December 3, 2015 at 2:19 pm EST | by Chris Johnson
GOProud co-founder endorses Clinton

Jimmy LaSalvia, gay news, Washington Blade

Jimmy LaSalvia has endorsed Hillary Clinton. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

A gay former Republican who co-founded the now defunct gay conservative group GOProud on Thursday went further in his turnabout by endorsing Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy LaSalvia, author of “No Hope” and political commentator who has bolted the Republican Party, declared his support for Clinton as “an independent voter and former GOP activist” in an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

“The ability to empathize with people who aren’t like they are is the most important trait a president can have in a country as diverse as ours,” LaSalvia writes. “Clinton is the only major contender who has demonstrated that ability.”

LaSalvia said he disagrees with Clinton on a number of issues, but “no free-thinking American agrees with their candidate on every issue.”

As a gay activist, LaSalvia said “any candidate who advocates treating some Americans differently under the law is unacceptable,” adding Clinton is the only candidate to fit that mold.

“I don’t support denying rights or granting special rights to anyone, for any reason, whether it’s based on their religion, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, or any other characteristic,” LaSalvia writes. “Freedom means freedom for everyone, no matter who you are. Hillary Clinton knows that and her policies reflect her understanding of that ultimate definition of America.”

The op-ed sharply contrasts with LaSalvia in 2012 when as executive director of GOProud, he called for the election of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Obama.

“For far too long, the gay left in this country has been allowed to dictate what they believe qualify as ‘gay issues,’” LaSalvia said at the time. “We think that jobs, the economy, healthcare, retirement security and taxes are all ‘gay issues,’ and on every single one of those issues, Mitt Romney is light years better than President Obama.”

LaSalvia announced his departure from the Republican Party in 2014, saying the Republican has become inhospitable to LGBT people and his switched his voter registration to “no party.”

Dominic Lowell, LGBT liaison for the Clinton campaign, said via Twitter the endorsement from LaSalvia is welcome.

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  • So, he couldn’t pay the rent as a “gay conservative” so now he’s selling his wares on the other side of the street. Jimmy, why don’t you actually do something for gay people before you try to pass yourself off as a gay shill?

  • Looks like Jimmy LaSalvia’s book sales are slow. LOL. Remind anyone of Charlie Crist? Anyway, don’t bother seeking the Clinton campaign’s response. They probably ghost wrote the piece for Jimmy.

    • Ahh, so speaks the man who just two months ago was spouting GOProud’s debunked mantra of subrogating self-worth for wealth in a feeble attempt to convince gay millennials to support Marco Rubio. How’d that work out for you Gabino. You see a huge spike in membership for that LCR chapter of yours down in Miami?

    • What’s wrong with ghost writers? Isn’t Sheldon Adelson ghost writing stump speeches for that anti-gay, chicken hawk, Marco Rubio, who lied about his parents fleeing Castro?

  • Jimmy, thanks for making us gay conservatives look bad. MUCH appreciated.

    • Gay cons do that all by themselves.

      • Get some clothes on.

        • Typical con, trying to control someone elses body. Maybe you can complain to Preznit Rmoney.

          • No, I’m just showing contempt for clones. I don’t want government to implement my views. I leave that to Stalinist gayz like you, who just can’t stand it that someone doesn’t want to bake you a cake.

          • Ha, a gay cake whiner. You poor dear, looking out for your trust fund just like lil Jimmy LaSaliva, all while using the civil rights fought for and won by progressives that you did nothing to help secure. Have a great weekend, Quisling.

          • Lol, you effen jerk. I was actually on the front lines. I loathed the leftists, and loathe then even more now that the valid goals of gay rights have been won but they have become ever more Stalinist with their success.

            As for quisling, lol again. I’m a white, Jewish man, and I can’t separate my race and religion from my sexual orientation. You are not “my people,” and I owe you nothing.

            Enough. It’s pointless to argue with intellectual inferiors who are also libtards. You will not learn, and you’re not smart enough even if you were willing.

          • Anyone who uses the term libtards was on the front lines of a Sarah Palin rally and not much else. Next.

          • Actually, I was doing such things as visibility actions. True, not in NYC or SF. Palin is dumb, but apparently not as dumb as you.

            As for “libtard,” it precisely describes a leftist who is disdainful of others while having little actual knowledge and generally at best a mediocre IQ. The key thing about them is that they are utterly generic. By this I mean that they are interchangeable. They use the same catchphrases, tropes, poses.

            That, sir, is you.

          • You must adore Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann!

          • “liberalcrusader S Kamel
            7 minutes ago
            You get a lot more compassion from the left than from the right!”

            Right on queue, the compassion you promised. Typically, you deploy da Nazis from SEVENTY YEARS AGO. That’s because you can’t really argue a point. You need crutches.

            Anyway, the Left is atrociously anti-Semitic. You really shouldn’t criticise the Nazis.

          • Oh honey just like Jimmy LaSaliva, you’re a right wing hack who uses the civil rights that others won all while undermining their efforts as they were doing so. You only care about yourself and your trust fund. I’ll bet no sane man is interested in you. Have a lonely life. Cheers.

          • More clichés, catchphrases, and unthinking blather. This was was my point. I ignore you henceforth.

