prudent to forego the “power of veto?”

    Perhaps the best advice to millennials is beware of false prophets extolling the virtues of “profit.” We’ve come a long way, but we are far from finished.

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