November 3, 2015 at 9:01 pm EST | by Michael K. Lavers
Anti-LGBT Fairfax school board member loses re-election bid

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Incumbent Fairfax County School Board member Patty Reed on Nov. 3, 2015, lost to Dalia Palchik. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

An incumbent Fairfax County School Board member who voted against a pro-LGBT measure on Tuesday lost to her Democratic challenger.

Dalia Palchik, a teacher who graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, defeated Republican Patty Reed by a 58-41 percent margin with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Reed, who has represented the Providence District on the Fairfax County School Board that includes portions of Falls Church since 2009, earlier this year voted against a measure that added LGBT-specific information to the Family Life Education curriculum for middle and high school students.

The Republican abstained from a vote on a proposal that added gender identity to Fairfax County School District’s anti-discrimination policy. Reed supported the inclusion of sexual orientation in the regulation that ultimately passed.

The Traditional Values Coalition endorsed Reed along with Elizabeth Schultz, a Republican who also voted against the measures.

Schultz ran unopposed.

Ryan McElveen, the Democrat who spearheaded the anti-trans discrimination proposal, won re-election on Tuesday.

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  • Yay! This was my school board district and I voted for Dalia Palchik. These little elections can make a big difference.

  • It is my school board district too. I am So Glad bigot Patty Reed is on her way out.

  • Yes, Reed lost, but it’s not all good news. For example, Jeanette Hough. Look at her website. The references to “giving parents a voice” and “budget transparency” are veiled references to the anti-discrimination policy. Opponents argued parents weren’t consulted and the policy would cost too much. I am not familiar with the race in the Sully District but a friend tells me as of this morning it’s within 150 votes and the conservative is in the lead. They are counting provisional ballots. Things are about to get ugly in Fairfax because there are some other issues, like needs-based staffing for disadvantaged schools, that a more conservative board could wreak havoc with.

    • We gained one progressive seat and (probably) lost two. The board is now 9-3 progressive vs. conservative, as opposed to 10-2 last year; this is more typical of FCPS boards since they’ve been elected. I will miss Ted Velkoff, with whom I identified most on the board, but this election is a resounding defeat for the anti-progressive, anti-lgbt forces which thought they had a winning issue this year. The election showed the county and the state that support for lgbt people can be a winning platform.

      • The best way to address this situation is to permit the parents to pick the school, any school (“Public’ or “Private”), to send their children to, and have the state give a fixed tax credit to the parent to educate thier child. Then it does not matter who is on the School Board, since their job will be only to insure that the parents are insuring that their children are getting an basic education (Math and Reading).

  • Interesting slant on the facts. You could also have written, “Anti-faith, anti-parents, anti-freedom candidate Ted Velkoff loses re-election bid to Jeanette Hough”. Interesting how you didn’t cover that story? Ted Velkoff was firmly FOR discriminating against parents and people of faith who believe differently than him and he LOST re-election to Jeanette Hough.

  • again people know more and more that “traditional values, is just another code word for hatred, as is often with extreme “conservatives , family, values, morality and conscience (kim davis white trash)

  • Ms. Reed’s resounding defeat in a rather obscure, under-reported race strongly suggests that if Schultz had had an opponent, she would probably have been defeated as well. The moral of this story, for political parties at least, is never to let an incumbent run for re-election unopposed.

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