          • Poor dear has her feelings hurt. BTW mary, you’re welcome for the rights that progressives fought for that you now enjoy. Don’t ever forget that. Cons kiss up to the very people who want us to get reparative therapy.

          • Intellectual inferiors? Your arrogance has no limits or shame! You’re not only a pill but a laxative at that as everything you say has that effect!

            Does your inflated ego sleep in its own bed?

          • Clones? Funny seems like all gay conservatives where suits and ties.

        • Sexual Prude, too! Pathetic!

  • Once a quisling, always a quisling. Perhaps his trust fund is low on funds.

  • This stupid GIBSO finally figured out that the GOTP are trying to get gay people killed/jailed/made second class citizens?

    He helped the GOTP’s causes. Screw him.

    He and Mehlman can go rot.

    • Oh Todd, there you go again. Yes, they were out to get us 25 years ago. That time is long gone, which you know if you were older or better informed.

      Anyway, I’m much better served by conservatives like Cruz, who would slash funding for the various causes of the left, probably end affirmative action, and kick out the illegals who vote Democratic (illegally).

      • And when they work to cancel your gay marriage or your domestic partner health benefits and visitation rights and double-down on not providing equal employment protections, are you better served then?

        • Yes. I did not agree with the SC decision and reject federal civil rights acts and the whole “public accomodation” biz. It is government that cannot constitutionally discriminate.

          I helped, in a small way, to bring about today’s attitudes toward gays. I do not believe these are at risk of reversal. I will rejoin the fight if I am wrong

      • Yes, Cruz will better serve you than your dildo in screwing you good! Just don’t expect the rest of us to sit back and let him screw the rest of us!
        GLBT people who support and vote for the enemies of the GLBT community such as Cruz are simply bloodsuckers!
        You benefit from the blood, sweat and tears of the activists who fought and died for the rights you get to enjoy now openly as a gay American while you did everything to put the people in power that would have denied them to you and kept you labeled as a sex offender, mentally unstable and a criminal! Leave it to people like you to have kept us in a world where being openly gay would result in you being beaten up, put in an institution to get treatment for your sexual disorder or being shamed, humiliated and alienated if anyone knew your sexuality.
        You’d likely be dead now if it weren’t for the liberal activists who fought to get our government to address the AIDS crises.

        • This is a stupid and vulgar concatenation of catchphrases that ignores what I’ve argued already. I only skimmed it. I will not reply.

          It does redouble my dedication to resist any federal protections for gays.

          • Just because you can’t face up to the truth doesn’t mean it isn’t so! All you argue is stupidity but you’re too blind to see it. Arrogant condescending self-righteous and self-loathing prude.

            Go ahead double your dedication to resist any federal protection for gays. Cut your nose to spite your face! Just proves how much of a fool you really are if not an idiot! It’s not like you’re of any significance in the process anyway!

            We’ve won many victories without you and will continue to do so. And when we do, you’ll simply benefit from it like the bloodsucker you’ve always been! Too bad we can’t include a provision that your excluded from benefitting from any of it! Then maybe you wouldn’t be so smug!

          • That’s because everything you argue is worth ignoring and nothing but BS!

  • Rising like a gay phoenix from the implosion of GOProud, this middle-age queen thinks he has an opinion anyone cares about? There’s a reason he’s called “Saliva” behind his back. Sad.

  • So like Hillary Clinton Mr. LaSalivia has ‘evolved’ and realizes that treating people differently is wrong. That is nice…so sweet. Or perhaps LOVE does win and this cruel angry man has found love? We can only hope.

  • I don’t support denying rights or granting special rights to anyone, for any reason, whether it’s based on their religion, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, or any other characteristic

    Then why were you ever a Republican when denying rights to people based on race, sexual orientation and cultural background has a been party policy for more than 40 years?

  • It was bad enough you were warned the Thugs would fully turn on you (as though the hateful rhetoric they’ve been spewing for decades wasn’t enough). It was worse when you painted all the non-Thug activists (that were actually responsible for all the legal victories the LGBT community has won in the past two decades) as the enemy, all while taking full advantage of the freedoms they got for you. NOW you expect us to forgive you? You haven’t earned our trust back. A change of heart doesn’t bring back the now dead queer youth you didn’t stand up for. A change of heart doesn’t reimburse the pioneers who sought to legally enfranchise the LGBT community. All you’ve done is actually recognized where the wind is blowing. An inanimate weather vane can do that.

  • Look at all the hateful comments!! gotta love that “compassionate conservatism”!!

  • Who exactly is this statement of support supposed to sway? Other conservative gay people? They likely hate Hillary, and this guy too for leaving their party.

    IMO, this entire thing was concocted to put the name of his book in another Internet article.

  • At least one gay Republican has finally woken up from his deep sleep to smell the coffee!

  • Solidifying the all important Jimmy LaSalvia vote. Hey – it could be the one vote that wins the election…but is it really news?

  • Who? This is like getting an endorsement from that one-night-stand you’re ashamed of

  • May all the Log boys follow his lead. I’m no fan – especially after watching him creep about the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte 4 years ago, cigarette dangling from his lips – but I’m willing to forgive. It will take me longer to forget.

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